Saturday, 19 March 2016

From TamsinP - Curtgeld - "Frack!" (20 Points)

Risk takers, gamblers and daredevils. One fictional character came to my mind who embodied all three parts of that. And I was lucky enough to have the perfect figure to encapsulate that character for my Curtgeld.

That's right, Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from the re-imagination of Battlestar Galactica.

Mind you, the original Starbuck portrayed by Dirk Benedict would have been equally suitable (not to mention a more interesting paintjob) but I didn't have that figure in my stash.

Is Starbuck a risk taker? Most definitely - she risks her life, her heart and her career all the time.

Is she a gambler? All the time when off duty.

Is she a daredevil? As a top fighter pilot, she regularly throws her Viper through manoeuvres which would scare the bejayzus out of any other pilot.

The figure is "Pilot Vic" from Hasslefree. Of course, now I'll have to buy myself another to paint up for my own collection.

Hope you like her Curt!

Oh, this is so great Tamsin, thank you! I loved the reboot of BSG (except for the tragically execrable final season) and Kara was such a wonderfully strong and interesting female character in it. You've done a very fine job on her. I really like details like the t-shirt/tanktop the pilots wore, the dogtags and her distinctive pale blonde hair. I also really like the minimalist metallic base - it places the figure in it's sci-fi setting but doesn't overpower it.
Again, thank you, it's a wonderful figure.

So say we all. :)


  1. Great Choice Tamsin! I didn't even know there were Galactica miniatures out there very good.

  2. Great fracking figure!!! Well done Tamsin.

  3. Great choice, Tamsin, and a terrific paint job - well done!

  4. Oh yeah! She's got "the chops" alright! Great job Tamsin

  5. I have not seen Battlestar (rebooted, only the old ones) so I cannot comment on the character . But the Paint job is fabulous.

  6. Brilliant fig. Hated the reboot, very very depressing but Starbuck was a great fig. Been a fun winter watching your fab output

  7. Great choice, the blending on the jacket is great. I really enjoyed the reboot, very watchable.

  8. Great painting and so want this mini.

  9. Fantastic choice Tamsin and our painting had captured her perfectly. Missus and I recently finished watching the reboot. Great in parts but boy did it become turgid in the later series.

  10. thats a first rate choice - ncely done too

  11. Wow, a top notch rendition of a great character indeed!

  12. Very nice Curtgeld choice Tamsin! She was a great character in Galactica!

  13. Fantastic brushwork, Tamsin! A great choice for the theme too! She is a very well done riff on that show...we won't talk about the ending though! ;)

  14. @ Curt - I'm so pleased you like her; she was fun to paint :)
    I didn't enjoy the final season as much either.

    @ Adam - thanks! Hasslefree have a pair of senior officers as well :)

    @ Greg - cheers! :)

    @ Evan - thanks! :)

    @ Peter - cheers! :)

    @ Paul - glad you like :)

    @ Clint - thanks! :)
    The reboot was very different to the original - much grittier and more political.

    @ Martin C - cheers! I enjoyed the reboot, but I also enjoyed the original, both for different reasons :)

    @ Jamie - thanks! :)

    @ Fran - cheers m'dear! :)

    @ Moiterei - thanks! :)

    @ Chris - cheers! Sadly you can't have this one - it's destined for Curt. However, you can buy yourself an unpainted one from Hasslefree :)

    @ Phil - thanks! The last season did drag on a bit :)

    @ Dave - cheers! :)

    @ Sander - thanks! :)

    @ Samuli - cheers! She was one of the most interesting characters :)

    @ David B - thanks! Luckily there were plenty of pics on the web to check for the uniform :)