Sunday, 20 March 2016

From RossM: Final Entry for Challenge VI (87 Points)

Here are my second and final submissions for this year's challenge. The real challenge for me has been finding the time to spend on hobbies over the last 3 plus months. Not so easy with an 11 month old son. Still struggled on in the late hours of the night to deliver something towards my challenge total - falls short this time.

First up is a 1/72 or 20mm in scale SdKfz 223 from Frontline Wargaming. A simply assembled kit that has been painted with no camouflage unlike some of the previous armoured cars from this period.

Next are the Grav Sleds from Ground Zero Games shown without flight stands as these are proving to be a nightmare to glue in place. After much nashing of teeth and cursing I have opted to hold off on the stands.  Below is a remote Plasma Cannon to the front and two light gun sleds at the rear. All of these are 15mm in scale

Had a bit of bother getting clear focus on these figures probably a result of artificial light and tired eyes - its 2 AM in Scotland just now.

A pair of gun sleds - these seem small when compared to the Critical Mass figures however they have been refreshing to paint and there will be more on my blog throughout this year - hopefully.

Two scout sleds are below and these are the last of the sci-fi armour being shown. Again from Ground Zero Games.

Next up is a mortar section from Ground Zero Games New Israeli range. The figures are 15mm and are missing their command section - the stand was painted pre challenge and is in storage at present.

Lastly there are twenty-four 15mm Battlesuits from Critical Mass Games. Some figures just jump out at you and these are those. The colour scheme was a deliberate choice to distinguish these figures on the gaming table from other battle suits and also because the figures looked right in black from the very start.

Sadly, I ran out of the basing material I use for these with 3 stands left to texture. Still thought it worth while including them here so the unit looks complete.

That concludes my entry to this year's challenge and I have enjoyed the challenge again. I hope to be here next year and will be better prepared to achieve my pledge.

My Curtgeld figure is to follow shortly.

In terms of points I make this to be

1 x 20mm vehicle at 12 points = 12

1 x 15mm vehicles at 6 points each = 30

4 x 15mm crewed weapons at 4 each = 16

15 x 15mm infantry at 2 each = 20

9 x 15mm infantry at 1 (basing not completed) = 9

For a total of 87 points towards my final total.

Thanks for looking and looking forward to checking out everyone's final submissions later this week.


Great work Ross! The 222 is a nice little runabout (if I could only have a 20mm automatic cannon for mine). That being said I have to say that these GZG Israelis and battlesuits are awesome - I especially like the groundwork you've done for them. Excellent stuff! 
 Ross, it was good to see you out for the Challenge. I hope you join us for the next rendition. Cheers!


  1. What a great mixed bag to bow out on Ross - lovely work :)

  2. Nice way to go out! I do like those little battlesuits in particular, very menacing!

  3. I am sending a link to Tim at Frontline (one of my mates) I am sure he will love it!

    1. Just sent it I am sure he will be pleased.

    2. Cheers Clint, there are more on my blog from previous challenges.

      Cheers, Ross

  4. Thanks to everyone for their comments - all greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Ross

  5. Nice work, Ross! I really dig the Scifi armor and the power suit infantry do have a nice sinister look in the dark tones! ;)