Wednesday, 6 February 2019

From MikeD - Chaos Cultists (115 points)

I've been continuing with my project for this challenge of painting up all the ganger/cultist/militia 40k figures I've accumulated for use in Necromunda and my own homebrew game. The more GW has moved towards big centerpiece CAD-aided models like Demon Primarchs and such, the more I've come to love the ragged improvised hive dwellers. These Chaos Cultists have been sitting on my unpainted pile for some time. They're a bit limited in terms of poses and options, but I still really like them. The Renegade Ogryn I got on EBay a while back and I think he fits in well.

All told that's 20 devotees of the Primordial Annihilator @ 5 pts each, along with the big fella who I'm guess is 10-15 pts (?) for a total of 115 pts toward my goal and the GW challenge.

"Primordial Annihilator"? I think I had a pint of that in Tassie...
; )

Amazing work on this horde of cultists, Mike, nicely done! 5 points each for the human-sized heretics and 15 for the Ogryn since he's such an absolute unit. 


From TeemuL: A Pair of Knights (20 points)

Two knights from the Battle Masters game, not sure about the horses, they might be newer Warhammer horses. I'm going to add them to my Age of Sigmar Skirmish force, Puffington Muffins and Puddings Militia. You can read all about our on-going campaign here (in English): There are five warbands fighting in the city, some are more or less official militia units, some or more secretive and underground. My militia force is sponsored by local bakery owner, Tchednik, who is actually a Tzeentch wizard and driving his own secret agenda in the background. What a nasty trick. Anyway, he is overly concerned about the small business (and his own bakery in particular) and has sponsored a local militia to protect the streets and customers of the city - too many other bakeries have been damaged by fires and other accidents lately. We must make sure our customers can safely buy and enjoy our specials, pink and blue hollows, lovely muffins with a surprise inside.

Anyway, on to the paintings now. These two knights will work as delivery guards and as fast support to other militia in case of trouble. I have painted them deep, rich, bright red to tie them with their god Khorne. Yes, Tchednik is a Tzeentch wizard, but he has managed to bind these two fellows (and other existing members) to fight his battles while thinking they are doing something important they want to do. Quite easy to outsmart those bloodlusting Khorne guys, isn't it? The orange highlight aren´t visible in the pictures and the colors look rather dull, but they look better in real life. They are bit messy and fast painted, they might look even worse in real life.

I have painted all my Slaves to Darkness units to have black helmet and black right glove, they are ultimately part of the Black Fist force, even though they are now fighting for Muffins and Puddings. The horses are not traditional black, I painted them with Zandri Dust for a change and washed with Ink Wash Flesh from Coat d'Arms. The base is Agrellan Badland with a piece of old tapestry to indicate cobble stone street - it is a cityfight campaign we are fighting. But rather than having it all cobble stone, I have only piece of it showing through mud and dirt, easier to field them alongside my other Slaves to Darkness forces later, if needed.

2 28mm cavalry models and 20 points.

A couple of bakery-inspired Chaos knights, eh? I suppose they use a lot of Khorneflour...?

...I'll get me coat.

20 points for this evil duo, well done Teemu!


From MikeF - Rapier Support Weapons for 30k (42 points)

Last week I posted my naval troops for 30k and mentioned they would serve as the crew for the rapier support weapons for my Imperial Militia 30k army. The models are from Kromlech and also serve as a not cheap alternative to Forge World. There are 3 quad multi-laser looking guns and a conversion to represent a laser destroyer. The 8 infantry are from last week and added to complete the look. The grey guns with naval troops was actually inspired by GregB's British Sudan force

That's 4 artillery pieces for 40 points I think.


"Open fire, rapid broadsides!"

I see the crew of HIMS Pinafore have access to some much-needed firepower!

I'll score them as 28mm artillery pieces and throw in an extra 2 points for the laser cannon conversion.

Some very tidy work there, well done!


From SimonM - "Crooked Dice" Gabriel Hounds (22 Points)

These four 28mm scale metal Gabriel Hounds are manufactured by “Crooked Dice Game Design” and are part of the company’s Villains and Monsters product line. Believed to be “the souls of unbaptised children wandering through the air until the day judgement” the “howling of these beasts [apparently] foretold death to anyone who heard them.”
The creatures were all primed “Vallejo” White, washed with Pale Grey, and then dry-brushed using (more) White. Their eyes and ears were subsequently pigmented with Heavy Red, whilst their savage-looking teeth were ‘picked out’ using a combination of White and “Citadel” Carroburg Crimson.
Due to their diminutive size, each model also needed to be significantly tidied up before I was finally able to gloss varnish them. This meant applying some additional “Vallejo” White and Pale Grey to their fiddly faces so as to cover over any errant "Citadel" Carroburg Crimson or "Vallejo" Heavy Red, before trying to delicately blend the ensemble back together using a smidgen more White.

Simon, these are creepy as all get out. 

I'm giving you 5 points apiece plus another 2 for weirding me out with these playful pups. I need another drink to steady my nerves! 

Quite the grotesque choice of subject matter there, well done!


From SimonM - "Toon Realms" Lord Rascal The Necromancer & His Icky Spiders (40 Points)

This "cartoon scale white metal figure" of Lord Rascal The Necromancer is produced by “Lucid Eye Publications” and can be bought from the company's "Toon Realms" range. "Provided with one 30mm display base" and sculpted by Steve Saleh, this nefarious magic-user is set to be the lead villain of my 'Lord Of The Toons' project using the "Dragon Rampant" rule-set.

Capable of firing lightning bolts from his very fingertips, the figure was initially primed with "Citadel" Abaddon Black and later heavily dry-brushed using some "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal. I then applied some “Citadel” Ironbreaker to the Summoner's staff, and washed both his robes and metal pole with Nuln Oil in order to darken them down.
Due to wanting this wizard to appear close to death himself, I painted his flesh using a combination of “Citadel” Rakarth Flesh and Reikland Fleshshade, and subsequently 'highlighted' his fingers, toes and facial features with a bit more Rakarth Flesh. Originally, I had been considering painting Lord Rascal's eyes red, but then felt that "Vallejo" Dead White would probably provide him with something akin to the look of a Nosferatu instead.

Lastly, I thought it would be quite nice to paint his unholy staff's skull in exactly the same way as I've previously painted his Skeleton Swordsmen and spear-carrying Warriors; almost as if to suggest what happens to those Undead soldiers who anger him greatly. As a result the unfortunate head was pigmented using "Vallejo" Dark Sand, heavily washed in "The Army Painter" Strong Tone Quickshade and finally dry-brushed using both (more) "Vallejo" Dark Sand, as well as Dead White.
In addition to Lord Rascal, I have also painted seven of his Icky Spiders. Six of these metal horrors were rather simplistically painted using a double undercoat of "Citadel" Abaddon Black, an enthusiastic dry-brush of "Vallejo" Heavy Charcoal, and a wash of "Citadel" Nuln Oil. However, as I wanted one to stand-out on the tabletop as the Lesser Warbeasts' leader, kept one miniature separate from its plastic lipped base until after I had painted it using a combination of "Vallejo" Dead White and Pale Grey. Only once the eight-legged arthropod was fully-painted did I pin it to an already finished stand.

All the crawling critters' eyes were 'picked out' with "Vallejo" Heavy Red, and glazed using a splash of "Citadel" Bloodletter. All their fangs were layered in "Vallejo" Dead White" and shaded with a dab of "Citadel" Agrax Earthshade.

The Toon peril grows apace... 40 points for the Necromancer and his arachnid servants, well done Simon!


From JezT - Late Persian Cavalry (115 points)

Dear All

Excited with this post as it is another new Basic Impetus army emerging. This time Late Persian - here I was not initially enthusiastic about the army which I am using to join in with my brothers collection of classical armies. However got really enthused by the excellent Cutting Room Miniatures (part of Wargames Foundry) figures.

This first post represents the cavalry, which are the classic Mede style with the distinctive headscarf. I love that these miniatures have them looking a bit like Ninja! The basing happened a bit by accident but my brother gave me the flowers which I think really make the bases.

These represent two bases of light cavalry and one base of the medium version with 3 figures on. In the Basic Impetus lists I have selected to get rid of the scythed chariot and instead I have upgraded
to having some Guard cavalry.

So in total this 11 cavalry figures so 110 points. Next up part 2 to get going on the foot ……..

All the best Jez

Very nice work on these, Jez - the Casting Room range does turn up some very nice figures from time to time, and my own Garage of Shame has more than a few examples of their work lurking in storage. I really must do something about that!

I'm giving these cavalrymen the usual 10 points each for 28mm figures, but I like the handpainted decorative motifs on the horse furniture, clothing and armour, so I'm throwing in an extra 5 points.


From StuartL - Battletech Tanks (30 points)

For my post this week I have a selection of 10 tanks for Battletech. A friend of mine was really into the game way back when and convinced me to buy into it as well. Being the dutiful friend (and a compulsive purchaser of new minis), I ordered up a dozen mechs and some tanks for support. 
While the mechs got built and painted, the tanks languished in my to do pile for years. This challenge seemed like a good time to get them done and put away. Dusting off my old mechs I tried to match the paint scheme as best I could. The old figures had been done with GW's old paints which are no longer in production, and I had long since switched mainly to Vallejo anyway.
I have no idea what these tanks are even called, and frankly most of them look ridiculous in terms of battlefield design. Still, they are quirky and had a lot of detail on them which was fun to paint up.
Sadly my friend who got me into the game moved away, so these are likely just going to go back into a box somewhere.
I think Battletech is supposed to be 6mm scale, but these vehicles are all pretty chunky. They are on 30mm scale hex bases, with several of the larger models hanging over both ends of it. To aid in determining points, Lt. Howe Hygh of the Royal Engineers volunteered to assist (He is a 28mm scale Bolt Action figure and is not part of the challenge).

So, I shall leave it up to my ever resourceful minion to determine the points merited for these machines of mech mayhem. Hopefully I shall have enough for a squirrel point too, but we shall see.


"Battletech Tanks, for when three shot traps per vehicle just aren't enough."

Nice work on these chunky behemoths, Stuart - in view of their unusual size, I'll score them as 10mm vehicles. 

Note that this generosity is purely arbitrary and may be replaced in the mere blinking of an eye by some utter bastardry, so beware my mood swings!



From Millsy: Mounted Hospitaller Sergeants (90 points)

Hi All,

As promised here's another instalment of mounted troops for my Crusader army. This time it's a unit of mounted Hospitaller sergeants in their iconic all-black outfits. Choice bro! Once again the miniatures are all from Fireforge Games and comprise a combination of parts from the Mounted Sergeants and Templar Knights box sets.

I'm getting to the point now where I could probably paint the heraldic stuff in my sleep *. The biggest challenge is deciding something is good enough and resisting the urge to do further touch ups and tweaks.

Another 80 points for my total and another mouthful or DaveD's dust in our side duel. I like to think I'm sitting pretty up here on the moral high ground. Yeah that's it.

Next up? You guessed it, more mounted troops. Thankfully for everyone, especially me, there's only 2 more units of troops and 4 command stands to go...

* That would be an absolute blessing!


This is getting to be bigger than Ben-Hur! 

So let's see... 80 points for the figures, another 8 for the handpainted shields, and we'll round it up with another two points for the pennons and caparisons because I'm still in a good mood after getting back from my holiday (don't worry, depression will soon set in and I'll be back to my usual grumpy self).

90 points to the gentleman in the black and white surcoat!


From TomM - We're going to see the Elves Mr Frodo (50 points)

In this entry for the AHPC, I'm going back to the end of the second age... and the very beginning of the game system.

Back in 2001, these models of elf troops and numenoreans where included in the base set, and as Noshi has decided that she wants to play the Elves, they just had to be painted up during the challenge.

To lead these brave men and elves into battle, the great heroes of the time are included as well.  Gil-Galad and Elrond led the Elves of the Great Alliance of the age against the Dark Lord Sauron.

But as we know, the strength of man would fail...

So for this entry, I've finished 10 models of 28mm infantry, which should yield me a nice 50 points.

Alas, Gil-Galad fell that day, and ended up on the cutting room floor, except for about two seconds of footage in the prologue...

Well Tom, as long as the strength of your brushes remains undiminished, the lands of the Free Peoples may yet endure! 

That's a well-earned 50 points, sir!


Thank Woden It's Wednesday!

I won't lie.

Tasmania is a terrible place. I cannot stress this strongly enough. The monotonous vistas;

The crowded beaches;

The hellish dockside taverns;

DO NOT GO THERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. My Good Lady Wife and I barely escaped with our lives. Such a relief to return to the decently polluted, properly hot and happily humid confines of Sydney!

So I got back just in time to get the Wednesday Warriors' submissions sorted out, with the help of a small snifter of Doctor Loamblithering's Purple Infuriator (aka McHenry's Butterfly Gin).

And what visions were vouchsafed to me while the fumes of the spirits wafted around my sensorium? Elves, Knights of Old, some retro 80s Sci-Fi armour, the cavalrymen of ancient Persia, the followers of dark gods, a necromancer and his unholy brood, some dogs you won't find at Crufts, and the baroque technology of an Imperium on the brink of catastrophe.

So strap yourselves in, grab a glass of your preferred tipple, and watch the spectacle unfold!

Biggles, another bottle of the '73 Chateau Lou Reed, there's a good fellow...