Sunday, 20 March 2016

From Millsy - Frostgrave Wights & Constructs (24 points)

I've had a lot of Real LifeTM stuff going on this year which has impacted my hobby time severely and left me mostly focusing on bonus round entries. Stuff like getting a new job (start tomorrow!) and doing all the layout and design for Blood Eagle. You know, just minor distractions...

I was determined to finish something before the clock ticked down though so I went for something simple but which I've wanted to start on for a while now - Frostgrave. I've managed a massive total of four miniatures worth a princely 24 points but what the hell, it's *something*.

The two big chaps are Reaper Bones plastics and in the 40mm tall category. In game terms they'll be either medium or large "constructs" i.e. golems. I'd previously painted these but the paint was tacky after literally months so I stripped them and repainted. Brushed acrylic undercoat seems fine and they're good to go this time.

The other two are a couple of spare Games Workshop wights which will act as whatever undead protagonists are required. I've stuck with a fairly limited and frosty palette and I quite like how they look. I might even do a few more. Shields will be added but  I can't find the ones I wanted and I *know* I've put them somewhere safe. Mostly safe from paint it seems.

All that remains for me to do then is to thank our host, the Snow Lord himself for his generosity, good humour and for letting me play in his sandpit once again. Lady Sarah also deserves special mention as she always does for being, well, Lady Sarah. You simply can't improve on that. Minioning was great fun and I've made some great new friendships and grown some others as a consequence. The best Challenge yet for me despite not reaching my total this year...

See you next time people!


From Minion Tamsin:
Aha! I get to adjudicate on a Millsy (is a GIMP) entry!
Beautiful work mate. That's a final 24 points (OK, there'll be some more from the last binus round, but you know what I mean!).
Now, everybody, repeat after me: "Millsy is a GIMP" *grin*


  1. You did a fantastic job this year Millsy. It was a real pleasure seeing all your work and let me tell you, it was stellar.

    These are top notch as well. You did a fantastic job in getting those BONES figures to pop like that. Well done!

    See you next year!!!!

  2. Great work all throughout the challenge! It was always exciting to see what you had come up with for the different bonus rounds!

  3. Herein lies the genius of my plan. My average point total has gone backwards this year so statistically speaking I no longer am the GIMP...

    1. yes but as you got on the podium for each bonus round "Gosh I Made Podium" will do...

    2. Sorry, Millsy, but Dave 'Sudan Death' Docherty has spoken!

  4. cracking last entry Millsy...

    now enjoy the first day in yoru new job too!

  5. Great work as always Millsy. Have a good first day on the job.

  6. You said on Saturday that you'd like to make a start on your Frostgrave collection; well, you're clearly a man of your word. Very nice work, Mr Mills!

    Thanks for your sterling work as the Thursday minion, you have done a splendid job of herding the assorted felines and getting them to jump through the hoops!

  7. Very nice Millsy and good luck with the new job!

  8. Impressive fellows, Millsy! I like the colors on the golems and the undead are looking very sharp even without their shields!
    I'll have to track you down so I can get the Catachan commander enroute to your AO too! ;)

  9. Ah, I was waiting for your descent into Frostgrave (better known here simply as 'Canada'). Those two constructs are fabulous and I really like your ice blue palette for this project - it somehow reminds me of the ice walkers in Game of Thrones. An excellent start.

    Thanks so much for your hard work and being such a booster for the Challenge. I knew you were pretty busy this season so I was delighted to see your sterling efforts in the Theme rounds (and placing for every one no less!). Congrats on your new job and I hope we can tee it up again next year.

  10. I really like the frost swords.

    Thanks for being my enabler!

  11. A fitting end to your challenge! You've produced some wonderful miniatures throughout the last few months.