Sunday, 20 March 2016

From KyleC - Reinforcements... (190 Points)

Down to the wire, and I have had a bit of time to paint recently. Still much slower than I had anticipated, and no where near what I had hoped for this competition, but still a good start all the same.

Above shows the original 5 infanty, plus 15 additions painted up. Giving me now 2 full units of Infantry ready for gaming.

Next up is 8 SAS Infantry again for my Canadians. These guys did great in their first game out considering that they are full of SMGs. Great for both shooting and close combat in Bolt Action! Now they have paint, and should be doing even better!

I have also painted up 4 more HQ like models from a variety of ranges. Gives me a bit more range to play with now for some of the selectors available.

In a switch of things to do, and with fear that I might not have a game of bolt action up on Tuesday, I painted up some Cowboys and Cowgirls. Was given an opportunity for some Dead Mans Hand if no opponent for BA showed, but seems I painted these folks up lastnight for nothing.. well.. not nothing, just that I could have focused on more SAS troops instead. All the models are from Black Scorpion miniatures.

And last, but not least, the entry model for the competition. Something for Curt to receive for running this great competition. He is my version of a risk taker.. someone who likes his Martini's shaken, and not stirred. Someone with a license to kill...

So there you have it.. 35 more models at the end of the line here.. not enough to get me to my target for the competition, but I think enough to get me back into the game a bit here.

Thanks again to Curt for running this, and hopefully in the next one I don't move house and can participate more properly!

Lovely work Kyle. I'm still really enjoying your diffused colours for the SAS and Canadians - it's subtle but quite eye-catching. 
Thank you very much for 007! He is a perfect example of both a gambler and risk taker. The sculpt is amazing as it even looks like Mr. Craig, and again I really like your minimalist approach to painting him. Lovely.
Here's to next time Kyle. With you in your new digs you should be able to come out swinging! :)


  1. Brilliant work Kyle. Your desert troops are really cracking :)

  2. The washed out look on the SAS and cowboys is great, a credit to any board.

  3. Quite a collection of beautifully painted figures here!

  4. You have got to love Black scorpion figures, I know I do! Nice tatty desert rats as well.

  5. I really like the desert figures, and that's a great choice for Curtgeld!

  6. Grand work, Kyle! The Curtgeld and cowboys are very nice, but I like your SAS troops more! They will add a distinctive flair to your bolt action games....and a good tally on your opponent too ! ;)

  7. Excellent painting! Like those cowboys and girls.