Sunday, 20 March 2016

From EmilioA - 6mm Italian Risorgimento, 1860 & Plains War Indians (194 Points)

They're coming out of the woodwork now!

Emilio sent me an brief note today with his 11th hour, but very welcome, submission to the Challenge.

First up: 220 figures of 6mm Italian Risorgimento, 1860.

'This is the Plain War Indian as promised. My performance was not the best and I considered this nine fig not at all completed. But free time for me is very very hard to have.'

Thank very much for this challenge and hope next time to be more effective. 

Best regards Emilio
They look terrific Emilio. I love the piebald horses - they seem so iconic for the Plains Wars.  Your 6mm Italian Risorgimento figures are brilliant as well. Certainly not something you see everyday. 

I know you came in just under the wire, but I'm glad you made the effort. I hope you can join us next year and enjoy a less hurried run of it.


  1. Welcome to the challenge Emilio! I like the Risorgimento project!

  2. Nice work Emilio! :)

    I'm glad you managed to get the submission in right at the end - the 6mm Risorgimento figures look fab :)

  3. wow - those little Italians look fantastic! And I'm with Curt on the piebald, really sets the riders off nicely.

  4. Nice entry, Emilio! The wee Italians are really smart with the banners, but my favs are my cousins the Plains Warriors and those Painted Ponies! Really good work on them! ;)