Saturday, 19 March 2016

From EdwinK - Curtgeld (20 Points)


As this if my fee piece for Curt I won't enter into any backstory in presenting him.

Suffice it to say that as I was painting him, I say him as a Miami Beach bail bondsman who made his livelihood gambling that those small-time criminals he paid bail would turn up to court.  If not, well, he became the risk-taker who had to hunt them down.  That was until Z-Day, of course, when his talents found a new avenue...

He's a 28mm resin piece from Pigeon Guard Games by the name of Big T (surely Tony) and very nice he is too.  I won him in a competition and he seemed the obvious choice to represent this year's theme.

A huge thanks to Curt and the Minions (in my case PeterD) for running the Challenge so smoothly.  Thanks also to them and the other challengers for making this such a fun place to be.

The Minions assemble for their end-of-competition drink...
Haha! 'Big T' is a wonderful risk taker Edwin. The leisure suite trousers and his gold watch just scream 'Miami made man'. I love his backstory as well - I'll have to design a card for Tony for our Zombiecide games. :) Thanks very much Edwin and thank you again for your generosity in sponsoring the Challenge.


  1. Terrific work on Big T, Edwin. The Sopranos has to be one of the reasons TV was invented. This shows proper respect!

  2. > The Minions assemble for their end-of-competition drink...
    Crikey Miles, would it kill you to put a shirt on once in a while?

    Nice work Edwin and a great choice for Curtgeld.

  3. Yellow trousers are only suitable for golfers and Americans, and no one else! He does look just the type to work in Florida, maybe Miami Vice or the Rockford files. Very in keeping

  4. Very nice work, Edwin! I'm certain he is adept in slapping the back of heads as well as that pistol! Is that a stogie in his optional hand!? A very cool model! ;)