Sunday, 20 March 2016

From SamuliS: Santa's gifts (20 points)

For my final entry I've got my gift from the Secret Santa exchange organized by Ian and his wife Catherine. It's taken an embarrassingly long time to get painted, but I guess better late than never!

This was a quick project with just a Commando mortar team from Warlord Games. And that's where my slowness for painting it partly comes from as I don't have any Commandos so there's no real need for these miniatures. Still they deserve paint and a clubmate has Commandos so I think I'm going to give the to him! To be honest the gift exchange was a bit underwhelming for me this time around as the blister just arrived in an amazon box and was quite far off the target price for gifts. Still nice to receive some unexpected hobby stuff.

I find that Warlords British minis are far better sculpts than most of their others. The detail is just so much clearer and for some reason there is also a lot less flash on the minis compared to for example the Germans I've had. I guess they are probably newer sculpts so far less wear on the moulds and the sculpts are also more 'modern' in appearance.

They were a breeze to paint as there is basically just two main shades on them with the uniform and webbing dominating most of the models. Couple of highlights on both and a brown wash with army painter ink and they were all done! Unfortunately I've ran out of all other varnishes except for gloss, so these are a bit shiny until I'll make the trip to my FLGS to get something duller.

With these done it's time to end the challenge from my side! Just managed to reach my goal in the last week and actually went over it with nearly 91 points. After a slow start it was quite a good effort in the end. Thanks to Curt and his team of Minions for organizing the challenge once again! Great fun and one of the highlights of every hobby year. Nothing helps with getting painting done like the friendly competition coming from the challenge!

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Minion Tamsin taking over for a bit!
Nice work on this commando mortar team. As the mortar is a small crew served weapon, I'm going to count that as a foot figure, so 20 points for this entry.
You've produced some lovely entries this year Samuli - see you again for the next bash I hope :)


  1. they are very nice.. good work = and agree with Tamsin , its been a pleasure to see what you have produced

  2. Going out with a bang eh? Well done, oh and don't forget your towel on the way out ;-)

  3. Nice job on the mortar team, Samuli! Nice detail on them and that base work is really nice. ;)

  4. Lovely work on the Tommies - good sculpts given a terrific paint job!

  5. Really nice painting there, Samuli!

  6. Well done on these Samuli! I'm sure your mate will love 'em should you decide to realy give them away. A shame those really nice metal figures are only support choices for some otherwise awful plastic Brits.