Sunday, 20 March 2016

From JohnSe - 28mm Dark Ages. - 54 Points

From JohnSh-Stumbling over the line

I really need to increase the speed with which I paint if I'm going to have a chance in this challenge next year. I have managed to finish eight more Dark Ages figures, all Crusader brand Viking 2-Handed Axemen in 28mm.
Eight more from the Dark Ages pile. Squintillions to go.
I have been collecting Dark Ages miniatures for (ahem) 40 years and have quite a tidy pile still to paint. I spent a couple of hours the other evening hand-painting the shields (I will get Dux and Man Cave Paul for guilting me into doing this) only to realise that in most games I play two handed axe-men don't use shields. So I only completed four so I can scatter them through units for aesthetics only.
The shields. I'm quite proud of the red bird.
I also managed to finish my only mounted entry for the Challenge. I have a bit of an issue painting cavalry but thought that I would do a "test" piece for my Empire Army.
I'm not 100% happy with it but it gives me a starting point for the rest of the cavalry.

I'd like to say thank you to Curt for organising the Challenge, Millsy for his minionating and Dux, Paul and Steve who encouraged me to get involved and have provided constructive criticism and outright merciless murder of my miniature alter egos at every opportunity.

I have learned several things by participating, not least of which is that I need to FINISH the hundreds of half painted miniatures I have in the painting room.The exercise of starting with bare metal and plastic and keeping at it until totally finished and game ready was fun.

Today's entries should nett me 50 points which takes me over 200. Not the 500 I optimistically hoped for but close to the 250 that I thought was realistic. I'll be back next year if you'll have me.

From Minion Dave
John - well they are certainly worth waiting for - and the effort on the shield was certainly worthwhile - and worth getting payback for certainly - and I have added in minion bonus points for those. Your test piece certainly look like a good start.  

Collecting for 40 years eh - well some bits will just be getting ready to be thought about being painted I guess..Glad participating has helped and we will look forward to seeing you again!


  1. Well done John. I like the shields and the knight.

  2. Nicely done! The yellow on the knights crest is very striking. My Empire army is rusting away somewhere in a cupboard as is most of my GW stuff, but this is very inspiring all the same.

    1. Thanks Sander. Yes, I thought that if I was wearing an unfeasibly large feathered crest that I would want it to really stand out.
      My Empire and Brettonian minis are getting a second life playing Lion Rampant.

  3. The test piece is a good start, John; yet your dark age axe men are awesome! I really like the work you did on the sheilds even if it is only for aesthetic purpose! ;)

  4. Cracking work John! I particularly like your freehand shieldwork - that red raven is brilliant. I'm also delighted to hear that you had a good time with the Challenge. It's good to have a high target as it makes you stretch for it. Perhaps we can get you locked in for 500 next year. :)