Sunday, 20 March 2016

From MarkG - Final submission - Irish and Coldstream Guards' tanks, and PIAT team (75 Points)

So my final submission begins with a troop of 3 Sherman tanks. These represent the Irish Guards during Operation Market Garden. All are plastic kits from Warlord games, and are very nice indeed, easy to assemble and a joy to paint.

Next up is a Churchill Mark VII Infantry tank. Painted to represent the Coldstream Guards. The kit is resin from Warlord games. A bit fiddly to put together, but again it paints up very well. 

Finally a PIAT team from Warlord Games' late war British. Again the figures are well cast and paint up nicely.

All figures and tanks are 28mm. This ends the Challenge for me. I've fallen a fair bit before my target total, though I did think a few days back that I might not actually get anything done this year.

Below you can see the carnage of half finished Japanese and British for the Burma Campaign (soon to be finished, but too late for the Challenge).

Hopefully I can make a bigger effort if I participate next year. Anyway, it's been fun.

Your Shermans look very nice and the Churchill does as well. I've heard some hit and miss reviews on the WWII stuff from Warlord so it's good to read that you've had a good experience with them. 

I'm delighted you managed to carve out some time to join us, Mark, as it's always a pleasure to see your work. Also, thank you for your prize support this year - your generosity is very much appreciated. Until next year!


  1. Nice stuff Mark. Obviously we have a stealth Churchill!

  2. Nice work - I look forward to seeing the Churchill when the pics get posted! :)

  3. The dirt on the tanks looks well grimed in! Very nice.

  4. Nice weathering on the Tanks, Mark! They look well used! It's a shame you didn't get your Burma stuff completed, but it looks to be a very good start on them! ;)