Saturday, 19 March 2016

From SamuliS: Regiment von Steindel (140 points)

Fresh from training is my next Saxon Regiment, von Steindel. This time two battalions with green facings. They are the last line infantry battalions of the 1st Saxon Division, so half of the line infantry and about a third of all the infantry is now done. The project is moving on slower than originally planned, but then again the start of our 1813 campaign has been postponed as well so no hurry. Painting these at a leisurely pace has also helped keep an interest up. Last year I painted up 13 battalions of Swiss infantry in two months, which really killed my interest in painting anything for a while. I'm not keen to repeat the same mistake.

As before the minis are from AB and the flags from GMB. Great stuff, but it seems that the moulds Fighting 15s has are starting to age a bit as these had a lot more flash than my first batch of 4 battalions. Another major issue was the distribution of different poses. There's only 4 poses anyways, but in my last set of 80 minis I received 34 and 32 of two sculpts and only 4 of one. So the variety of poses was massively lopsided. To keep at least a bit of variety in I was forced to throw in another casualty figure to allow me to spread the rarer sculpts out a bit more. In the future I might have to start doing some headswaps with french minis to add a bit more variety to the lot.

Everything that can be said of the paint job has already been said, so I'll just stick to the numbers then :) 1 mounted commander, 32 infantry and 1 casualty figure should net me 140 points and take me over my 1000 point goal! And without any bonus rounds this time around! I think without them it's bordering my personal best in the challenge if you remove any themed round points received. And in a shorter challenge as well! Batch painting similar minis has certainly helped and with a looming mid-life crisis I've been slowly moving more and more towards analogue hobbies (ba-dumm-tsss) instead of digital ones has seen me paint more even though my free time has been steadily diminishing with family additions and increased work load.

So with a few days left still I'll still try to manage one final entry! Only a couple of miniatures that I got from the Secret Santa gift exchange. It's high time that I'll get them done as well!

These are absolutely stunning Samuli. The white and green Saxon uniform really looks lovely and I like your use of a casualty figure to cover the gaps in poses/numbers (I do this quite a bit when I'm feeling lazy - which is, well, quite a bit of the time). I know it seems like a grind but keep it up - the project will be spectacular when you are completed. Well done.

And yes, I agree, analogue hobbies are the best hobbies. :)


  1. Simply wonderful once again Samuli!

  2. I have nothing but admiration for those who have the patience and dedication for Napoleonics - these are top shelf! Well played, Samuli!

  3. That green is really nice, very crisp work indeed.

  4. Stunning! That green is just stonking.

  5. The look lovely, Samuli! The green and white uniforms look very smart on them with the added bling. It may be a grind, but totally worth it in the end. ;)
    The whole reason I do analog is for the satisfaction of lining troops up and making " pew-pew" noises! ;)

  6. Those are fantastic, Samuli!