Sunday, 20 March 2016

From BrettM - US Civil War (320 Points)

The end of the competition has arrived! I guess I was more of a cram session painter this year. Hopefully next time I will have more time to paint through the competition instead of going all out the last few weeks. This competition helped me put a dent in the battle in a box civil war set from Perry Brothers. First up is a pic of 2 units of Confederates and 1 Union total of 64 minis

One set of 22 Confederates, 1 set of 20 Confederates and finally 1 set of 22 Union

 A close up of the back unit
close up of the back right unit
 A close up can see the commander toward the right

Flag bearer on this one towards the left of the photo...currently without flat :(

 Union left side
Union Right side
 Finally a close up of the Confederate commander with flag bearer
Union commander with flag bearer

Can't wait to finish the cavalry, drummers, cannons etc. that are left in the battle in a box. Not to mention the house and fence terrain that came with it. Box has a TON of stuff and hopefully will be able to get some battles in before to long. 

Paint job on these was straight up rank and file.If there weren't 170 minis I was needing to paint I might spend a bit more time on them instead of just getting them tabletop ready. I am new to the historical gaming. If anyone could help me out with how they do flags please leave a comment. I would be MUCH appreciated!

Point wise I count 64 minis at 5 points a mini for a total of  320 points. Finishing just over my goal. I had much higher hopes however there's always next year! Again great competition and for sure helped push me to get stuff painted! 

Wow, nice paint bomb here! You're really tearing through the Battle in a Box and I must say they're looking very good. In regards to the regimental colours, I'm sure there is someone in the group that can help you out but in the interim you may want to check out some sites like this.
I'm delighted that the Challenge provided good motivation for you Brett. Keep an eye open when the snow flies next year for the next edition. :)


  1. Great work Brett, I see scenes from Gettysbury looming up in my minds eye ;-)

  2. Thanks all! If anyone has any tips on how they do flags from start to finish on historical infantry please let me know. I am thinking you just print them out and glue them to the pole. However I've seen some pretty sweet looking flags that look like they were not done this way..

  3. My ears are bleeding from the concussion of that bomb!

  4. Nice work, Brett! I really like those troops( especially the veteran rebel kit) and you painted them up really well!
    I don't have much experience with flags but Ray has done many and Tamsin does a nice gold trim on hers. " don't roll a one" and " wargaming girl" I do know you want to use a marker or tiny brush to hide the white from the paper edge...;)