Sunday, 20 March 2016

From TamsinP - Things That Go Bump In The Mexicagrave (100 points)

For my 24th entry in the main event, I present these:

Well, for Frostgrave (even when transported to Aztec era Mexico) you need hordes of undead to terrorise (or at least hinder) the scavenging exploring bands of looters wizards. With that in mind I ordered a pack of ghouls from Mantic Games.

I assembled these and added the basing gunk on Friday; primed them early afternoon yesterday, did the first stages last night and finished them today.

I did try to give them a blue glaze, but it doesn't seem to have done a great deal over the Aztec flesh colours. It might work better over Caucasian flesh. The most painful thing with these was having to dirty up the nicely highlighted tattered clothing. But ghouls aren't likely to be doing their laundry when they're not feasting on living human flesh, are they?

These twenty 28mm figures should give me a boost of 100 points to my tally. Although, technically, they are for my Mexicagrave project and therefore Native American, I'm not going to ask for them to be included in that side-challenge as I conceded defeat a few weeks ago.

I haven't added the herb scatter to their bases in case I decide to use them for other games. They have been painted and drybrushed though.

Okay, now they're done it's time for me to hit the brushes and try to finish off my 25th entry!
Love them. (This entry reminds me that I have to pick up a box of these fellows to serve as Zone Shamblers for my apocalyptic collection... ) Great work Tamsin! I really like the icky skin tone you came up for these - it's monstrously good.
BTW, The points field is so tight between 12th and 4th that you just jumped 4 positions with this entry!
See you in an hour or two! ( madwoman...) :)


  1. Great figures Tamsin. I do like you'd Mexigrave project.

  2. Very nice - I really like your take on Frostgrave!

  3. Cracking work on this lot and project!

  4. Another great entry Tamsin!

  5. Probably many more ghouls than you will ever need in Mexicagrave! Can I hear the start of a zombie game in the background?

  6. That is a wonderful shambling horde, Tamsin! I like the yellowed parchment like skin tones on them!

    1. You shouldn't of called it so soon either as we were more neck and neck with this and Little Sure Shot, the Apache with Sgt Rock! ;)

  7. @ Curt - thanks! The icky skin tone is a happy accident but it does look suitably ghoulish :)

    @ Peter D - cheers! :)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

    @ Fran - cheers m'dear! :)

    @ Jamie - thanks! :)

    @ Sander - cheers! :)

    @ Clint - possibly, but I can use them instead of zombies - no need to stick to the lists in the book :)

    @ Barks - it was either freaky green or freaky red - I went with green :)

    @ David B - thanks! Maybe I shouldn't have declared when I did, but I wasn't expecting or planning to paint these during the Challenge. Besides, how can you tell that these are native Americans? :)

  8. Great looking Z's Tamsin! I imagine they'd come in handy in most apocalyptic or fantasy scenarios around the globe.