Sunday, 20 March 2016

From JamieM - more 30k.... And a confession(100 points)

I've always found deadlines to be very motivating. Hence after finding my output a bit patchy through the challenge I've had a real rush of activity towards the end.

These are inspired by GregB who commented that he'd hoped to get more done from his 30k pile through the challenge and I decided that I agreed and so the items I had put in the "I'll do these after the challenge" pile got promoted to these "get these done now as you don't know when you'll next pick up a paintbrush after the challenge" pile.

Firstly, 5 missile launchers from the Battle at Calth set again. GW/forgeworld did a great job of producing something in homage to the original RTB01 rogue trader marine set.

They're like the old ones, only better

Religious decals everywhere and Boulder shoulder pads.

The one thing my force was missing to be table legal was some leaders, so here are my two HQs

Both chaplains, as the Wordbearers do like them a bit of religious zealotry

One with a jump pack to accompany my jump marines and one on foot to accompany my large unit of foot

The one on foot can stand in for Erebus, one of the main characters in the Horus Heresy who first consorted with the chaos gods and dragged everyone down into the Heresy. The pets are from Battle of Calth and a limited edition 40k chaplain from the starter set with lots of conversions.

Having done all the things I "had" to do with regards troops units, it was time to move to the more esoteric units. So herewith find the Gal Vorbak.

These chaps have allowed daemons to possess them and "share" their bodies, so you can see the mutations and daemons busting out all over the place.

I'm not a huge fan of duplicate figures and as FW only produce 5 sculpts, I knew that I had to convert 5 to make them all unique. These are the original 5

And these are converted with arm swaps and heads and arms from across the Gw range

Not sure about scoring for these as they are on 40mm bases and are larger than marines, but not massively.

And a family shot

What's that? The confession I mentioned you say? Ah yes. I'd hoped you'd forgotten.....

In my last post I showed a converted Playmobil pirate ship and Curt commented that he had a boxed Roman colleseum in in his boot cupboard. Well, I'm ashamed to say that not only can I see your colleseum in my loft....

I can raise you anther one.

Yes, I have two...... No, I don't know why I thought I'd double up on something I hadn't gotten around to using. Your right Curt, it's a disease.... So the next time Sarah gets annoyed about that box, you can casually mention that you know someone with two. Reckon that'll help at all?

From Minion Tamsin:
Lovely paint jobs Jamie :)
I think that's 17 figures @ 28mm, which gives a base of 85 points. I'll add 15 points for the conversions and slightly larger figures.


  1. Amazing work Jamie! Great rush to the finish line!

  2. That's a lot of very nice work!

  3. Well, about that Playmobil Roman Colosseum ..... There is probably only one in a closet in our house, but there is a reason I DO NOT go into the "special" purpose built "lead shed". Some things are better left as unknown!

    1. Indeed - some secrets must not see the light of day...

    2. This reminds me, I need to get swipe-card access installed on that shed....

  4. Great work Jamie - well done. Which 30k figure shall I paint for you as payment for my defeat?

    1. The figure really is the icing on the cake as the challenge has spurred me to get this lot done. I'm dead keen to get a figure I can use on the tabletop and as the Wordbearers are where the majority of my time has been spent this challenge, I was thinking a Sons of Horus figure. Given the host of different legions fighting all over the place, I can imagine Horus sending staff members out to the other legions to "watch over" them and make sure they stay on message (and report back to Horus), so how about a sons of Horus chap who would be at home in a command squad or something? He can then take to the tabletop with my religious loons as Horus' eyes and ears. Plus I really do like the way you paint the SoH green! Feel free to amend the idea to something you'd like to do though.

    2. An "observer" from the Sons of Horus...I love it...I'll get cracking...

    3. That is a brilliant idea Jamie. A man inside. Somebody to make sure the team stays on track and on target. Horus for Hope! 'Lucious, is that a horn growing out of your forhead?' 'Erm, I'm told it's part of our new communications array...'

  5. Perfectly awesome, Jamie! ;) the old RT missile launchers are my favorite ones and those fellows are a treat. I don't care too much for the whole chaos spiky bits, but those mutated marines are very good as well. You did a great job on building and painting them! ;)

  6. Always nice to see some 30k stuff on here, especialy if it's such well painted stuff!