Thursday, 10 January 2019

From DaveS: Send in the Cavalry (60pts)

So, having painted an unreasonable number of archers and billmen recently, I have decided that the next thing to do was to take a break and paint something a little different.
I've had the Perry Light Cavalry box for a while, and I had already made them as Hobilars for my War of the Roses army.  While I had previously tried painting the base colour on the horses (it was the second thing I tried using an airbrush for, and it was a disaster), I undercoated the whole lot and started again.

These are part of the Green and White retinue, which is intended to be for Henry VII.  Unfortunately, it turns out that the correct order when building a historical army is 1- Do research, then 2- Paint models.  If you do it the other way, you get "issues"

In this case, issues is that the Duke's of Buckingham (Red and Black) were all dead by the time that Henry VII landed in England.  By about 2 years!  My choice were to either repaint, or find an alternative.  In this case, it seems that Buckingham's rebellion, which ended in his death, was reinforced by Henry, landing as he hoped in 1483 instead of 1485.  It's a stretch, but it makes me comfortable, and avoids repainting models.

So, the models were painted in the same fashion as the infantry.  Nothing unusual, except that I am now better, and was able to apply the base colour to the horses with the airbrush without trouble this time.

6 Mounted models at 10pts each gives me another 60 points I think.

Coming up next, the last of the retinue blocks of Billmen, and a cannon


Lovely looking hobilars! 60 points is spot on and if possible could we have a photo of the whole army next time out? Very nice!

All the best Iain

From NickJ: Chaos Warhounds Part 1 (75 Points)

Once upon a dream that one day I'll agree a paint scheme with myself and stick to it...

Here then are 15 Chaos Warhounds; a lovely fast unit for the Beasts of Chaos faction.

And Woof to you to!
There are two issues with the above squad.

1) They were supposed to be ready for last Thursday
2) There are supposed to be 30 of them

I ended up adding extra coats of wash to the skin so there are 5 layers of various paints on each dog's skin. On top of that I opted to make the drybrushing on the fur as complicated as possible by adding in a coat of blue wash part way through - so 4 coats in the end on the fur. And don't get me started on the bone colour for the horns, hooves etc...

And I even painted their eyes a nice shade of red. No I've no idea why I chose to do this and my eyes have not quite forgiven me just yet!

So with the extra layers of paint required and the distraction of getting the birds done for the bonus round last Saturday I decided to cut the unit in half so I at least had something to post.

And to think I chose this unit because they would be easy to do...!  

The other half have all their skintones done so "just" the drybrushing and bone to do. I'm going to paint something else next though to have a break from the dogs - hopefully I'll get the rest completed before the end of the Challenge!

If my maths is up to scratch that should be 15 x 5pts (28mm) = 75 points.



Lovely looking warhounds,gorgeous colouring and very nice basing, nothing wrong with your maths either,75 points it is!

All the best Iain

From RusselG: Unfashionably Late Warhounds (22 Points)

Happy new year to all.

My first post of the year and as per usual I am late to the party.

I have missed the deadline for the reconnaissance bonus round, which is a pity as I have a brace of Warhound scout titans.

These as expected are by the evil empire, sorry Games Workshop, and are from last years much hyped re-boot of Adeptus Titanicus.

I am lucky enough or old enough(take your pick) to have played the original and although a bit simpler the new version has enough tension for a good and quick to play game.

So here they are, 2 warhounds for Legio Mortis. Very nice models to build and paint, although if I do it again I will paint the armour shields before gluing them to the model.

The evil twins ready for action

Does my bum look big in this

With the alternate weapons

Now I admit, not my best work but the first time I have picked up a brush in almost 10 months.

Also, these models were great to build however the decals are so soft after several attempts I gave up and ditched using them.

Both models come with 4 weapon choices so to keep them as versatile as possible I swapped the small plastic weapon link for a steel ball bearing(the same ones I use as shakers in my paint pots) and fitted small magnets in the gun socket.

So for judging these are roughly 70mm tall and sit on an 80mm round base, I leave the decision in your capable hands.

Thank you for looking at my humble contribution, and good luck to all other participants and their personal goals.

Thanks RusselG


What a nice pair of evil warhounds, I also played epic first time around, almost 30 years ago! Smart move on the ball bearings, going back into the distant mists of time(okay 2017) I find Curt counting epic warhounds as a 54mm figure so at 10 points each that will net 20 points, plus a point each for the alternative weapons so that's a grand total of 22 points!
Very Nice!
All the best Iain

From NoelW: More Austrians, more Romans (268 points)

A slightly boring post this time, as it’s essentially more of the same.

Firstly, another 16 of the Caesarean Romans. These are identical to my previous post on the subject but they are different figures, honest. And there’s still more to come.

Moving now to my 15mm Austrians, which progress quite quickly, here are 60 more infantry, all in greatcoats. Quite easy to paint, but intensely boring.

Rather more interesting, and also reasonably pleasing, are the Austrian cuirassiers. There are 17 of these. I have absolutely no idea why – that just happens to be the number I acquired.

I make that 80 pts of 28mm, 120 pts 15mm foot and 68 pts 15mm cavalry. Total: 268 pts.

I’m planning something a little more varied and a little more visually interesting for next week. Let’s hope I can deliver it!


Well that's an impressive weeks output! Greatcoats, utilitarian but useful, more nice Romans but your Austrian Cuirassiers are splendid, the yellow and red facing working very nicely with the Austrian white.

I agree with your numbers 268 it is!

All the best Iain

From MarkB: More Swedish WWII Equipment (24 points)

Hi everyone! 

I am back working on more Swedish equipment from WW2. First up is a 20mm model of a Stridsvagn M/37 a Swedish built version of the Czechoslovak CKD AH-IV Tankette. Two were built and sent to Sweden from Czechoslovakia, the other 46 were built by Volvo in Sweden. Sweden had a total of 48 tanks in service during WW2.  All the tanks were built in 1938 and 1939. The Tanks stayed in service until 1953.  

Next up are four MTB (Motor Torpedo Boat) that were designed in Sweden based on the Italian MAS and a British designed Vosper’s MTB that were purchased by Sweden in 1939.   The New design were designated T15- T18 and were a combination of the Italian and British design and were successful. There was a follow-on production which increased some weapons and increased power from new Engines.  These miniatures are from PT Dockyard and are 3mm in scale.

Have a good week!



Lovely little tank and splendid Torpedo boats! I am happily learning more about the Swedish armed forces in WWII that I had no idea about! The cute tank will get you 8 points and the MTB's are 4 points each giving you a grand total of 24 points, splendid!

All the best Iain

From BenitoM: British Airborne Second Section (45 points)

This week entry is very similar to that of the previous Thursday, as I have painted the second section (or squad) of my British Airborne platoon for Chain of Command.

As explained last week each section has two teams, one rifle team (5 Lee Enfields  rifles and 1 Sten SMG) and the LMG team (3-crew Bren LMG), led by a junior leader.

What it is different this time is the model manufacturer. So far in this Challenge I have been presenting models from Warlord. In this case the models are from WargamesFoundry. These are somewhat old; but as the Perry Brothers designed them, the quality of the sculpting is really good.

All this models wear combat helmet and have very light equipment, in contrast with the plastic models of the previous entries. The WF range has another reference with redberets if you like to add some variety to your units. 

This Thursday’s entry adds another 45 points (5points x 9 models in 28mm) to my Challenge score, increasing the total to 300 points or 40% of my 750 target, Not too bad considering this is the fourth week of the Challenge.


More splendid para camo! Lovely sculpts that you have more than done justice to and it sounds like you will need to up your total in the not too distant future! 45 well earned points it is!

All the best Iain


Welcome to Thursday!

Here comes Thursday! Two kinds of warhounds,WWII Swedes, Romans,Austrians a plethora of figures and periods!

So I will ply you with our entries for today ,roll up ,roll up!

All the best Iain