Sunday, 20 March 2016

From SeanR - Poe, BB-8 and a Bridgeburner for Curtgeld (22 points)

First up today is a repaint of the new T-70 X-Wing from the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game, with the paint job inspired by Poe Dameron's ship from Episode 7.

It was one of my projects that didn't quite work over the past few months, and was a great learning experience. Painting with orange took a fair few coats and some of those weren't thinned enough. So the paint was scraped off and I started again...
But it's worked out nicely in the end. And I even got to put some orange and black on the BB-8 droid on top to give it some more accuracy.

In stalking researching some of the previous Curtgeld submissions I found that Curt's fond of Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen series of fantasy novels. I'm also a reader of the world that he and fellow author Ian C Esslemont have been writing about. Many of the characters in the series are also quite the risk takers and gamblers so that was a nice fit too.

So in comes Whiskeyjack for the Curgeld.

Whiskeyjack was a Sergeant of the 9th Squad of the Bridgeburners company of the Malazan army. Members of the Bridgeburners company are involved with much of the stories throughout the book series to varying degrees, and due to their motto of "First In, Last Out" typically suffer horrendous casualties.
After umming and ahhing looking for a good combo for the characters Gessler and Stormy, or a suitable Temper (my fav), I found this Frostgrave model.
It immediately jumped out as a good fit for the Whiskeyjack character. He's got that grizzled, veteran look with a rich cloak that hints at a higher calling, and a shield that's perfect to attempt a bit of freehand for the Bridgeburner company symbol.


I hope you like him Curt. The cloak looks better in person.

The X-wing is in approx 1/270 scale so I think it's worth 1 or 2 points. Whiskeyjack should net me another 20 points.

And so my submissions for my first Challenge comes to an end.
My apologies to the crew. Unfortunately I've woefully missed my mark in points completed, but have learned a lot about eyes being too big for my schedule (or something like that...) and that I don't have the focus for batch painting quite yet.
In my (limited) defense I've also fully painted more mini's in the past few months than I have in the past 10 years so that's something of a win. And with baby #1 on the way in about 8 weeks there's been other matters to be preparing for too...

Thanks to Curt, GregB and all the other helpers and painters for the inspiration, community and feedback.

From Minion Tamsin:
Lovely work Sean. Both the X-Wing repaint and the Bridgeburner looks superb.b Poe's X-wing gets you 2 points as a 6mm vehicle, plus 20 for the Bridgeburner.
It's been great having you as a participant. See you next year!


  1. Great stuff Sean. I like Whiskyjack- great shield.

  2. Nice work on them both, Sean! I was disappointed that Poe's Xwing was not part of the game, but your version looks fine!
    Good call on whiskeyjack too, but I still want a mini of Fiddler launching a cusser! ;)

  3. Sean, this is brilliant. Whiskeyjack is a superb 'risk taker'. I love the figure that you've chosen and the shield devise is perfect. Well done and thanks so much!