Saturday, 19 March 2016

AdamC- White Willow Warriors Part 2 (25 Points)

When I did the first part of this unit I hadn't read through the Dragon Rampant rules I didn't know what unit size I needed.  I did 7 because that was what was in the open pack I had.  I figured  that would be a good number but it turns out 12 is actually the most common number of men for an infantry unit... so here are 5 more.

Not much to say here other than these are 5 more of the Heritage Miniatures Byzantine figures I picked up last year at Huzzah!con's Yard Sale.

The Willow Heraldry of unit inspired by Tolkien though not an exact copy. 

They make great offencive heavy foot or "Bellicose" Foot.  There are 5 25mm figures here for 25 more points.  I have at least one more post and possibly  another beyond that so its not quite time to say good bye quite yet.

Good work Adam.  I'm not familiar with Heritage Miniatures - are they an older vintage? They look nicely Old Skool to me. I like them!


  1. They are of a very old vintage late 70s or early 80s

  2. Another great addition to your force Adam :)

  3. Nice old school figures Adam. I like the shields.

  4. The old school figs have been getting an outing - are these from the lower strata of your lead mountain, Adam? This is almost archaeology!
    ; )

    1. Actually they are new old stock I got them last spring at Huzzah

  5. Old skool Dragon Rampant! Now that I do find very cool indeed. I am going up the attic later to find some of my old stuff now.

  6. Nice crew of warriors, Adam! They look a good match to your earlier bunch and the ginger hair is a good indicator of them being hardcore! ;)