Sunday, 20 March 2016

From StephenS - British Regulars and Kriegsmarines (70 Points)

First up are five British Regulars that are part of a force being painted up for Muskets and Tomahawks. The sight of a British redcoat in films or pictures has always fired my imagination, probably a side effect of having an Englishman for a father. But I have never painted one until now.

These miniatures are from Conquest Miniatures and now sold through Warlord Games. The yellow facing indicates they are from the 44th Regiment of Foot, which fought in a number of engagements in the French and Indian war of 1754-1763.

The standard bearer carries the 44th Regiment of Foot's King's Colour. It is a paper banner that came in the box, which I have painted over to add a little more depth.

Next up are the rest of the Kriegsmarine squad, whose commander I painted up for the nautical challenge. They certainly won't be adding much in the way of fighting strength to my German force, but will definitely add a lot of character.

All up that is fourteen, 28 mm figures which should be 70 points.

This is my final entry for the challenge, thanks to everyone for making my first effort at this endeavour such a pleasure. I have certainly made a dent in my lead pile, but not too much of one, I wouldn't want to actually run out of models to paint!

Thanks again to Curt and the moderators for putting on such a great show!



From Minion Dave
A cracking final entry Steve- those recoats are indeed a sight to stir the soul.. great work. The Kreigsmarine agian add another wonderful dimension , and good to see some less usual lads getting the light of day - I really like the colour combinations. I think some of those could also serve for VBCW as well. 

Glad you enjoyed your first outing to challenge - and good to see a lead pile dented - always good to have a "valid" excuse for a top up. This entry takes you over your challenge target as well - congratulations . Thanks again- and see you next time


  1. Great painting and love the Kriegsmarines.

  2. I do like the two forces together - one in camo and one in exactly the opposite! Redcoats look great, the red and yellow look grand.

  3. Lovely work Stephen. Glad you enjoyed your first Challenge :)

  4. Stunning last entry! Well done.

  5. Steve, it is great to see some Lace Wars figures in the challenge, I like those a lot. And those sailors have a lot of character to them.

  6. Both groups are very nice, but the Redcoats are my favourites!

  7. Nice work, Stephen! I like the kriegmarine for the unusual unit and mixture of gear, but the red coats are from my favorite company and period. They look really sharp and that red is nice and vibrant! ;)

  8. The Kriegsmarine lads get my vote for niche interest alone, and the paint job is superb. Well done, Steve!

  9. I really like the redcoats!