Sunday, 13 March 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Crusties Cavalry (16 points)

Another teensy-weensy entry for today - just four more Crusties; this time not armoured but mounted. As before, the figures are from GZG.

The shells of the Crusties were done by painting a base colour (Middlestone, Iraqi Sand, Medium Grey or Tan Earth) followed by a sepia wash. Their crustacean mounts had a basecoat of Khaki for the the fleshy parts, the upper shell is Hull Red spotted with Saddle Brown, the shell on the legs and arms are Saddle brown dotted with Hull Red; the whole bug was then washed with sepia. To finish, the whole was given a coat of satin varnish, apart from the sting which got a coat of gloss varnish.

Some close-ups:

For points, four 15mm cavalry = 16 points.

These alien cavalry figures are very, very cool Tamsin. I really like the mottled brown of the mounts' shell carapace set against the vibrant colours of the riders' saddles and their weaponry. The basing, like your previous infantry in this series, is excellent as well. It reminds me of a beach where the tidal wash has just receded. Lovely work.