Sunday, 20 March 2016

From DaveB - With a bang.... (370 Points)

So another Challenge draws to a close. I had a wonderful time once again, I also want to thank our benevolent overlord- er host- Curt, his understanding wife Sarah, and the awesome fellow guardsman and Friday Minion Greg for the enjoyable times it was.
I'd also like to thank all my fellow comrades in the Challenge for spoiling me with all sorts of lovely minis and great theme rounds.

To start, I have a lonely Belgium trooper from Forgotten Glorious Miniatures. He is from their WW1 French line and is a wonderful sculpt. I used Google to find Belgium uniforms and mainly found stills from the "Adventures of Young Indiana Jones". I  don't think I got the colors quite right and the helmet could use a stronger tint to green.

I sculpted some sandbags and went for a more muddy earth. I chose Belgium because they are a largely forgotten speed bump as they barely slowed the Germanic juggernaut as it closed on France and initiated the long lasting trench war.

These fellows have been in my lead pile for a long time and just missed the challenge last year. I need them for an upcoming Inquisit-Mundia game. They also have a part in a larger Inquisitors force and settled a color scheme for my forlorn Sisters of Battle force.

My only power armor Inquisitor and all kitbashed. I'm using a rich brown and green scheme which will also go to the not started Sisters.

It wouldn't be Inquisition without some red, Skullz, and purity seals! ;)

Along with his force sword and bolt pistol, he has this cherub dragging his bolted across the ground...the little idiot better clean that! 

The pilot from a boxed game will serve as a medicae component of his entourage. 

A very old friar from GW is the priest of his inner group. I didn't convert him as I like the sculpt as is.

With that smirk, the barely hidden morning star...he probably has a pistol stashed someplace...

I'm not much for psykers. The Cadian 7th doesn't use them as I imagine it would unpleasant to have a "perils of the warp" in the troop hold of an APC! ;)

But this Inquisitor can use them, and my gaming group is hugely chaos and they may counter some of the shenanigans.

I really like the frail look to these over the robust and big head versions of the past.

This trio of bobble heads have been converted and primered for a Loooonnng time. I never did finish my planned assault squad, but that is no longer allowed anyway.

In the Necromundia enviroment, they will be a powerful addition to the inquisitor without breaking the game. They can also join his entourage in the warrior slot in 40k games, but without the jump troop ability.

The 1st generation of stormtroopers. I still have another squad unassembled as the plastic filler are  the worst plastic kit GW ever made. It was a chore just to get the six filler troops painted as they are soft and fat not at all hard and crisp like the metal sculpts. It is no wonder that generation 2 were sculpted so fast to replace them. 

The autocannon, loader, plasma gunner and Sgt are really wonderful sculpts. The plastic troopers ARE ablative armor for those four! ;)

Another RT command squad. A homemade banner and I even painted cuffs and stripes on them too. The bobble heads and these guys are more detailed than those stormtrooper plastics! 

One command squad of Mordians. They are extra from my combo force of Mordians, Pratorians, and Tallarn guard.

One squad of 10 formed up in a firing line.

The uniforms are filled with color so I kept the equipment as bland as possible, but I did tool up the details on the guns with regard to buttons and glass. I also gave the heavy weapon crews red stripes and headbands to denote artillery.

The Mordians manning the mortar tubes in strict, drilled precision. I have heard about painting over decals, so I experimented on the mortar shells and lascannon. I really like the effect.

To keep Greg off guard, I'm shifting again towards Malifaux with a troop of Guild.
Guild and Inquisitors share the whole scary "goodguy" theme though.
I really liked painting these minis from Wyrd. These are about as boutique as I may ever get. I can see myself getting more just for the pleasure of painting them
They are the Guild's Judge and Lady Justice.

I also got a couple guild guard to protect my more important pieces.

The guild marksman drove me to this team. I really liked the movement to them.

A poor witch is now the scales of judgment. He'll get the guild guard for protection.

The Death Marshalls are my second favorite behind the marksmen. They are consumed by the magic they wield as they hunt down renegade mages. They lock their prey in the coffins and are sustained by the life force of their victims 

And they whole force together.

The Americans have sent a squad of troops and a lone tank to vanquish the Nazi menace...the Germans won't know what hit them...

Sgt Rock and Easy company! I finished last year with a comic book force, so I had to make another for my final entry this year.
They are kitbashed from warlord games marine and us infantry boxes. 

Sgt Rock with a stogie leading Wildman- toting a BAR, Ice Cream Soldier- wearing a helmet liner, Short Round and Big Round manning a bazooka, and Little Sure Shot - who has decorated his helmet with feathers and has more knifes than regulation allows. I couldn't build Four Eyes and a few others so the rest will just have to keep up with the Sgt and his crew. I couldn't quite get the unknown soldier done as my greenstuff skills are inadequate for the job.

But Sgt Rock and Easy company has the little tank that could to help with the heavy lifting. A Warlord Games Stuart tank being watched by a Saber and Sash 54mm Confederate General.

The Haunted Tank and the ghost of Gen Jeb Stuart is here to help Sgt Rock. With these two units I win any game of Bolt Action. The Germans just don't have enough troops or menacing armor to stop them! ;)

Jeb Stuart is from a generic cast. I just made sure I bought a bearded head with an ostrich feather to represent him.

I had planned to overpaid the decals on the Stuart tank, but I only had instructions for building and painting resin in the Warlord decals. 

Last year I began to do NMM. I'm still working at it and am now moving into gold colors. This year had my first use of weathering powders. In the past I have used art pastels and washes, so this was a different thing to do. I applied the powders with sponge and brush and also tried it dry and wet. It was a lot of fun and I'm now looking at maybe doing some ork vehicles. 
With this, I have laid down my brushes and begun clearing the debris from the living room for my thankful wife. Once again, thank you to all...
29 Mordians
10 stormtroopers 
1 inquisitor 
6 inquisitor follow- ons
1 Belgium soldier
10 malifaux Guild
10 American soldiers
1 Confederate ghost
And 1 beat up tank

This entry is completely mental, but I love it. What a wonderful, eclectic mob of stuff Dave! 
One of my favourite elements of the 40 'universe' is the Inquisition. I think this is mostly to do with Dan Abnett's fabulous set of Eisenhorn novels, but I also loved the segue that GW did about 15 years ago where you could roll-out with a full Inquisitorial retinue to do battle. It was so nasty and dystopian, but it completely worked within the setting. Anyway, I love your retinue Dave and I think it's brilliant that you're participating in a Necromunda game that has the Inquisition as its core theme.

Those Malifaux models are beautiful as well. I like your blue colour scheme of the Guild fellows. Very cool.

BUT, my absolute favourite amongst this amazing menagerie is The Haunted Tank with its attendant ghost, JEB Stuart. This is completely AWESOME Dave!! I loved The Haunted Tank series when I was a kid (cripes, I had teetering pillars of the comics in my bedroom) and so I squealed with delight when I saw this. (BTW, he 'Clanketyclank' display base is the bomb.) I will be following up with my shipping address. :)
Dave, it is always a pleasure to have you as a participant in the Challenge. I get EVERYONE'S comments that are posted to the blog sent to my email account, and I'm pretty sure you left a kind and considered note on 99 percent of the entries. I really appreciate it and I know others do as well. Thanks again Dave, and we'll see you next time we roll out.


  1. Fanbleedintastic final entry David. Lovely painting on all of those :)

  2. Dave I agree with Curt on two points. First, this is absolutely mental. But I love it! My only complaint would be sensory overload trying to take it all in. I think my fave is the Brave Little Belgian at the top tho.

    Second, I've really enjoyed your role as head cheerleader (sorry for any unfortunate mental images I've given anyone). You had something good to say about every post and said way more than Nice one dude every time.

    Well done and come back next year.

    1. Thank you, Peter! I do enjoy the AHPC and it was three years ago I actively began commenting on it. I may be an old boot of a soldier, but I'm still a big kid at heart! ;)
      I hope I am not going to have to wear mini skirts and carry pom poms now! ;)

  3. Dave, I agree with Peter on all 3 points, the ones Curt has mentioned and the "cheerleading" part where you've always found a constructive and positive note to say. What I have looked forward to the most in this Challenge is not the rankings or the possiblity of gaining a prize, but the comments of everyone around here. I have tried to comment on all entries but that's sheer impossible but you came close so thanks heaps!

    1. Thank you Sander! I'm very thankful of my ancestors as the red skin hides blushes well! ;)

  4. Thank you, Curt! The AHPC is the highlight of my year and a great reset. Now I enter the season of running, training, and outdoor honey-do's! Not to mention the myriad sports of the kids! ;)

  5. Points bomb! I do like the cherub.

    1. Thank you, Barks! He is a cute Lil fella! ;)

  6. Great job DavidB! You win the Sci-Fi duel. What would you like me to paint for you? I have some old Epic 40k minis or I could send you a Viet-Cron :-).

    1. Thank you, Sylvain! I do like to be suprised, either would be fine. My guard can always use a foe to hunt, and epic might spur me on to get my own stuff built and painted! ;)

    2. Can you give me a snail mail address? You can e-mail it to me: sylvain dot rheault at sasktel dot net. Or maybe I should ask Curt?