Sunday, 20 March 2016

From MilesR: A Tad Bit More Frostgrave (175 points)

On Friday, I drove up to Cold Wars to play in the Flames of War doubles tournament and picked up some Forstgrave related stuff.  These were assembled and primed on Saturday and painted this morning.
 First up 10 adventures to use as common thugs in a war band.  These come from the Frostgrave "Soldiers" plastic set and were a lot of fun to put together and paint.  There's 10 more that still need to be completed.

 Next up 15 cultists to use a generic bad guys.  These are aslo plastics for a 20 figure "cultist" plastic sets.  I'm not sure why some of them have red cloaks - (ok it's because I got bored painting back-grey).

 The other 5 I built as skeleton warriors or a vampire (later on).  I'm very impressed with the versatility of these Frost grave plastics

 2 metal armored skeletons that come in a blister pack.
 The aforementioned Vampire  - ok not the best paint job but he'll work.

Lastly a "Major Deman" boss monster - a resin body with a cast metal head.  This one was a lot of fun to paint up

 Here's the demon compared to a 8mm adventurer figure - it's an intimidating opponent.

Lets see - thats 32 28mm figures at 5 per and I suggest the demon count as a vehicle so thats 15 from him yielding a total of 175 pointeroonies for this submission.  Not to  bad for still being unassembled and in the boxes 24 hours ago.

There may be one more post today.

'On Friday I went to Cold Wars and picked up these figures. I then assembled and primed them on Saturday and painted them up on Sunday.'  


Miles, you are a machine. The way you describe your purchasing and painting process makes me completely bonkers. You make it sound sooo easy! If your 'financial professional' gig every goes south you can always pimp yourself out as a unit painter. Knowing how prolific you are you'd probably make more money. ;0)
Seriously, great stuff Miles. I've not really looked closely at Frostgrave (Opposed to Millsy's humorous impression of me, I have an irrational aversion to new-kid-on-the-block releases), but these models look very nice indeed. I quite like how you did the undead blokes, and that Demon is, well, SUPER BIG AND SUPER RED! Very fun.
Well done Mr. Reidy.


  1. Miles - that is utterly bonkers! How on earth did you paint so many, so quickly? Top notch! :)

  2. Miles you are amazing. Great stuff. Love the big red guy!

  3. Excellent productivity. That HUGE dude is interesting. hmmmm. might have a space in my projects for him. Cheers

  4. Great work... scarry fast too.

  5. Fast turn around and great results, Miles! I'm starting to think Frostgrave is a wargames disease! The soldier sets must be some sort of diabolical contagion as I find myself wanting a set or three! ;)

  6. A real showcase! Nice work.