Saturday, 19 March 2016

From FranL - 15mm Modern Russian MVD Vityaz... (47 Points)

...from Armies Army.

Now these are listed as sci-fi on the website but they were the nearest figure to this unit from the MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs). 

Vitayz (Knight) was formed in 1991, it was assigned specifically to counter terrorism duties, but was trained to deal with civil unrest, prison rebellions and mutinies 

Some Vitayz waiting on some vehicles to ride on!

A real Vitayz member!

29 figures in total!

Great work Fran! You've done a great job on this rather ominous group of Russians. 'Trained to deal with civil unrest', I can only imagine...
I thought they were sitting on a series of docks in the second last photo!  What vehicles did you have in mind for these fellows Fran?

And I see more from you in the queue - you're a monster Mr. Lee!


  1. Replies
    1. Ah, I'll have to look that one up!

    2. Russian 4 x 4, one company has said they might make it!

  2. Yet again, more great stuff Fran, lovely job

  3. Those Russians are some tough soldiers and you've done a nice job painting these up.

    I can't keep up with your posts-HELP!!!

  4. More cool moderns from your brush Fran!


  5. Excellent work mate. Franonia will remain free from terrorists with these fine fellows at your command

  6. Some very nice modern troops, Fran! Franonia's elite strike force!? ;)