Wednesday, 19 January 2022

From PaulSS: 36th Pennsylvania Volunteers (92 points)

More ACW for the collection, this time the 36th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment, made up of Crusader Miniatures picked up from North Star.

It's a fairly small range that is often overlooked, but it's giving some nice variety to my forces that were previously all Perry Miniatures.

They are a little thinner than the Perry figures but do mix well on the table, but, I'd not have them in the same units.

The standards are from the Flags of War range and I've managed not to fog them this time. 

When there is a trim, like on this pair I do like to cut a few notches out of it and leave the edge a little less tidy. The fringe is then repainted in bronze, then gold with some thin black lines added so it looks like a fringe rippling rather than a solid block.

I saved a couple of bare footed figures from the Fighting 69th I added last time, this is probably a better shot of one of them. Don't fancy walking over that patch of rocks before him though!

Eighteen 28mm foot figures with two standards should add 92 points to the board for me.

American Civil War Duel Totalizer: 87 foot (504pts)

Napoleonic Duel Totalizer: 8 foot, 2 mounted (100pts)


More incredible ACW output Paul, very nice. It is a credit to your painting style that, absent you pointing out the different 28mm ranges you make use of, it would otherwise all strike me as coming from the same range of sculpts - very, very nice work - again, the smooth blends, but still strong highlights. Great stuff. 


From BruceR - Lady Sarah's Star Yacht, Silver Bayonet Occultist, (25 points)

I managed to finish off my current Silver Bayonet pile.  I'm sure something new will pop up to take up space on the painting table.

I'm using the Occultist from North Star Miniatures to commission travel on Lady Sarah's Star Yacht to travel from Caprica to Glorantha.  

I painted the French Silver Bayonet miniatures as a group and it is quite different to paint individual character miniatures, when you are used to painting units.  I carved out the Occultist for the space travel and will post the other members of the French force.  This Occultist is a great figure and will do double duty for TSB and SP2.  


1 25mm foot = 5 pts
Lardy Sarah's Star Yacht =20 pts
Total = 25 pts

Thanks all.  Stay well.  BruceR
Very nice Bruce, I've no doubt Sarah will be pleased to coordinate travel on her yacht courtesy of this fine work. Neat to see some of these North Star figures getting some attention in the Challenge.
"Occultist" - maybe I should write that into a tax form this year to see what happens? 

From PaulSS: 14th Virginia Infantry Regiment - (123 points)

Another regiment of infantry musters for the Confederates with the 14th Virginia Infantry Regiment advancing to the fore.

All the figures are from the Perry Miniatures American Civil War Confederate Infantry 1861-65 set, the troops this time assembled in right shoulder shift. 

The pair of standards are from Flags of War, I'll likely go back and redo the pair of units I did earlier in the challenge now that I have a stash.

Some close ups of the individual bases.

I also finished off the last few Confederate infantry figures I had, creating a command stand that will be the foundation of a Mississippi regiment at a later date.  

Twenty four 28mm foot figures with three standards should add 123 points to the board for me.

American Civil War Duel Totalizer: 69 foot (412pts)

Napoleonic Duel Totalizer: 8 foot, 2 mounted (100pts)


Impressive painting as always Paul - smooth blending, clean lines, and an incredible rate of production. I am also impressed by the appearance density you achieve with three 28mm figures on the base. What size of base do you use for this project? Might be an idea I need to steal for my Franco-Prussian War figures...


From RayR - Haitian Rebels (190 points)


Its back to the Haitian Revolution once again.
These 38 25mm mainly Trent Miniatures we're started last month and painted alongside all the figures I've posted so far and some not yet seen!

3 of the units are made up of 8 figures with a Commander and standard bearer.
The commander figure started out in life as a Wargames Foundry Pirate and in true French Revolutionary style, had his head chopped off and replaced with a suitable bicorned head from Trent.
There isn't much info on what kind of flags the Rebels/Slaves would carry, if at all?
But I wanted them to have some anyway, this one is the Voodoo symbol for Papa Legba, 

Papa Legba is a lwain Haitian Vodoo, who serves as the intermediary between the lwa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives (or denies) permission to speak with the spirits of Guineé, and is believed to speak all human languages. In Haiti, he is the great elocutioner. Legba facilitates communication, speech, and understanding. He is commonly associated with dogs. Papa Legba is invoked at the beginning of every ceremony. Papa Legba has his origins in the historic West African kingdom of Dahomey, located within present-day Benin.

Exactly the same as the unit above, all are Trent minis expect the Commander, who again is a Foundry Pirate with a Trent mini head replacement. The standard is the Voodoo symbol of Baron Samedi.

Baron Samedi (English: Baron Saturday), also written Baron Samdi, Bawon Samedi or Bawon Sanmdi, is one of the loa of Haitain Vodoo. He is a loa of the dead, along with Baron's numerous other incarnations Baron Cimetiere, Baron La Croix and Baron Criminel. 
He is the head of the Gede family of loa; his brothers are Azagon Lacroix and Baron Piquant and he is the husband of Maman Brigitte. Together, they are the guardians of the past, of history and, heritage.

The third unit are all Trent miniatures, the commander is from their Vendee range and is infact Jean-Niclas Stofflet a Vendee Rebel Commander. The figures looked so good I didn'r want to chop his head off, so just painted him with brown skin instead. The standard is pretty simple, its a white flag with the word Liberte, on one side.

The last 8 figures, no command or flag for these poor chaps!
Well ok, there is, I based the chap on the right up as a spare commander, but he can be thrown in at any time to make up units of 8.

A close up on the flags, thanks gawd for Microsoft Paint!

Nothing to be seen here.....

A close up on commanders.

And the lot squashed together, from the front..

and the back!

These will be added to the ever growing Haitian Revolution collection, One day I'll get a game with them!?!

38 x 25mm figures @5pts each

If there was every going to be a member of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge to highlight a "great elocutioner", of course we all knew it would be Ray. Very nice work here, and interesting bits of context and background for a unique gaming setting. Well done!


From BruceR - Companie of the Silver Bayonet, Heros of Glorantha, German AT (95 points)

Here is my final unit for The Silver Bayonet.  Le French.  Again, I really enjoy these miniatures and hope we can play a few games and if not, I will work them into my Sharp Practice games.  I really enjoyed the Heavy Cavalry trooper, the Old Guard (love the pipe), and the Sapper (eye patch), dang I liked them all. Great Stuff.  

Here is the whole group, used the females earlier so will not points those figures.  This group of Heros (Glorantha) travel across Europe investigating the supernatural happening on behalf of the Emperor Napoleon.  


Veteran Hunter



Heavy Cavalry Trooper

Supernatural Investigator

The three units, Spanish, British, French, came in a prerelease package that included a veteran hunter and a ghoul.  I managed to complete these as well.

Veteran Hunter


On to another era.  I got together last week with a couple of gaming buddies, and we played a WW2 Bolt Action scenario from WSS magazine.  A great scenario depicting the allies (US as we didn't have Canadians) trying to clear the Germans from their festung of the area around Dunkirk.  The allies had a troop of tanks, with the Germans using hidden setup and loaded with panzer Faust.  The Germans were to have a Pak 38, I looked up and there was a Rubicon box teetering on the pile of shame.  So, get the glue, get the airbrush, I couldn't finish the crew so used extra spotters as crew (when you are in retreat everybody is a front liner).  

So, after we played, I tried to glue the crew together from Rubicon, and being a mostly lead/metal fan (age) I put them aside and pulled out a bag of Empress Miniatures of a Pak 40 with crew in smocks.  I painted these three plus gun and figure I will only use one gun at a time and can shift the crew.  Or draft spotters again.  I did attempt to follow the guidance of Moiterei from his blog in painting the autumn smocks, happy with mine, but no comparison to his. 

Empress Pak 40 on the left and Rubicon Pak 38 on the right.

I did paint the helmets as Herr, figuring they were in support and given smocks to help hide their very helpful AT guns.


11 x 25mm foot = 55 pts
Glorantha = 20 pts
2 25mm AT guns = 20
Total = 95 pts

Very nice work Bruce. Painting any sort of German camouflage from WW2 is a total brain melter, so I think you have some excellent results here. Also quite enjoy the character of those Napoleonic figures - may favourite is the heavy cavalry trooper. Those fellows look scary even when dismounted!