Saturday, 19 March 2016

From MarkH - Last Submission - 28mm ACW Confederates (552 Points)

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately ran out of time to do fancy basing and attach flags. However basic basing job done and 96 28mm figs painted.  Shame life got in the way of finishing the entire army but still happy to have these done. I also finished 18 more figs but haven't been able to base them.  (I'm sure they are worth some points?) 

I've really enjoyed the Challenge and even though I did less than half of what I wanted to get done in the last 3 months I'm still happy with what I've achieved and most of all enjoyed everyone else's work.

I think this lot may just get me up to the points level I set myself...

Looking really forward to next year.

Whoa! Like Sam Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, this is a nice sized nuke to go out on! Well done Mark! Though the basing is quite spartan, those four regiments of Rebs look very sharp, and the Zouaves are a lovely eyeful in their wonderfully garish uniforms. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride this year, Mark. I hope you join us next winter.


  1. Think that may be the biggest bomb of the year and some great figs. Great finish

  2. And what a last post!! Fantastic work!

  3. Another points bomb! Where do you find the time? I am impressed, to say the least - Well done, Mark!

  4. Ooh! Very fine indeed, especially the Zouaves Mark.

  5. Well done! Those Rebs are great but the Zouaves are simply outstanding in their bright clothes.

  6. Well you could definitely say that you are going out with a bang! Quite a points bomb you've put together!

  7. Nice job on them, Mark! I' ve always liked the Zouaves and these are nice,but I really like the work you did on the Perry Veteran Confederates! I really need to get that kit...or 6! ;)