Tuesday, 13 February 2018

From: EricM- Khaki Grey Overload-WWII Russian Infantry (440 points)

This week has been a very productive gaming week for me.  I was able to finish three squads (and change) of Warlord Russians I started last week. In addition I started and finished 4 large squads of 1st Corps Russians .

 On top of that we played our first game of Boarder Reivers. I got to play a group of Irish delivering whiskey to the Armstrong clan.  We were ambushed by the treacherous Maxwell's (played by both my sons).  It was a good day for the Irish.  We completed a lopsided trade with the Armstrongs and stole a barrel of whiskey, a pony and a cow for good measure.   We used modified Mordheim rules, which really worked well. 

I will apologize now, there is a whole lot of Vallejo Khaki Grey used in this post. I could have put in some more uniform colour variations, since the Russian supply system wasn't known for its precision, but I opted for speed. Using Warlords painting guide was a big help. 

The first group I finished were from the Warlord Soviet box.  Great box. lots of possible variation.  My oldest son is the actual owner and assembler of the figures so I take no credit for some of his "creative" poses.  I started putting paint on this group two weeks ago but wasn't able to finish them in time for last weeks deadline.

I started with two large rifle squads

I also completed an Sub-machine gun squad with light machine gun support team and a couple of extra figures from the box thrown in.( I may use them to fill out my platoon leaders section)

This is a look at the full group of Warlord Russians.

My next group of Russian Infantry are from 1st Corps.  I really like these figures. I do have two small issues.   One is they are very well fed 28 mm and will not mix with the Warlord figures.  The second is some of the hands on the Russians look like they are wearing those foam hands you see at sporting event (the hands are huge).

Over all I really like the way they took paint.  I picked them up in a trade so I didn't have much input in pose selection.  I know 1st Corps makes a number of different dynamic poses so I will probably order some to flesh this out and give custody of the Warlord Russians to my son.

I was able to finish four 12 man rifle squads

Here is a picture of the four squads together

Like I warned you there was a lot of Khaki Grey used in this post. Sorry its so boring. I am moving on to some 1st Corps support weapons and SMG squads for next week.

Over all I was able to finish 88-28 mm figures and use most of a bottle of paint.

Eric, there's nothing boring about so many lovely painted Soviet troops fighting off the fascist hordes threatening Mother Russia. They are great, you've got the uniforms spot on as far as I am able to judge and the basing is very good too. The two brands of figures mix well in my opinion and this all makes for a very good force on the tabletop I think. 
88 x 5 = 440 troopers of 5 points each is a commendable 240 points for your tally!

From: MartinC - Scorpion Drive (255 points)

Finished my ACW forces, obviously a lie, with a union command stand, a Confederate officer and a Confederate regiment

Mix of Perry and some random metals (Dixon I think)

Union Command stand - Dixon and left over from last week

Confederate Officer - no clue, picked up in flea market

Inspired by StephenS' Carthaginian post last week I dug out my Victrix figs and painted a regiment. Had these for ages, bought them on pre-order I think. Came with some transfers. Liked the design but really really really really really hate transfers so I hand painted the scorpion design on the shield. Really like painting shields - my only opportunity for free hand design.

The Scorpion Regiment

Shield close up. In my youth communities used to have fund raising events called beetle drives where you would draw a beetle based on a dice roll - 6 for a body, 5 for head, 4 for each leg etc. This is my Scorpion Drive.

48 x 28mm infantry = 240pts
1x 28mmm cav = 10 pts
plus any hand painted shield bonus type thing

Gosh Martin, what a whopper post this! There's so much to love here, those ACW figures look like they're straight out of a real time re-enactment, gorgeous! I must admit that the Victrix Carthaginians are my favourites though, the shield designs are superb and your choice of colour scheme inspired as well as inspiring. Great work all round. Seeing the large amount of freehand shields I think 5 bonuspoints are in order.

From: BrettM - Walking Dead part 2 (185 points)

Last of the minis from the Walking Dead kickstarter painted up!

No clue who any of these characters are except Michonne and the Governor. Then again I haven't caught the Walking Dead on TV for several seasons now. Looks like the comics were really fleshed out more in regards to characters. Need to read them already and stop talking about them.

 Close up of the Survivors

Did just the usual base colors with a wash. Again I think they turned out pretty good for being to me just board game miniatures. Not the best sculpts nor the most detailed which made them easy to paint up.

Now for the Zombies!!

Again kept it simple with the zombies. Didn't go for any hardcore blood effects. Painted the skin a different color but used same flesh wash on them. Apparently that zombie in the back left is walking away

There are small tears in their clothes that I take as wounds so I painted them red. I also painted the bases of all the zombies red so a quick look while playing you can see what you are dealing with. 

I kept the basing job on all these pretty simple as well. Just grass and some rocks. Also had no clue how to paint zombie flesh any other color except for white. Everything I tried just turned out to look to normal not zombie like. Have to admit didn't spend to much time testing though.

I count 36 minis unless we are going to count the two little kids on one stand as 2 minis. So if sticking to 36 should be at a point total of 180 points. Think that 1000 point mark might have been a bit ambitious this year. Who knew having an 1.5 year old would take up so much time?!?!

Wow Brett, great entry today! Even if they are "but" boardgame miniatures you've done a great job. I haven't  read the comics either but that should not matter much if you've had fun painting these and it sure looks like it. I do like your zombies, they look great! Anyway, I'll not haggle with you and will count the children as separate figures so 185 points it is. I have a 1,5 year old as well and yes they can be a handful, but you wouldn't  want to miss them right ;-)

From: TuomasL - Horrors and vikings (325 points)

Long time since my last entry due to starting to play Saga by signing up for Saga tournament roughly three weeks before the actual event and then feverishly painting the tournament army and having little time for anything else. I even managed to get couple of practise games before the tournament with loaned miniatures.

First little addition to growing Tzeentch daemon horde, 10 pink horrors. Painted before signing up for the tournament. I thought there would have more daemons in this post but the vikings dominated my hobby time over the last few weeks.

Then my completed tournament Saga Viking warband. All miniatures are 28mm made by Gripping Beast, mostly plastic, warlord, priest and berserks are metal.

First 12 thralls with bows.

Next 3x8 bondi with mixed weapons and shields.

Then the 3x4 hirdmen with mixed weapons and shields.

Priest and 4 berserkers. These guys were not part of the tournament army so I painted them last week after the tournament while suffering from con-plague.

Finally the warlord and final hirdman.

Really happy that I got tournament ready warband painted in roughly two weeks and started playing new game. Luckily I had vacation from work, otherwise this would not have been possible. In hindsight, I'm getting too old to paint tournament armies in as short time as I did with these guys.

My plans are to continue growing the daemon horde but my local club is planning Saga campaign in the coming spring and escalating it to Hail Caesar campaign over the summer so daemons might have to wait a bit. I'm starting Huns/Steppe Tribes/Mongols for these, miniatures already on the way. Also there are couple of upcoming Japan themed weekends in April so this might be the time I finally start assembling and painting my Test of Honour set...

In short, gaming clubs are bad for your plans.

This batch in summa summarum:
  • pink horrors 10 x 5 = 50 points
  • thralls 12 x 5 =  60 points
  • bondi 3 x 8 x 5  = 120 points
  • hirdmen (3 x 4 + 1) x 5 = 65 points
  • berserkers 4 x 5 = 20 points
  • warlord + priest 5 + 5 = 10 points
total: 325 points

Oh wow Tuomas, when you're back you're back! With an entire new army and a unit of Pink Horrors! Great stuff all round. The priest and the berserks are my favourites of the bunch: you've really captured what I think they should look like. Your future plans all sound intriguing too, will be great to see what you decide to enter in the Challenge first. The points will be added shortly.

Cheers Sander

From: KentG - 28mm Napoleonic Line and light infantry (240points)

Yes I'm back at it! French Infantry, I have so many of these guys to do
but I must admit I'm still enjoying them. I'm not as happy with these guys as I rushed to get them done and really their skin should have had another layer, well I think it should.
I need to paint these up as I sold two units earlier in the week and I have a game tomorrow.

 Not quite as many photos this time around as I have a new camera and 
I'm still getting used to it.

So 48x 28mm foot at 5 points each should be 240 points added.

Kent, I have said it elsewhere and I will say it again here: how do you get such a productive output each and every week? Sell 2 units? Oh no worries I will paint up 3 more within a week... I just cannot get my head around it but do applaud you for these are, with or without the extra skin highlight, worth it all the way! Great stuff and do keep 'em coming!

Cheers Sander

Tuesday Minion Newsflash

Hi there,

Thanks for your patience with us, normal services will commence later this afternoon.
Please take some time to have a look at the posts published so far!

Cheers Sander

From ScottM: French & German Vehicles (96 points)

My submission this week is a group of early World War II French and German vehicles. Early war is a great time for vehicles, lots of variety, some good some wacky. These are all 28mm resin with some metal bits. All but one of these are from Warlord Games. We'll start off with the lone German vehicle - a Sd.Kfz. 231 (6-rad) armoured car.

Now on to the French vehicles. First up is an R35.


Next is an R40.


This next tank is made by Mad Bob Miniatures. They ran a Kickstarter a couple years ago and this tank is from that. This is an AMC-35.


And finally is a pair of Char B1 bis.

So six 28mm vehicles should be 90 points.

From Ray

Crackin' painting Scott! Love the paintwork on the French Char's and the AMC 35. I am enjoying all your French figures for WWII.
You're correct 6 x 28mm vehicles will earn you 90 points but I'm adding 6 points, 1 per vehicle for the most excellent paintwork!

So 96 points it is!