Saturday, 19 March 2016

From RayR - Donnybrook - Moor Characters (21 Points)

Probably my final entry into the Challenge, I am working on some figures now, but I don't think they'll be ready in time.
These 2 are characters figures for my Moorish faction fighting to regain Tangiers.

The Standard Bearer

"A Standard Bearer MUST be attached to a unit. The unit gains +1 to its total wounds caused when deciding the winner in a round of close combat. A Standard Bearer is armed with a short sword."
- taken from Donnybrook by Clarence Harrison & Barry Hilton

The Musician

"Music can have an enormously uplifting effect. A good musician can swing the mood of his compatriots with tunes that lift the spirit. A Musician MUST be attached to a unit. When the unit is called on to check morale he adds d2 to his throw."
- taken from Donnybrook by Clarence Harrison & Barry Hilton

I knocked the flag up myself, its from a pic I found online.

Excellent stuff Ray. This mounted musician and standard bearer are brilliant. As one that is attrached to bright shiny things, I'm particularly taken with your excellent banner that 'you knocked up yourself'. Lovely work.
I'd be surprised if we don't hear from you again Ray but just in case this is your last entry thanks very much for participating. It would be a lesser Challenge without you and besides, who would the girls pick on?


  1. Very nicely painted Ray! It certainly has been a pleasure seeing you paint so much again. The Challenge seems to have gotten your mojo back in line.

    And thanks for the banter-you're a real sport and loads of fun!

    1. Its been fun Anne, made all the better with a little micky-taking. As for the mojo, its definitely returned, just hope I can keep it going post Challenge?

  2. Excellent work Ray :)

    Fingers crossed that you do manage to get that sandbag finished :p

  3. Is that flag the symbol for "sandbag"? My arabic is a bit rusty...

  4. More and more Moors! You've Tripoli'd your output!

  5. Nice one mate, They will work well together and give your "Tribals a lift"

  6. Very nice work, Ray! They'll add nicely to your previous cav! That banner is really lovely! ;)