Sunday, 20 March 2016

AdamC- Last Post Frostgrave soldiers, Treasure token and old school Ogre (30 points)

This will be my last post of this challenge its been great fun again this year and I would like to thank Curt for running the event and thank Peter and the other "Minions" for their hard work 

 We have 4 more Frostgrave soldiers all made with Wargames factory and Frostgrave parts. On the left we have an archer and a ranger (the one holding the sword) two of my favorite soldier types because of their ability to shoot an move in the same turn.  To the Right we have tow men-at-arms with hand weapons and shields.

 I did two of the soldiers in paid just because it seemed the thing to do, I don't have any scots in Frostgtrave yes so why not.  Green is a natural color for a ranger and I liked giving the swordsman a length of rope a very handy thing to have in a crumbling ruin

 Then we have the hobbit from the Fog on the Barrow downs set.  With his crown and belt he makes a somewhat macabre treasure token for the game.

 This last is an old Ral Partha Ogre my friend Mike gave me he'll do as a troll alongside his more modern Reaper compatriot.

 I added the axe from my bits box I twas a pain drilling out the hand, I lost two bits doing it... but I think its worth the effort he look far better with a weapon.

 So that should be 30 points for six 25mm figures the ogre is a little bigger but I think points wise the smaller hobbit balances things out

 And here is all the stuff I painted this challenge (excepting my PSC Half Tracks for Flames of War)

 The Frostgrave collection and the mosters I did for Hizzah

 The troops I painted for Dragon Rampant and my 10mm troops that may also see action in Dragon rampant or Pike Man's Lament when it comes out.

Pirates, French Soldiers and Paraguayan infantry it was quite a challenge and a lot of fun thanks every one for you kind words and friendly competition.

From Minion Tamsin:
My word - you've really churned out so much great stuff for Frostgrave this Challenge. And so much other stuff as well.
Great work Adam! That ogre looks particularly mean. That's another 30 points to your tally.
Hope to see you again next year :)


  1. Wow Adam, what great production over the Challenge. Great to have you end up with a Frostgrave post.

  2. That's a nice haul you've managed to gather there Adam!

  3. Nice job on these Adam! It has been great to see you pound out these Frostgrave figures. You've had an excellent year and I look forward to seeing you again next year!

  4. Congratulations on winning the frost grave challenge! Now to work on your prize :)

    1. Thank you Paul I lookfoward to seeing what you guys come up with. You gave me a good run and I was impressed with many of the pieces you produced.

  5. You don't seem to be missing much for Frostgrave now, Adam! The troopers are fine, but I'm rather partial to the ogre looking like he is about to hammer a victim! ;)
    That is a raft of minis completed too! I almost forgot the other stuff! ;)

    1. I had a bussy Challenge much of it Frostgrave but lots of other stuff too. Frostgrave was Just shy of half my points this time around.

  6. Lovely Frostgrave collection you've got there! I like your treasure token!