Sunday, 20 March 2016

JamieM - The last of the Wordbearers (50 Points)

As the title says, these are the last of my 30k Wordbearers legion infantry that I own (at the moment).

These are the Ashen Circle, winner of the most zealous zealots for the last 573 years. They are the chaps sent forward to  wreck the cathedrals and holy places of the worlds the legion has been sent to "bring into compliance".

Fairly simple paint job, which was nice, as the detail is all etched into the armour, so no need for decals.

It's been a blast being in the Challenge. I've got a metric tonne of painting done (that's the correct measurement gauge for painting, right?) and have seen some great paintwork from others and learned a great deal about what miniatures are out there to tempt me..... Bizarrely, I've spent less in the last three months than normal on figures, almost nothing in fact. I think it's mainly due to me actually taking a really good look at the stuff in my pile to work out what to paint and that reminded me about all the good things I previously bought to paint.

Thanks to Curt and his faithful minions for running this again as I can only imagine how much hard work it is and I hope to be back next year to dig into all the new things I'm now going to go out and buy!
Wow, those are a LOT of turbofans! There's probably not a pidgeon within miles with these guys around. Seriously, these guys look fantastic Jamie. I really like the bare metallics against the deep red in your colour scheme. 

It was super to have you with us Jamie. I really enjoyed your 30K duel with Greg (I know he did as well) and I look forward to us getting together for another bash at it next winter.


  1. Nice work Jamie! :)

    I hope you'll join us again for the festivities next time :)

  2. What a nasty looking bunch! Well painted and the weapons on some of them really do look scary!

  3. Very nice Jamie! Great stuff.

  4. I like the comment... " that I own (at the moment)." I hope that means we will be treated to more in the future, maybe next challenge! (My fingers are crossed as I do hope so)

  5. Love the assault marines, Jamie! They do look the business and I do like the old style jumpacks way more than the newer ones. I like the contrast with the blood red and metal on them too! ;)