Sunday, 20 March 2016

From Chris H - Final Points Rush (280 points)

What with my son's 18th Birthday on Saturday I really did not think I would get time to finish off the bases of the minis I had completed this week. Yet insomnia can be a real friend at times. Thanks Curt for extending the deadline by a day as it did help.

More importantly thanks again to Curt of being mad enough to run this one more time. I feel that having the minions did alleviate the enormity of the task but it still must have been a big ask to all, to both overview and comment on all of the painted minis. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and wish all that take part a happy year ahead painting more and hopefully gaming with your new toys.

I don't have time to gather all my challenge entries into one shot but who knows maybe on my club's blog as a way to get the rest of the club motivated. Plus I sold a couple of bits and bobs so they will miss out in the group photo shoot.

Well enough waffling and on with the image dump.
Brit WWII command 28mm

Brit reduced section (late in the battle for Normandy)

2nd reduced section

HMG and Mortar

Flamethrower, Piat, FOO or radio take your pick

15mm Carolingian Cav for Sword and Spear

2nd Unit of cavalry

Carolingian Knight Command

More knights

Light horse

The incomplete Curtgeld, boo hiss boo hiss (you will get it Curt promise!!!)

Yet another Zombie hunter

Well all up that's 33 X 28mm at 5 points and 23 X 15mm cav at 4 points I think thats 280 points, pushing me 100+ points over the 900 point total I wanted to achieve. Sadly Phillip, Alex's Dad is not quite complete but by the end of next week I hope to have it bagged up and on the way to Canada. Hmm, I always thought Alex conquered the known world, now it looks like Phillip starts in the UK goes to Australia and then winds up in Canada......................

Once more thanks for the motivation to shrink the lead and platic pile further.

Oh and to any rivet counters out there I do know a bunch of the Brits are actually WWI minis but I always loved the excentricity displayed in a "A Bridge to Far" with the unbrella wielding lieutentant, thus in keeping with this I thought why not add some WWI officers and such to the Brits, after all I'm keeping these.

From Minion Tamsin
What a superb mixed bag for your final entry. Lovely paintwork.
I'm scoring the Vickers and the mortar as foot figures so that will be 267 points but I'm adding some points for the hand-painted shields to take you up to 280.
It's been good having you along for the ride :)


  1. a wonderful last entry - well done

  2. Great dump of pics Chris. Your Brits look suitably grim and grimy, and great work on the Carolingians.

  3. Nice sprint to the finish line Chris! Great work on them!

  4. It's a shame Phillip is not complete as the rest looks very good, Chris! I like the business look of the British infantry, but the wee horse and the sheilds steal the show! Nice groupings on the bases too, like the light horse spreading out for hunting! ;)

  5. Thanks all it was a lot of fun.

  6. Some very nice figures. Well done Chris!