Saturday, 19 March 2016

From BenitoM - Completing the Fallschirmjager Project (35 Points)

My last submission to the Challenge this year are a few more minis that complete my Fallschirmjager project for Chain of Command, the central theme of my participation.

This an LMG team, the second for my FJ section in winter uniform and that I expect to deploy in an Ardennes game later this year.

A view of the complete section in winter gear, with the two LMG teams and the commanding officers.

I have also painted a leader in camouflage pattern...

... and last but not least, another armoured support for the winter section in the form of a white-washed Stug III. 

The commander is looking with puzzlement to a map... he may have lost direction in the last crossroads somewhere in the Ardennes

If my calculations are not wrong, the submission today equals 35 points which put me close to my own internal target of 400 points, but 100 points below the official threshold set at 500 points at the launch of the Challenge.

My final photo is for the full project deployed.

I have really enjoyed participating this year in the Challenge (my first).  Many-many thanks to Curt and the "minions" coordinating this event and for the time and effort invested in it. 

If nothing turns wrong, I will definitively participate next year. It is an excellent way to get oneself focused on a project and provides lots of incentives and excitement to have it finished on time. This year I decided not to participate in the bonus rounds, and learn from what the other participants were doing... next year will be different.

This is a wonderful entry Benito, and a very fitting conclusion to your Challenge. Looking at your Fallshirmjaegers I am reminded how much I enjoy seeing our event help move hobby projects along. I really like that new StuG with its dappled and worn winter camo - fantastic job. Your force looks great all arrayed and ready for action in the final photos. Bravo Benito! I look forward to seeing you in a few months and to our next edition of the Challenge.


  1. Great work Benito. It has been a pleasure to see this come together.

    Winter panzers - AWESOME! Winter stuff is the toughest to come up with, but take it from this bone-chilled-Canadian-prairie-winter veteran - that Stug makes me want to stoke the fireplace...well done!

  2. Super looking Germans for sure!


  3. Great work especially that Stug

  4. What a terrific group pf figs - the StuG is especially impressive!

    Well played, Benito!

  5. Brrrr! Super cool stuff Benito.

  6. FJ's always look super cool when painted well. And these are painted well.

  7. More stunning Fallschirmjäger Benito! And that StuG is great as well.

  8. A completed project - huzzah! The stug in particular is excellent Benito.

  9. Brilliant brushwork on that winter section, Benito! The star of the post is that behemoth!
    I like the whitewash winter camo on it, really well done! ;)

  10. That winter work is great!