Sunday, 20 March 2016

The Votes are In for the 'Risk Taker' Theme Round!

Well, here we are at the conclusion of our final theme round, the overarching theme to this year's Challenge: 'Risk Taker'.

We had a record number of both entries and responses for this round, which gives a good indication of the fevered work and creative imaginations of the participants.

So, not to tarry, the runners up to the podium are:

Alex's incredibly creative 'Cards, Dice, Chess and a Smoking Gun'

Michael's beautifully painted homage to Mad Max with his, 'Woops Apocalypse!'

and Byron's cute but disturbing 'Moratorian'. Great work, all of you.

In Third Place we have a tie between Sidney's unflappable and foppish 'The Flemish Cavalier' 

...and Stephen's hard-bitten western rider, 'Pony Express'. Both Sid and Stephen will receive 25 bonus points for their beautiful work. Well done lads.

In Second Place we have Millsy with his bonkers 'Nothing Ventured...'

Millsy will receive an additional 50 points for this wonderfully mad vignette. (I very much look forward to beaming figures back and forth using the 'Patented Energetic Transmutation Capsules'.) :)

And to conclude, in First Place, I'm happy to announce that Anne's 'Extraordinary Ladies' has taken the gold.

Anne will receive 75 bonus points AND a gift certificate from Kawe's 'Westfalia Miniatures.' Stunning work Anne, congratulations!

I want to give my deepest thanks to the participants of not only this round, but of all six of the Bonus Theme Rounds this year. It was your talents, wonderful sense humour and hard work that made these rounds such a highlight of the Challenge.

For those who wish to look at the voting results, they can be found here.

Now, back to conclude the final hours of AHPC VI...


  1. A clear winner and justifiably so. A huge well done to all the other podium places too another fabulous round.

  2. Excellent! Well done Anne and all the other Challengers who entered.

  3. Congrats to Anne and all the others!

  4. Congrats to the prizewinners and runners-up! A well deserved win for Anne.

    And congrats to everybody who took part.

  5. excellent entries all, well done Anne and the podium finishers - I note Millsy has podiumed in each round - well done sir..

    1. Yes!! I forgot to mention that in my post (face-palm). A HUGE congrats to Millsy for placing in the top three for ALL SIX rounds. Bravo Mr. Mills!

    2. It only cost me my soul. Cheap as chips!

  6. Cracked a massive grin when I saw you in top spot Anne! Bloody marvellous. Well done everyone who entered and congrats to all the podium peeps.

  7. Thank you all for your votes, but I must say I owe it all to Ray. Without him, I'd not have done this.

    Congratulations to the other winners-see you all next year!!!

  8. Congrats to Anne for a very well deserved win and to Mr Millsy also for Second place!

  9. Awesome. Well done everybody. cheers

  10. Splendid entries all, but Anne deserves the gold. The richness of the textiles and the seamless blending of the colours make 'Extraordinary Ladies' an absolute treat for the eyes. Well done!

  11. A well deserved win for Anne and all the other winners and indeed for Millsy for gaining the podium each round. Great stuff everyone!

  12. Grand entries all around in this one!
    I loved the rich color on those dresses, Anne. Those minis were obviously lavished well with your brush! ;)

  13. Congrats to everyone involved! It was a pleasure to read through all those fantastic entries.