Sunday, 20 March 2016

From FranL- 15mm Modern Black Forest Security.....(52 Points)

.........and M1151's from Khurasan Miniatures.

10 boys from the infamous Black Forest Security which is a private military company and infamous for trying to take out the A-Team!

The only criticism of the figures is that their heads are a little small, the Beetlejuice effect?

The M1151 Enhanced Armament Carrier is an improved version of the Humvee.

From Minion Dave
Fran continues to dazzle and feed the beast with another fine 15mm entry. That looks like a meaty piece of machinery or two Fran. As for the security team .. they look like they want thier cake and eat it... or is it a Gateaux - I will get my coat ...

This entry put you in touching distance of twice the ponts of the rascal Roussell... twice the bragging rights - well done Fran


  1. Gee these look good, Hummvee's are great. Black ops operations coming up.

  2. These look great. They tried to take out the A-team? I pity the fools who try to do that!

  3. You've really put the paint to the brush the last couple weeks Fran! Another great entry!


  4. The Beetlejuice Effect or are they proto Space Marines for 40K?

    Nice work again Fran :)

  5. Twice the points, I think that counts as skunking in Cribbage doesn't it? Well done on the moderns again Fran.

  6. Great one, but are we ever going to see the A-team themselves as well? Now that would be great!

  7. Nice job Fran. You're a painting machine!!

  8. Nice job on the lot, Fran!
    Besides the small noggins, they do look the business, I like the hummers...I've spent a lot of time in those and may be one of the few in uniform to have been in all the varients. The up-armor is my fav and this beastie is fast! ;)

  9. Wearing your brush down to a nub in the cause of ever-greater scores! Nice work, Fran!