Monday, 2 December 2019

Come Adventure on Challenge Island!

Hi All!

Today I introduce Challenge X participants to the arcane mysteries and two-fisted adventures awaiting participants on 'Challenge Island'!

The Basic Rules

1) Everyone will begin their Challenge Island adventure by choosing one of the following locations for their start:
- Any of the four shore locations ('Docherty's Dock', 'Fran's Fijord', 'Reidy's Reef' or 'Sander' Sand Dunes') 
- 'Awdry's Atoll', 
- 'Douglas' Shallows'  
- and finally, 'Sarah's Balloon'.

2) Each location on the island map will have a hobby task associated with it that will need to be completed in order to claim is as being explored and to move on to the next location on the path.

3) Completing a location's hobby task awards participants 30 points, plus the usual submission points and any bonuses awarded by the Minion of the Day.

4) Each location 'hobby task' requires its own unique submission on it's own day. So you cannot submit a single entry that has the requirements for, say, 3 locations within it. Nor can you submit within a single day multiple submissions for several locations. In another words, allow us all to enjoy your adventure through the island in a grand, stately manner.

5) Sarah's Balloon allows participants to move about the island freely, but there is a fee attached (see below).

6) SnowLord's Peak (where 'X Marks the Spot') can only be accessed when 5 locations have been completed. 

7) Very Important: As stipulated in the original Challenge announcement, each Challenger is required to paint a figure/model that will be awarded as a prize to an adventurer who completes the final task on SnowLord's Peak. You can paint for a specific person if you wish, just let Curt know and he will make note of it. Of course, we anticipate everyone to enter their prize figure as a regular submission which will give them a 25 bonus points. All prize figures must be completed and submitted for scoring during the first month of the Challenge.


Below are all the locations and their associated hobby tasks.

The Path of Imagination

Fran's Fjord

The lord of all things 15mm demands you to paint a 15mm figure or vignette that depicts a sci-fi or imagi-nation subject. Loyal troops from Franonia, dastardly dupes of Rayonia, Zombies, Robots(!), really the sky's the limit. Impress the Man with a Plan from Ireland.


Bromley's Butte

Recon, Surveillance, Target Acquisition (RSTA) was my first job in the the infantry and is still the most exciting and best experiences I've ever had. A job held by small teams of light infantry and scout snipers that are experts on stealth and stalking. Moving unseen, hidden when halted, and deft with all infantry skills as well as radio and camera use. Some of the best are are hunters, native born tribesman, like Tommy Prince. 
In homage to the light infantry, skirmishers and recon: 
An individual figure or squad of tactical stealth troopers. Any period, any scale, extra 5 points for hiding a warpaint Amer-Indian in a Napoleonic regiment. :)

Piper's Peak

Tamsin would like you to paint anything that is (or could be): 
i) associated with mountains; or
ii) taking a look (a peek); or
iii) displaying anger ('a fit of pique')
(Or a cheeky airline stewardess - ed.)

Roundwood's Tower

In this location, you will need to paint or create one or more figures or vehicles, item of terrain or aircraft, which are based on an alternative view of history or based on changing the story in your chosen work of fiction. So you might be painting figures from the Roman invasion of Ireland, or an ‘imagi-nation’ which fought Frederick the Great in India, or Black Numenoreans chasing Frodo across The Dead Marshes…. Its a chance to tweak history, weave through time, change the past to fit your imagination - and, please, feel free to add your backstory!

The Path of History

Sander's Sand Dunes

Picture yourself in a time machine taking you to different times and dimensions with the only binding factor being the colour RED. Here are a few ideas: 
A slight breeze ripples the red banners hung below the shining gold eagles. Cohorts of heavily armoured warriors are landed on a beach overlooked by the white cliff's gaze...


Arrows thud on red lacquered leather armour, as wave upon wave of red back- banners bearing a yellow mon, flutter in the wind.


Around the Heritor's neck a bright red glow emanates from a big red jewel set in a silver necklace. From the moment he stepped on these distant shores, the Heritor felt the stone drag him into the islands interior towards the lonely peak jutting up from the jungle.


A red sun rises over the glittering waves revealing a solid wall made of Heart of Oak. The small nimble fleet awaits the ever closing armade opposite it.


Rank upon rank of redcoated soldiers disembark from flatbottomed craft onto the rivershore. Slowly but steadily they pick their way up the steep ridge onto the plain where their enemy waits below a white banner carrying the Fleur de Lis.

The surf turned red with the blood spilt by the masses of kakhi and olive drab clad soldiers storming a beach scoured by hails of lead and iron. The chatter of cannon and machineguns deafening them as they traverse the sandy dunes.


Enormous dust-plumes tower above the white sands. A roaring of engines and explosions precedes the speeding buggies racing dong the length of the beach. From the black and white clouds a primeval roar ascends it's way to the gods:"RED UNS GO FASTA!" 

Millsy's Millpond

Paint one or more miniatures from prior to 2000, any genre, any scale. Bonus 10 points if the mini(s) are pre-1990 or bonus 20 points if pre-1980. Extra 10 points if you can provide a backstory on how and where you acquired the mini(s) e.g. I originally bought these to play original D&D back when I was a kid.

Benito's Brook

A figure or vignette related to some brave feat of arms, almost hopeless against impossible odds.
A few ideas: A forlorn hope. A heroes assaulting a bunker, trench or fortified position single handed. A wounded soldier covering the retreat of his brothers-in-arms. The last Spanish Tercio square surrounded at Rocroi. The last stand of the Old Guard at Waterloo.


O'Grady's Gulch

Over the years I have enjoyed seeing others paint and donate models for others. It inspired me to do the same and it was most enjoyable. So, paint a miniature or piece of terrain for a friend (does not have to be a fellow Challenger).

Path of the Forgotten

Docherty's Dock

Hmm, Docherty's Dock... Sounds vaguely nautical. How about something with ships... No wait, better yet: 'Ships of the Desert'!!! 
Yes, paint a figure or vignette which includes a camel. 5 points extra if it has either (or both) Corporal Millsy and Major Docherty in the mix.

Cook's Crevase

Entries must have a geology theme. This can be any figure armed with a rock or rock throwing device, any miner or engineer type, or any figure on a rock and (not just soil, grass or sand base). Will also accept dinosaurs and stone Golems.

Hawkins' Hill

Ah, those poor forgotten miniatures. Here's one for you: Submit something you prepared for Challenge 7 or earlier (or something from at least three years ago if you weren’t a Challenger at that time). 

Path of the New Shiny

Reidy's Reef

“Reidy’s Reef” is world renowned for its tranquil beauty and awe inspiring aqua-scapes. Dammit, it’s almost as impressive as it’s namesake. However, the seas can churn into an angry abyss for any hapless land lubbers or those prone to math errors. The only known way to traverse this sea is to paint up a miniature with a nautical theme, be it boat, fish, sailor/pirate or aquatic terrain. Bonus points will be awarded if this is a new project for you, or that the motive power of the model(s) is provided by sails.

Burch's Bluff

From Burch's Bluff, we see far into the future - 30,000 years or so, in fact! To clear the Bluff, a Challenger must complete a submission set amid the great, galaxy-spanning civil war known as the Horus Heresy. Paint a mighty Legion Space Marine, or a lowly Solar Auxiliary.  Paint a terrifying vehicle, or a chunk of terrain. A Titan, or a servitor. It might in 28mm, or 10mm or 6mm. It might serve Horus, or remain loyal to The Emperor. It need not be a model from the evil empire itself - maybe you have found a 15mm proxy to depict Horus Lupercal's crafty public relations consultant. Just paint a submission that will fit amid the Warhammer 30k setting, and provide a creative explanation of how and why.

Mudry's Mesa

Any figure bought because of someone else's submission last year (must include a link to last years submission and what drew you to it). Or, any figure bought AFTER the Challenge was announced (very shiny and new).


Rousell's Sandhill

Sandbags, Badgers or Donnybrook? 
I suppose I'm pretty well known for these three things in the Challenge, so which one should I pick? How about all three!
I'm keeping this pretty simple, all I want to see is a Floppy hatted figure. By Floppy hat I mean an unformed tricorn. The Donnybrook rules cover the period 1660-1760, but I'm knocking off the last 61 years! So this Floppy hatted fellow will need to be from 1660 to 1699. There are plenty of wars to choose from in this timeline, check out this Wikipedia link.
Most of these you've never heard of? Come on, you must know of The Child's War, or The Dusseldorf Cow War (where the only casualties were two civilians and a herd of cows!!!) 
I'd also like your figure, male or female to be named (a pi$$ take on any other Challenger preferred of course!) and also come with a little written account of their exploits in love and war. (Just a few sentences, I'm not after War & Peace!) 
So that's it.........Happy Painting! 
P.S. Five (5) extra Bonus points each if the base includes a badger and sandbags! Sorry, I just couldn't resist... 

The Outliers

Awdry's Atoll

For me the challenge, and laterally the bonus rounds was always about having fun, often scratching a creative itch. Weaving a narrative through an idea was always the goal and in order to best compose these frivolities I would often start with a blank CD or DVD. Given the geographical alliteration, Awdry's Atoll, I am proposing as my challenge a Desert Island Disc! I would like to see all manner of creativeness, command stands or even terrain pieces that start life with the humble CD or DVD. (If proving difficult to obtain then any circular basing material of a 120mm diameter will suffice.)

Douglas' Shallows

Messing About With Boats
As Ratty says to Mole “there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boat”. Prior to moving as far away from an ocean as humanly possible (don’t ask), I spent many summer days messing about in boats, either in my native Halifax, or with my dada about the Solent and the Breton and Norman coasts. This hobby task is to do some messing about with boats – I’ll leave it you to decide what kind of boat or what constitutes messing about.

Sarah's Balloon

Lady Sarah, adventuress and aeronaut is exploring Challenge Island from the heights of her hot air balloon. 
With her keen powers of observation, Lady Sarah will land her air ship on any point of the map and assist the Challengers to any other geographic location on the map. 
Lady Sarah can be summoned by challengers through the painting of a female figure and then flown to their destination of choice. You can book as many trips as you like, at a female figure per trip. 
Figure must be painted, posted to the blog and the next destination declared to the minion before the challenger is “moved “ on the map board.  
Fun fact: It is traditional to have a glass of champagne after a balloon ride * .... break out the bubbly, include the evidence in the photo with your submission and gain an extra 5 points! ** 
Of course figures painted to summon Lady Sarah’s Balloon will also be considered for “Sarah’s Choice”, the most coveted of Challenge Prizes.

*When hot air ballooning became popular in France, the farmers who owned the land where the balloons set down were afraid of them because, with their smoke and fire they resembled dragons. To keep the farmers happy, pilots offered them champagne, and this is where the tradition of after flight champagne was born. (courtesy of Baileys Balloons, UK)

** Knowing that champagne may not be to everyone’s taste, so Lady Sarah will accept both sparkling wines and sparkling ciders.(including non-alcoholic).


SnowLord's Peak

Those hearty souls who ultimately make it to the summit of SnowLord's Peak, 'where X marks the spot', will have a final devilish task crafted by the SnowLord himself. Once this is achieved they will claim their Challenge Island prize!

Thus the mysteries of Challenge Island have been revealed. Now, all you have to do is to begin charting your hobby adventure, accrue your necessary supplies and set off with your porters with brush, and paint in hand. 

I look forward to seeing you on the summit of SnowLord's Peak, where, you guessed it:  'X Marks the Spot!' 

- Curt