Sunday, 20 March 2016

From MilesR: The Last Round Up - A bit more Frostgrave and Old Favorite (100 points)

 This will be my last post of this year's Challenge "Seis Grandes".  A group shot of the Frostgrave stuff that was completed today including 12 new figures added this afternoon.

The new additions include 5 more adventurers from the Frostgrave Soldiers plastic set and...
 5 skeleton warriors, a zombie bursting from the ground and a giant rate skeleton.  While packages as "Frostgrave" minatures these are really just old Mantic sprue that are being repurposed.  While cheap, they really aren't that good and I don't recommend them.  Still the painted up pretty quick and will serve well as random encounter foes.

 My usual mainstay for challenge painting is the American Civil War and I haven't submitted anything this year.  I thought it would be nice to end the challenge with a ACW entry for my final submission and here it is a Confederate artillery piece with crew.

 The figures are from the wonderful Perry plastic ACW artillery box set, which I highly recommend - you get three different gun barrels, enough fig to make 4 guns, 18 crew and 3 caissons for either side.  Not a bad deal indeed.

 I painted these a little earlier this week.  This final submission should net me 100 points (18 figures and one gun).  My total for the week including the previous two submissions in 462 points which is not a bad way to finish out the Challenge.

It's time to step away from the painting desk for a bit (and make some terrain!!!!!!)

I do have some thanks to give.

- First to all the participants who make this such a special hobby event.  I am inspired by your creativity and artistic skills and thank you for your indulgence of letting me display my shabby wares alongside your shiny art.  I am also grateful for your camaraderie and feel I've made true friends through this little escapade.

- Next I'd like to thank my fellow minions who managed to wade through the spreadsheet and allow us to keep track of this crazy thing.  It was a pleasure working with you and I had a blast.

- Lastly, I'd like to thank Curt and Sarah for putting on the show and giving all of us goals to shoot in a hobby that has been known to meander.  Even with the minions, I'm sure this is a bit of a thankless task and I greatly appreciate your efforts in putting on what has become my favorite hobby activity each year.

It's been a grand ride - thank you very much!

Oh and don't worry, I'll be doing a big statistical-like wrap up of this years challenge in the coming days and,yes, it will have graphs - sigh.

Stonking stuff Miles and congratulations on being on top of the heap this year! The amount of figures/models/SHIPS(!) you managed to do this year is just bewildering. It just blows my mind.  
I love that we got to see some of your tried-and-true ACW magic - that gun and crew look ready to give the Bluebellies hell. BUT where is the 1:1 wargaming furniture?! I thought for sure we'd be treated to a 'tactical trolly' or 'blitzkrieg battle board' in our final hours of the Challenge. Hmm, I suppose my previously giving you negative points for your efforts wasn't much of an incentive... Maybe next year, eh? Hope springs eternal.

It's always a pleasure Miles! Your spreadsheet-fu saved my bacon BIG TIME this year, and your creative cooking, er, manipulation of the stats is always a wonder to behold. Please keep tuned for your Tribute figure which should be coming up in the next week or so. Until then, I look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later ('Partizan' anyone?).


  1. I appear to have got the order of posts mixed up. It's this entry I need to kill you over. Well done on posting the most, your work is always of the highest standard and a joy to see. Until next year. If you get any parcels that tick from blighty open them quickly and roughly

  2. An excellent finale Miles :)

  3. Nice entry - the sheer scale and breadth of your posts are inspiring. Rest assured I'll be focussing on how you've done your rigging so I can improve mine!

  4. Great last stand, Miles!

  5. Way to go out Miles! Another amazing showing from you this year mate. Looking forward to the statistical analysis :-)

  6. You're a machine! Quite breathtaking, Miles. I can't believe what you've achieved this year - simply amazing. And these are just such lovely figures as well - really great painting, quite incredible stamina, and thank you so much for all the hard work on the statistics.

    Can you know please confirm that you have cloned yourself several times to get all that done?? ;)

    1. Since the quick charge lithium batteries were installed my re-charge times have been cut down significantly....

  7. Some History and some fantasy. What an excellent challenge entry.

  8. Nice work, Miles! The Rebel artillery is a very sweet reminder of a kit I need and you have done them up nicely!
    I await with great terrible terror for the unholy statisical spreadsheet unveiling! ;)