Wednesday, 7 March 2018

From AdamC - A small collection of Bones (20 points)

This week I present a mixed collection of Bones figures worked on as I was doing other projects (as described last week) 

First up we have the Kung Fu Girl.  The yellow colour was selected when too much spilled out of the bottle. That said I am very happy with the look. 

 The colour combination reminds me of Bruce Lee's yellow and black jump suit in Enter the Dragon.

Next we have a Norse inspired warrior .  The gear and outfit are surprisingly good and I have given serious thought to hacking off those horns and using him for saga.  I might use him for Saga any way. 

There are lots of little rune details on the hem of the tunic that look great but didn't photograph too well. 

 Two of Wild West Dorothy's companions the "Tin" Man and the "Lion"  I did the tin man in metallic colours a great metallic blue, copper, bronze silver and black. I wanted to make it look like he had been repaid over time with parts that didn't quite match the original design.  The Lion is a great looking figure He's got a bit of Hell Boy look with his gauntlet and I added the big knife from one of the Bones weapons spruce because I felt the character need something.  He looked to confident for a Cowardly Lion.  Now he looks like he's an over compensating Lion.

 Both of these guys painted up great and I should get use out of the Tin Man in Frostgrave as a golem and the Lion will be great for wild west, Steampunk and Victorian Science Fiction. These guys should add another 20 points to the pile


Love the Karate girl, i thought shes like The Bride (Uma) from Kill Bill in that yellow! Nice Viking and a very nice chopper, that sure is a big one!!!
Snazzy painting on the Tin Man, I like the metallic blue you used. I used to have a bike that colour many moons ago. I spayed it myself Hawaiian Blue it was called!! 

20 Points!!!!

From DaveD - The next new project - US Army ETO - Armor (well armour in real English) - 24 points

Hi all , what I hear - another new project - well you can blame fellow challenger JamesM for this one. He has been treating our local group to a series of wonderful games set in Normandy '44 with his British and Germans . Its inspired me kick off a "small" (honest) side project to build a suitable  American force. I am actually pleased in that this is a step back to my early war gaming roots as a teenager, where one of my first armies was a US one. It was made up of Airfix, Esci and Matchbox figures and model tanks - some of which are still doing venerable service with the person I sold them on to!

So here we have 15mm Plastic Soldier Shermans and Battlefront M10 Tank Destroyers. I always enjoy doing tanks - these are a nice size for detail and weathering etc. There would have been a lot more this week if my delivery of extra bits for them had not been snow bound - I am still waiting for the missing water slide transfers to turn up!

4 X 15mm tanks - 24 points

We holiday in Normandy frequently and regularly drive the route the US forces took to Avranches so I will be exploring some of the battles of the break out - terrain stuff is on order 

And of course - you can't beat the classic tune to Kellys Heroes- but will Private Millsy turn up as Oddball?

Artist - Mike Curb Congregation
Song - Burning Bridges 

From Ray

Excellent brushwork Dave! They do look the biz! I wondered how long and who James' wonderful WWII figures would inspire to get into WWII. I didn't think it'd be the great Camelboy of the north!
I've gotta admit, I've been sorely tempted myself. I've even gone so far as to plan a smallish purchase, I was looking at Early War Dutch and Germans?????  Will this daft project ever get off the ground........

24 points!!!!

From TomM: Dulle Griet and more Pinkies (85 points)

The next model I completed from the line of Crisis entry figures to kick off this weeks entry of mix and match figures, we have De Dulle Griet.

She was the first "non real" person that was released for the range, as she is based on the figure from the painting by Pieter Breughel de Oude from 1561.

The figure is a woman whom behaves as a man, focused on greed.  She marches to war against the setting of hell where all the sins run rampant.

The model was the 5th entry figure made for our wargame show, and was the 2009 entry figure as such, once again sculpted by Paul Hicks, who would do all our models except the very first two... which you`ll find on my blog at later dates as I get around to paint them :-).

But of course, I did some more models this week from a variety of ranges and sources.  Now to be honest, for me my challenge is slowly dwindling down, as I long reached my objective, and in large thanks to the bonus round points probably even end up doubling it.  So that means the past week I`ve been working with foams and hot glue guns to work on some cosplay gear instead...

Never the less, most of the things I painted this week have been for completing units, like some more Mutant Rabble with their squad leader, to serve in my Heretical Guard force.  Together with those 4 from the previous round, this makes the first 10 man squad of the little side project, which only goal is actually to put a bright pink Leman Russ tank on the table and enjoy the hibbiejibbies out of opposing Astra Militarum opponents.  The models are simple weapon swap conversions of poxwalkers, with bolt pistols added (though they count as autopistols ingame).

I also began the process of 'filling out' some of my squads to their 10 man number, an amount I find the most flexible (for Marines forces) on the table, so some odd and end blokes join my collection this week.

Next up in this pink assault are two more Noise Marines, allowing me to field the 3 guys I already did for the bonus round music now on the table as a true, albeit minimal, 5 man squad, ready to be expanded on over time.

Talking about expanding bonus rounds, I did the remaining 5 daemonettes of Slaanesh from the Monstrous round as well this week, as I didn't get them finished in time for the actual bonus round.

So that means for this weeks total, I have:

Dulle Griet 1x 28mm = 5 points
Heretic Marines 3 x 28mm = 15 points
Noise Marines 2 x 28mm = 10 points
Rabble 6 x 28mm = 30 points
Daemonettes 5 x 28mm = 25 points

For a modest total this time round for 85 points

Yups, that's a lot of pink again for this week, now as we are going for the push for the final "regular" week entry next wednesday (how does time fly when you're having fun!) I'm going to try and reach that final stint to the 1500 points total... time to fire up those brushes!

From Ray

Yep you are right....that's a lot of pink loveliness once again Tom. Although my favourite is the Dulle Griet figure. What a fantastic pose which is superbly painted I might add! I never even knew this wonderful figure existed?

I agree with your Math skills, this has indeed earned you 85 points.

From LeeH - 24th Foot in Skirmish Order (48 Points)

As promised (foolishly) a few weeks ago I have been painting the same six companies of Infantry in march order, line and now in skirmish order. This should give the British player a lot of flexibility with his troops and also means I can scale games down to quite small, single company actions if a scenario demanded it.

Each company consisted of 16 figures which I have now split into four bases of four infantry. These can be placed touching each other to form a skirmish line which has double the frontage of a formed company or with a gap between each base to represent an extended line.

I have now painted pretty much all my British figures so I think, for now, that's the last of my Anglo Zulu War project for this challenge. 

Infantry company in four formations: Marching, Formed Line,
Skirmish, Extended Order

Its not my last entry though... I have a few 'special' entries for my parting shot and the field is wide open with regards to scale and theme, so watch this space...

From Ray

What's this? Two posts in 1 day Mr Hadley???
Excellent brushwork you mad man you!!!! I still can't believe, you've painted the same unit all those time!! But they do look pretty cool!
96 figures x .5 = 48 points!!

From Barks: New Necromunda terrain (60 points)

So, I got sucked in by the new Necromunda. The 2017 re-release contains nine 12"x12" double-sided boards with some very evocative artwork. They have walls marked on them, but lack a certain je ne sais quoi. After adding some walls, however:
Can you see the Monstrous theme round tentacle?

At CanCon this year, I picked up the MDF "Sci-fi Undercity Set" from Battlefield Accessories, which just happens to contain enough walls and columns to perfectly fit these card tiles. It contains 26 columns, 25 short walls and 12 medium walls. They're 3" tall. Each wall is made of six pieces of MDF with some light detailing on the ends and top, and two pieces of card panelling which really help them 'pop'. The columns are six pieces of MDF, with a card topper to add some detailing. The walls simply slot against the columns. I assembled them with PVA and the assistance of The Skirt Swisher, then sprayed them black and gave them a light metallic overspray. The magic ingredient is Woodland Scenics Burnt Umber wash, followed by some heavy orange stippling.
MDF sheets- oh, the smell!

Card panels

Cultists with columns, medium and short walls.

I'm really happy with the outcome. The board is much more interesting, and I think it gives a different challenge to the traditional Necromunda of perilous gantryways. The boards can also be offset by 6" for more variety whilst maintaining continuity.

Necromunda also comes with a dozen hasty barricades, which I painted the same way.
Some of the barricades

Finally, there is an initiative marker which has a Skull-o-meter reading of 1.
Initiative marker

As I said, I'm very happy with these. GW has released variant boards with hazardous features, and if I get more walls I can make a 4x4 board. I plan to detail some of the walls with vents, and convert some to rubble. I'm also looking at getting some MDF doors, which I'd love to paint with iconic hazard stripes.

I've conveniently calculated the terrain points for Ray: here they are measuring 12x12x5 of your imperial inches, which, when compared to the Standard Terrain Cube gives 66 points. This may get me perilously close to my target!
Ray calculates terrain points

4 x(STC) x5 /6
From Ray

Now that is a rather tasty bit of kit Sir!! I don't know a lot about Necromuda ( wasn't they Vin Deisel's pals in the Chronicles of Riddick?) or their terrain, but it does look rather spiffing if you ask me! Love the way you've painted the rust, it looks so effective!!
Top marks all around........and as for the points........I'm not quite sure how you came to 66 points? I made it around 56, so I'll top it up to 60 points for all the effect and excellent looking rust!

From LeeH - Imperial Mounted Infantry (7 Points)

The 1st Imperial Mounted Infantry (IMI) were an ad-hoc unit made up from troops of four different infantry regiments (the 3rd, 13th, 24th, and 80th). This proved valuable as all the men had experience as a regular foot soldier which made them a more versatile as a scouting and skirmishing force. There were two IMI squadrons, each consisting of 150 men, NCO's and other ranks. 2nd Squadron was attached to 1 Column under Wood with 1st Squadron commanded by Lt Col Russell was part of 3 Column under Glyn.

On 22nd January all the 1st Squadrons officers and 80 Other ranks were attached to Lord Chelmsford's force, leaving just 31 men (1 troop) at the Isandlwana camp. Its unclear from what I have read if these 31 men were a single troop or men from each of the four troops that were excused duty for various reasons. If they were left at Isandlwana for medical reasons then they were extremely unlucky. Whatever the reason for them being left at the camp the IMI acquitted themselves well during the battle and were able to give covering fire to the retreating British troops. Only 11 of the 31 survived the massacre and probably only because they were able to reach their horses and effect an escape.

Typically the IMI were armed with Henry-Martini rifles like the majority of British forces in the war however I have read that in January 1879 they were armed with Carbines.  They retained their foreign-service helmets and red regimental tunics, but were issued with brown Bedford cord breeches, riding boots and a brown leather ammunition bandoleer. They retained their white haversacks and water-bottles but discarded the rest of their valise equipment while on mounted service. As the name suggests, the mounted infantry invariably dismounted to fight, with one man in four was designated as a horse-holder.

I have painted just the unfortunate Troop of 1st Squadron left behind at the camp. I have also made up an NCO command stand (all the senior officers were with the rest of the squadron). I have also used some spare infantry figures to make up the same unit as a dismounted skirmish unit. Five mounted figures and 4 foot will earn me a whopping 7 points!

From Ray

Splendid stuff ol' chap!!! Love the detail you seem to dig out of these tiny figures.
It breaks my heart to only give you 7 points for these!!!!
I must admit (have I said this before?) that I've enjoyed you Zulu adventure this year. And I can't wait for a game! It better be good!!!

From JohnM: More The Affliction (20 Points)

Nine more figures from Folklore: The Affliction box set. I have only 5 more left to paint. I have again gone with bright colours. They are nice figures to paint aside from the faces as on some of the figures the sculpting of the faces is quite soft.

I am experimenting with a black backdrop here. It is a real challenge, as to keep the background black, I have to crank down the exposure and have to avoid using a lot of light. I am using my iPhone as oddly enough I find the quality better than my fancy camera and I can edit the photo to a certain degree on my phone. I also like the airdrop feature. I am having some problems with the lighting as you can see the left most figure in the bottom photo is a little washed out.

I like a white back drop as I find it easier to get the exposure correct, but my last submission to the challenge this year really will require a black backdrop so it is good to get some practice in. If any one has any advice to give I would appreciate it.

Moon Priests and Stregas

Some Vampires


I painted the Vampires and Gargoyles before the challenge so I can only claim 20 points here. I had forgotten to photograph and post them so I thought it would be OK to add them here. 

From Ray

A nice little collection of figures John. I like the bright and bold colours you've used. Is it me or do the vampires look like the Vampire from the old Salem's Lot, David Soul TV show? 
I do like the Gargoyles, shame you painted them before the Challenge.

20 very colourful points heading your way John.


What Cartman says above!!
I can't believe we've entered the last 2 weeks of the Challenge already?
Where the hell did all that time go?
Why haven't I painted everything I wanted too?
Will I actually get another entry in?

Sandbags anyone??