Sunday, 18 December 2016

Thank You to the Prize Sponsors of Challenge VII

Hi All!

Well, we're coming down to the last few hours before the start of the Painting Challenge. As for myself, I'm still cleaning, assembling and priming like mad, but I'll be ready for the mayhem don't you worry.

Since the earliest Painting Challenge we've benefited from the generosity of figure manufacturers and hobby stores who've kindly provided prizes for this event. This year is no different, and I'm delighted to announce the prize sponsors for Challenge VII. 

Please give a shout-out and thank you for our generous prize sponsors!

 Now, I'll see you all in the wee morning hours of the 20th...

Painting Alone Together

As we count down to the start,  just a reminder of the "Paint and Chat" on line sessions where we have audio, and visual contact direct from our painting desks. These are run via the "Google Hangouts" facility. We have had a number of new people join and "test" out the technology over the last couple of weeks - its been great to see and hear you. I will be publishing some scheduled session to make it easier for people to plan to drop in.

These are co-ordinated either via the AHPC - Challengers Google+ page and via the AHPC Facebook page. Just stick a request in to join one or both groups and one of the old sweats will sort your membership out. The groups are closed and moderated. We publish on the community pages when someone is on (or plans to be) the  chat link so people know and can jump on as well. These sites are also a place for further interaction and "banter".