Tuesday, 2 January 2018

From NoelW: Spanish and cricketers: (90 points)

As this is my second ever post to the challenge, I thought I'd briefly introduce myself.
I'm a retired academic living in Sheffield, UK. Like many wargamers, I began with Airfix figures in childhood, and still have the same passion for new figures that I had in 1960 when I'd run to the local toyshop with 2 shillings in hand (that's 10p, for you youngsters). S0 I’ve amassed a large amount of unpainted lead and plastic, which seems to grow every year, despite my best efforts with the paintbrush.
I'm interested in most periods up to WW2 - anything more recent unsettles me somewhat - but the battlefields I keep coming back to are Napoleonic. I like the spectacle of uniforms and flags, so tend to go for smaller units so I can get more variety on the tabletop. I’m also a writer (poet and occasional fiction) so I write the odd piece for the wargames press, too. Luckily, all my family are gamers, so we’ve a dedicated wargames room, and figures of various kinds scattered around the house. I used to be a very good painter – won some prizes etc – but these days various infirmities, particularly eyesight, make it more difficult to get a decent job done. The Challenge is a great incentive for me, and I’m hoping to get many more figures done than the 500 points I set as my target.
My aim in taking part in the challenge is to add figures to as many stalled projects as possible to prompt some new games. The list of incomplete projects is a long one!
But here are two I’m now keener to get going. My go-to period is Napoleonics. I’ve a decent Waterloo setup, but the Peninsular conflict has been sorely neglected. However, the Perry's recent release of Spanish, to be followed by Portuguese, has excited me. And here is my first foray.

A second long term but rather incoherent project is Sealion/ Walmington. Effectively, this is WW2 fantasy, so anything goes. My seaside town sits somewhere between TV’s Walmington on Sea (on the South Coast) and Scarborough (300 miles away on the North East coast). Scarborough houses one of Yorkshire’s cricket grounds, so it seemed logical to arm local cricketers as a further arm of defence. Sloppy Jalopy seem to be the only firm making suitable figures, intended for the Very British Civil War. They’re lovely figures, but the castings left something to be desired – lots of flash and very pronounced mould lines which were difficult to remove without also removing detail (you’ll see from the photos I’ve not fully managed to succeed in doing this). Even so, the designs are great and they paint up really well.

The blazer and jumper colours are Yorkshire’s (my county, and that of all right-thinking cricketers), apparently made up of gold, Cambridge blue and Oxford blue. As both these cities are significant for me, too, that makes these a powerfully symbolic unit. Which almost certainly means they’ll run from the battlefield at the first opportunity.
I’ve six more of these to paint, but they’ll have to wait till I’ve enough patience for scraping and filing. Meanwhile, I’ve already undercoated the next Spanish – but they’ve been elbowed back in the queue by a French general and some ECW. Which of them will make it to the next post?  
(Submitted: 12 * 28mm Spanish Napoleonic and 6*28mm cricketers)

Welcome Noel, to the Hallowed Halls that are this Challenge! What a nice bunch of figures you've shown us today. Those Spanish really look the part and must have been at Bailen where they thoroughly trounced the French. For me the cricketers must be the crème of the lot, what a characterful team they are. I cannot see your poor eyesight having any effect on your painting for these are very well done! The basing is also very  good and it almost looks as if they are standing on the White Cliffs in order to strike out the invading Huns.

90 points well and truly deserved! Now if you're taking votes on what to paint next, Spanish, Frebch general or ECW, I vote for the latter! But whatever you decide to paint please keep them coming!

Cheers Sander 

From Kent G - 40k Librarian, 28mm Napoleon and Mameluke plus (25 points)

 In this submission i decided to paint an old metal 40K Librarian figure that i will be giving away on youtube after the challenge is over it was a lot of fun to paint. It's not an area of painting i have had a lot to do with but one thing i do enjoy is the quality of the metal casting so much detail.

then to finished off the commanders, i had to do Napoleon and his Mameluke buddy,
where would the boys be without them, these figures allow me to pop my head above the waves of French infantry that are marching across my desk.

Wow Kent, these figures are truly gorgeous! Whilst the Librarian and Napoleon are top notch (and I do like the idea of the Give-Away) Roustam must be my favourite! You have nailed the colours of the uniform just right and all the bouillon detailing is very well done. Now I am also very excited to hear about those "waves of French infantry marching across your desk". Marchand mon ami! 

2 mounted 28mm figures are good for 20 points and the 28mm Librarian nets you another 5 points so that leaves you with 25 points in the pocket.

Au revoir, Sander

From MartinC. - Of Secret Santas and Sealions (60pts)

I was part of the Secret Santa thing this year run by RoyW, standing in for the Wileys. I do find this fun and received a great present from my Santa in the form of a couple of Bad Squiddo female figure packs for VBCW. They are great. Sorting out my light box (not quite right yet) and painting getting better although the eyes look they've all had a very bad night. it is New Year's Day so they can be forgiven

Medics - great figs

Land Army Girls. Again very nice but I always think that they look like Grayson Perry. We'll see what Lady Sarah thinks of them

 At Partizan earlier in the year Warlord launched their Sealion range for Bolt Action and these are from the Defenders of the Realm set. Very nice figs. The Tommy gunner originally came wearing roller skates but even I'm not that barking so i just built up the base. The Bren Gunner in overalls was originally carrying a different weapon but I raided the bits box.

Defenders of the Realm

That's 12 figures for 60 pts

Happy New Year Martin! 

Gosh, that's one cool collection of VBCW related figures indeed! Having seen the series "Land-Girls" those figures actually are my favourites. That said all these figures have a charm all of their own and are slightly reminiscent of Dad's Army as well.Personally I would have removed the skates as well, so good choice as are all the other conversions. I also like the way the basing ties all the figures together, well done!

A well earned 60 points! Cheers Sander 

The Tuesday Minion's First Tuesday - GET THOSE BRUSHES CRACKING LADS!


After yesterday's cracking start of 2018, the Tuesday Crew will show you that one needs to meticulously plan ones entries. While we do not have a huge amount of entries today, boy are they worth it!

I'm Sander van Straeten and I will be doing my utmost best to bring you Tuesday Crew's best.
A more taciturn and committed bunch we have not seen in this Challenge yet! Recovering from all New Year's festivities they are all gearing up to get those brushes cracking and turn out some jewels in any scale I am sure!

So what are we in for today? Great Britain struggles on in their Civil Brotherly Conflict as well as asking themselves what mister Hitler is thinking this time in a sort of an Operation Sealion theme. There's also a bit of Spanish flavour to look forward to!
Good old Boney is visiting the Library to study the Tomes of Robuite Guilliman under some extremely well painted guidance.
More eye candy will surely follow, so watch this space!