Sunday, 20 March 2016

From Miles R: Some Naval odds and Ends (15 points)

As I close out this year's Challenge there are just a few more posts to make - this one concerns my final naval entries and consist of a 1/1200 Barbarry Xebec from GHQ Miniatures and a 28mm Naval Officer from Brigade games. Xebec's are Lanteen rigged craft (the triangular sails) and were the preferred choice of pirates and raiders in the Med.

Why? A lantern rigged ship was both fast and could turn rapidly. They don't pack a lot of guns but that wasn't really an issue. Most Barbary ships were some jammed with extra crew for boarding that they couldn't really service the guns effectively. The point was to close and board as fast as possible. 

This Xebec is also a "debt" payment to Mr Douglas as I had promised to do one earlier. Still a Xebec a few days late is better than no Xebec at all...

Next up is my final 28mm Naval figure - another American Naval commander.

This figure will be used in my convention game as the overall American commander and will be based on the USS Wasp (as pictured). These two should net me 15 points (10 for the Xebec and 5 for the officer. 1/1220 ships have been clocking in at 15 points per but this one is so small that it only rates 10.


Next up, something with a hint of frost in the air..

Great work Miles! I really like the look of that Xebec - a very elegant little ship and I'm sure Peter will be delighted with it.

Your American commander looks very sharp on the stern of your amazing USS Wasp. Like your last Historicon/Fall In extravaganza, I anticipate seeing pictures of this game in an upcoming 'Wargames Illustrated'. :)


  1. Great looking Xebec Miles. As a teenager I owned a Sunfish with a similar rig, but with only a single mast. Well done.

    1. Sunfish and Laser's have the most efficient sail design. Oh when I was a kid I went everywhere in my sunfish.

    2. My favourite days were when a hurricane came up the Gulf Stream and just missed Halfax. You hot a strong steady wind, perfect for the fish. Put 3l layers of logged on, get them wet for weight and go nuts!

  2. Very nice. However you have now exceeded my total and must obviously die. Well done you complete and utter.......

  3. Very nice stuff you've rigged up there!

  4. Great work I love the little Xebec.

  5. Beaut of a little ship, Miles! I like your commander of the Wasp, but he has been upstaged by that Mediterranean hotrod! ;)