Sunday, 20 March 2016

From IannickM: Il buono (Curtgeld)...and a disgusting Nurgle beast (27 Points)

Well, just in time here is my entry fee to Curt. The Man with no Name gambles his way and risks his life on numerous occasions in search of a fitsful of dollars and a tomb of gold through three awesome movies, culminating in the epic (and my favourite movie) The Good the Bad & the Ugly. Clint Eastwood just nails the character to perfection, and this is my little homage to one of the last true man's man. Yes, I have a man crush on Clint.

I painted the figure as closely as I could to the movie's poster, and I'm quite happy with how he came up. My only regret is that I was not able to reproduce the famous poncho's decorations. I was not happy with my first try, and time lacking I painted over it and went with a plain poncho. I hope Curt will manage to forgive me for this obvious lack of historical accuracy!

On a completely different style, I managed to finish painting a Nurgle beast for my Chaos army. The figure is from the Hell Dorado range and when I saw it I just knew it would work perfectly in my Nurgle force as a beast of Nurgle, the God of plague, despair, disease and death. The figure is basically a full 40mm of worms crawling over one another. Eurk. Disgusting, but oh so Nurgly! The figure was a pain to assemble though, with parts that didn't fit real well. I made it as if it just rose from a puddle of goo, and well, I think it looks how it is supposed to look!

So that's 7 pts + the points for the Curtgeld (it's late and I don't remember how much its worth, sorry!)

Finally, this hasn't been a very productive year for me, as I've been living in boxes and preparing to move in a few weeks. A busy week-end of house visits (we are selling our house) screwed with my last entry, a complete battalion of Baden Napoleonics, which are painted but not based. I thought of showing the unbased unit to get the points but I just can't do it! Roger and I at Murawski Miniatures are giving a complete Baden battalion as a prize this year, so hopefully when Curt announces the winner he will allow me to show the completed unit on this blog to show you exactly what you are winning!

A big thank you to Curt and the whole minions gang for making this challenge possible. I feel that this year I haven't participated as I usually do, in output and comments, and so I cannot wait for next year's challenge; I intend to make up for my lackluster 2015-2016 showing! 

Iannick both of these models are fabulous! First, thank you so much for the Man With No Name, he's just brilliant and true cinematic risk taker if I ever saw one. I quite like his pale blue shirt juxtaposed against his otherwise earth-tone clothing. A big thank you!

I must say that without a doubt that is one of the best Nurgle daemons I've ever seen. You usually see them done in green, pink and purple but this putrescent yellow is a terrific take on the theme. Well done Iannick!
Best of luck with your upcoming move - I know it's stressful but I'm sure you'll love your new digs. And yes, please send along some pics of your Napoleonic Baden battalion as it will be perfect for when I divvy out the prizes next week. Otherwise I look forward to having you with us next time out. Take care Iannick!


  1. That Nurgle beast is particularly good - the Hell Dorado miniature range was really nice (I have a big boxful of blister packs in the loft) so great to see that figure out there.

  2. Great work on Clint and the Nurgle goo! I love the yellow - it's just very pus-y and chaotic - a really great choice!

  3. Figures of me get everywhere! A very good version of me!

  4. That's a great Curtgeld, and a disgusting beast!

  5. A very spiffy replica of Clint, Iannick! You captured him really well! I like faded dusty browns on him with the blue shirt! I find u need a shower after seeing your nurgle model! GAH, my skin is crawling!