Sunday, 20 March 2016

From FranL - 15mm Modern African Militia (342 points)

........."The  East, North, West, South Boys" from Peter Pig and a couple from Old Glory.

My last submission....I think? Thanks for putting up with me Curt!

John Paul Baptiste V leads his militia on their annual piss up!

Some won't make it! 

Supply train........

Most of the vehicles are Peter Pig with some Old Glory (awful).

We have rocket lauchers, recoiless rifles, HMG's, ZPU1 single barrelled AA....

The man himself!

15 vehicles, 110 figures and 8 crew served weapons.

From Minion Tamsin:
And we jokingly accuse Ray of sandbagging? You've taken the crown from him this year with all these Moderns submitted in the last few days! 
Excellent work Fran. That'll be 342 more points, you crazy Irishman!


  1. Holy Christ Fran! This is epic and well done!

    You sandbgger, you :0)

    1. Painted these at the beginning in case of a budgie smugger bomb!

  2. Sneaky. Great looking force, bet they fight terribly ;)

  3. Kind of awful, make up for it with numbers and recreational drugs!

  4. Bloody hell Fran. I would ask, Ain't you got mothing better to do, but I know you haven't!

  5. Turning into a painting machine Fran! Well done!


  6. Oh one jjust has to love that little carpark you've build up there Fran, stuff of legends this!

  7. Well, Fran, your moderns escalated deployment pretty quick! Quite a few neighborhoods are going to raucous sights! ;)
    Nice work on the milita, the ramshackle car park is my favorite of this batch! ;)