Saturday, 19 March 2016

From MarkG - 45mm Soviet Anti-Tank Gun and Crew (35 Poitns)

A few more figures to add to my low total. At least I'm above zero, though the last few months have been so hectic that painting has dropped off completely. These chaps have already had an outing using the excellent Chain of Command rules (where they got hammered). 

The gun and crew are Warlord Games, and the two guards are Artizan Designs (my preferred choice for quality of sculpts and clean casting), so five figures and one gun in total.

With one day to go we'll see if I can get a few more vehicles and figures finished, though I will be way short of my 500 point target.

Very nice work Mark. You have a nice, smooth paint style that I always admire. I agree with your assessment of the excellent Artizan range - they offer so many wonderful models. That being said, this gun and crew is a very nice set - I particularly like the gunner wearing the knit cap with the red star. Great stuff.


  1. Nice work Mark :)

    "where they got hammered" - too much vodka? ;)

  2. Those are really well-finished - excellent work!

  3. Chain of Command , excellent rules and these figures are just as good.

  4. Thank you all. I hope to improve my camera skills before the next challenge :-)

  5. Nice batch of Russkies, Mark! The draw to Russians is the adhoc feel of them and I like the mix of gear with these!
    No worries on your camera skills, mine are atrocious on a good day! ;)

  6. I like those 45mm guns, full of surprises for the fascists!