Saturday, 16 February 2019

From PaulO'G: African Hunting Party (50 points)

Having enjoyed an introductory game of Congo a few weeks past, I thought I would pay some attention to some long neglected figures in the lead pile to start my own White Explorer force.  This is my initial Hunting Party, comprising 2 Big Game Hunters, 3 Askari Guards, and 5 Bearers/Servants:

AFter a bunch of my submission have taken much longer to finish than anticipated, I challenged myself to do these rapidly and got them done over an aggregated 3 evenings. Unfortunately, they are a bit grainy - likely it was too hot when I applied the undercoat (its been a stinking hot summer here in Sydney). Still, they are good enough for the Congo methinks
Figures by the lesser known Askari mini:
Thats ten 28mm figs for 50 points Bwana!

JamieM - now these are very nice indeed.  Congo is one of those games that looks like a bunch of fun and I keep being tempted to get it...... and then I look at all the other rulebooks on my shelf and take it out of my virtual internet basket!

These have come out wonderfully and the natty red hats really set them up nicely - 50 points as you say.


  1. Nice work Paul, and great to see a lesser known historical manufacturer. I’ve browsed Askaris site with thoughts of Italians in Somaliland.

  2. Very nice Askaris, Paul - and I sympathise with you over the whole undercoating problem!

  3. Lovely Askaris,you can't wack a fez!
    Best Iain

  4. Very nice indeed, the blue turban really pops out!

  5. The only thing that‘s better than a fez is a couple of fezes! Very well done.

  6. Very nice, I'll have to give this game a go sometime.

  7. Great looking figures. The Scramble for Africa is one of those periods I'm always tempted by. I'll have to take a look at Askari's site.

  8. Lovely work Paul on some very characterful figures.


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