Wednesday, 7 December 2022

From BenitoM: My XIII Challenge Plans... Inshallah!

Following the lead of our Snow Lord Master, let me make a brief personal introduction. My name is Benito and I live in Madrid (Spain). My Twitter account is under my warring name Anibal Invictus; I also used to keep a blog of my games, but has been neglected for a loooong time now;  nevertheless Ive decided to resurrect my blogging activity taken advantage of this year's Challenge and the Musk-driven turmoil at Twitter. Incidentally, feel free to become follower (wink^; wink^) of any or both of my social media accounts.

I have been wargaming since 1980, first with board games (Panzerblitz was my baptism of fire) and later all type of table games with minis (scifi, fantasy and now only historical games). I was a founder member of Club Dragon,  arguably Madrid's oldest and one of the city's largest wargames club. Anyone coming to my home town, do not hesitate to contact me, more than happy to invite you to beers and eventually a game.

My first Challenge was in 2015 so this will be my 8th participation. Those who followed me on previous years know that I usually focus on one core project, complemented with some random unrelated entries to score additional challenge points. Not this year, however. I turned 60 last May and had one of those epiphany moments in the summer where I realized that I own too many unfinished projects and realistically will lack the time to undertake them all.  

As a result, I have been actively destocking minis (and boardgames) most of this year, selling second hand and even giving them away to my local club's friends, aiming to significantly reduce my "pile of shame". 

Hence, this year no new project for me, but an efffort to complete some of the past years army units and other bits and pieces, painting at leisure and without stress. A list of current interests is the following:

  • German early 2WW infantry and supports
  • German Fallshirmjagers in 1940 jump suits for an Operation Mercury project
  • Complete a few Saga warbands (Dark Age warriors, Moors and El Cid Reconquista)
  • A Germanic warband for Infamy Infamy 
  • A wide array of 2WW vehicles 

Finally, in 2023 I also dipped my toes in the fascinating ocean of 3D printing. I have already printed some singular pieces related to the list of projects above and may add a few more models through the Challenge period, time will tell.

So no major planning, but an Inshallah (only god will tell)  approach. Best of luck to all fellow challengers and will see you in a few weeks at the start line.


Benito's Mobile Painting Office

From TeemuL: Hobby area, current plans

Hello all! My name is Teemu, I live in Finland, Europe, next to the big, bad Russia, and this is my nth Challenge, being around since Challenge V. This is my first Challenge as a Minion, responsible for the mighty Thor's day - also known as Thursday.

I do have a nice hobby room (I'll come back to that later), but since we have a largish house and the heating is mainly done by electricity and our cheap contract ended three weeks ago, I have turned down the heating in the hobby room and moved my tray and various equipment to the living room table. All for the greater good. So currently I have the basic equipments and the models I'm working with on the tray and then periodically visit the hobby room to pick up things I need and return things I don't and store the finished miniatures. The hobby area is far from perfect, but usually I can leave it there and continue when I have time, so I don't need to setup everything up once I start painting. And being in the living room helps being social with my better half and my son.

Game time has been quite low for couple of years now and so I don't have any gaming related targets regarding painting at the moment. Last Challenge I went strongly in the Squirrel Challenge, but this time I try to focus on something else. I created a poll earlier in AHPC Facebook group asking what I should paint. I have 12 plastic Ikea boxes of unpainted miniatures (and several other boxes), so I listed the labels of each box in the poll and asked which box to paint. Nice and easy. This box got most votes, it has some Lotr Rohan and Dwarfs and metal Mithril miniatures. Surprisingly it also has some Dead of Dunharrow, but there is no label for that... So my main focus is painting the contents of this box. It is not that full, so I'm hoping to get carried away with the theme rounds and post a Squirrel here and there.

And here are some photos of the hobby room. It is like miniature armies, it is not finished yet... I still have things elsewhere in the house, which should be here, but I need more shelves or something, or organize the current stuff better or something like that. As you can see, there's lots of GW stuff (mainly books), which tells a lot of my history. 30 years ago I knew of nothing else and even though I got more knowledge during the years, it was difficult to get off the band wagon and start painting different minis and playing different games, since everyone else seemed to be on that band wagon. I still like Blood Bowl and love to play Lotr, but other games are not that hot. I liked AoS in the start (the first two editions), but didn't move to the third. I got returned to play WH40K 8th, but didn't move to 9th. Covid-19 affected of course, chances to play and learn were minimal and spending money on new rulebooks was not what I wanted. Sludge the Wargame has been the game of the year in our small hobby group and it seems to be going strong on to the next year, too. We'll see what else comes around, Flames of War most likely and some small skirmish games.

See you in few weeks!

Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Behold my creative mess - by PeterB

In the words of the Jedi Knight, Hello there! I am Peter, otherwise known as the author of the little read blog Playing With Lead. (Seriously, like ten people read it, well maybe twenty.) I have been playing wargames since my teens, although these days due to being busy I paint more than play, although my youngest does encourage me to cover the dining table in the green felt on occasion and get the dice trays out.
Last year was my first painting challenge where I enthusiastically beat my original target. Then spent the rest of the year looking forward to this year.
Prep work is still ongoing ready for the start of the challenge for myself (models are laid out post primed out in the cold or still in transit from manufacturers) so you will have to make do with a shot of my "painting tray" that is ceremoniously moved each night from the sideboard to my table to start painting once I finish work. The precarious state of the tray is an indication of how much of a squirrel/butterfly I am with my hobby.

From MartijnN: Best laid plans...

I thought I'd take up Curt's suggestion as well and introduce myself briefly. I am Martijn, sometimes also known as Emjenic, and I am a Dutchman living in Belgium with my lovely Flemish wife and her two teenage boys. This will be my third Challenge. I have been wargaming since I was a teenager, but nowadays I am as much a hoarder as anything else...  I am a slow painter and not a very good one, but the Challenge tends to send me into a bout of productivity, so I suppose that's a good thing!

My main interests are historical, particularly (late) Antiquity and the "long" 19th century up to and including the Great War, and I mostly collect smaller scale figures, but previous Challenges have prompted me to take up painting 28mm figures again. Also, I really like the opportunities provided by 3D printing, so next to my not inconsiderable metal and plastic mountains is now also a resin one, and my hobby stock is rapidly growing into a mountain range.... 3D printing has also rekindled my interest in fantasy; there are such fantastic creative and prolific sculptors out there!

Unfortunately, I find it very hard to resist the (not so) new and (not too) shiny, or the obscure and quirky for that matter, so I am definitely great squirrel material; expect a fairly wide range of scales and subjects from me, possibly including but not limited to 6mm Austro-Prussian War, 6mm Napoleonics, 10mm fantasy, 10mm ACW, 28mm WWII DAK, 28mm World War I, 28mm Napoleonic W├╝rttemberg, 1/3000 WWI naval, perhaps some Dystopian Wars, definitely some terrain, and whatever else takes my fancy, or what our journey through the AHPC Studios may throw (in) my way... 

So here is some of what I have prepared, more or less, in the full knowledge that no plan survives first contact with the enemy:

I am very fortunate to have my own hobby/ study room in a little house at the back of the garden, with a spacious dedicated hobby space. I am afraid it looks a lot more impressive than warranted by my output and results!

Now I will probably be reorganizing my hobby room in the next few weeks, as my better half has hinted in her own subtle way that the 1000 books or so on Ancient History still in the study (okay, her, now, I guess) in the house should be relocated to my own den asap, which will involve the purchasing of more Billy bookcases and finding the optimal way to cram them in what is ultimately not an indefinitely expanding room; but I am sure it will be ok in the end, and I hope it will not have too much impact on my painting!

I am very much looking forward to our journey together, and I will try to comment as much as I can on your doubtlessly again truly fabulous, varying and interesting entries. Only about two weeks to go now!

From Barks: Behold! My stuff

G'day everyone,

I'm really looking forward to AHPC XIII. I thought I'd follow the Snowlord's lead and introduce myself. 

I'm Barks; I run a blog; I live in Australia; this will be my eighth AHPC. I love the cameraderie and the impetus to get things done. Not to mention the inspiration! I've always enjoyed the theme rounds as a way to get unusual models painted. I have Minioned previously; this year I shall be a Challenger.


I am a wargaming butterfly with interests in many areas, scales, and periods. I have a lot of half-completed projects... I seem to slide into sci-fi and Middle-earth quite a bit, though. I like painting faces and infantry, I dislike painting vehicles. I have a temperamental 3D printer. I have long contemplated an airbrush. My hobby area is a complete mess and unfit for public viewing.


I dislike prepping. I am, nevertheless, currently sticking together hordes of Citadel plastics. I'll then glue sand to the bases before hitting them with a rattlecan. I may try 'slapchop' for some projects. I'm trying to clear out some half-finished figures or else they will have to languish until March. I'd love to get some scenery done but would need to cut some MDF.


My enthusiasm ramps up when I get the theme rounds list- then I really start to strategise my approach and the order I will get things done.


My goal is to reach a lifetime 10 000 AHPC points during this Challenge.


I love receiving comments, and I will try to comment- at least briefly- on all your posts.


Pro tip: Faces are the focus of a model and forgive other problems elsewhere. Eyes sell a face- but they don't have to have whites and pupils.


Pet peeves: Uncropped photos- I want to see your toys, not the desktop!

See you all in a few weeks!


PS: I also feel responsible/ to blame for the skull duel- more info soon.

Monday, 5 December 2022

What's your Hobby Setup, Preparations and Plans for Challenge XIII?

A common topic of conversation amongst Challenge participants is the manic preparations undertaken for the coming three months of the AHPC. Figures are acquired, assembled and primed. Tufts, bases and other esoteric materials are stocked. Paints, brushes and all sorts of arcane hobby tools are purchased, carefully organized and made ready for the coming painting blitz. For many challengers, all of this frantic jockeying has become as intrinsic to the Painting Challenge as the event itself.

With this in mind, I though it may be fun for us to provide pictures of our hobby areas, along with perhaps a few things we're preparing for the orgy of painting ahead.

I'll open the ball with an image of my hobby setup, along with a few shots of some of the stuff I'm working on in preparation of the starting whistle.

The Snow Lord's Nerd Centre

Space is at a premium in our household, and as such my hobby setup is nestled in a closet in our den. I installed some lighting, built a desk insert and added some upper shelving for overflow (there is ALWAYS overflow). I also have a few Ikea rolling storage units tucked below the desk that I use for excess paint and random bits. It's pretty compact, but over the years I've managed to get a lot done in the space afforded to me.

Here are a few things that I've been preparing for the Challenge:

A BFG as part of an upcoming Titan build (I think GregB will approve).

One of my Snobs for Turnip28

Mushrooms for bases (I know, how random).

Mysterious blobs to be revealed later.

My printer working overtime on stuff I'll probably never paint...

My Challenge Projects

  • Additional Characters for 'Moonstone'

  • WWI Greyscale?

  • Italian Wars

  • Some Napoleonic Additions

  • Two complete forces for Turnip28

  • A new Titan for Adeptus Titanicus

  • Cars for Mad Maximillian

  • Fantasy Adventurers for Mork Borg

  • Fantasy Monsters for the same!


We just have a few weeks before the start of the Challenge, so let's see what each other has for hobby setups, along with perhaps a pic or two of the projects you have percolating for the Challenge. For those who have access to the Challenge blog from the last edition, feel free to upload your own posts, otherwise send me an email with your pics along with a description of what you have planned and I'll post it up on the blog.

Okay folks, let's see what you have in your hobby lair!

- Curt

Friday, 2 December 2022

Duels, Side-Challenges and Grudge-Matches for Challenge XIII

'I propose airbrushes at dawn...'

The the issuing of paint duels, side challenges and grudge matches extends waaay back to the first Challenge and has become a time-honoured tradition ever since. The duels help motivate participants to keep their steam up and creates a fun atmosphere of smack talk and brush baiting.

For those who are new to the Challenge let me explain what this is all about: paint duels allow for small groups of participants to test one another against a variety of whacky criteria. Maybe it's to see who can paint the most WWII vehicles over the duration of the Challenge, or who can paint the most figures within a particular historical period/genre, other duels may be to see who can get to a specific points threshold first. Really, the sky's the limit - it's entirely up to your imagination.

Over the years the side duels have become more formalized, with many of these clashes of brush and paint have become a storied part of Challenge lore.

There's already been murmurings amongst a few participants about issuing duels, and to facilitate such, there is an area of the blog dedicated for it for tracking purposes. You can find the link to the Duels page on the top navigation bar.

The ever compliant and ebullient Mr. Millsy will be in charge of keeping track of the paint duels for this year. ALL updates on duels must be sent to him for tabulation and posting - he will be the official scorekeeper of duels and side-challenges. Ndodgy spreadsheets, heretical documents, or bogus scorecards will be recognized. So send him a note to get your duel registered and keep him appraised of any progress.

Millsy can be reached at: 

Again, when you finish an entry that's eligible for scoring in a duel please send Millsy a quick note, giving the name of the duel and the criteria you wish to log. He in turn will update the duel page. Simple! 

I'm going to start the proceedings with a Turnip28 Challenge. Yes, I've caught the bug (or is that an invasive root vegetable?), and plan to do up a bunch of figures for the game this winter. So, who in the group thinks that they can best me in number of points painted for Turnip28? My Second is ready to accept any worthy challengers. :)

Okay! Let's have some fun with all this! I want to see gauntlets dropped, cards exchanged and blood, er, paint on the floor. This is going to be fun!

- Curt

Wednesday, 30 November 2022

The Participant Roster for Challenge XIII

Hooray! Below is (finally) the roster for Challenge XIII. 

Yeah, I know, I said I wanted to keep it to around 70, and here we are at 83. Yeeeah, I'm such a pushover. The more the merrier I always say, and besides, this number shouldn't break Blogger like last year, right? (cringes while typing this).

I'll try to replace this list with another copy that retains the links to folks' blogs. 

In the meantime, let's get on to some duels and side-challenges, shall we?

- Curt

Sunday, 20 November 2022

The Thirteenth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge


 Hi All!

It is November 20th, and with the coming of winter it is also time to plan for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge!   

For this season, our 13th, we'll be making our way through the film lot of 'AHPC Studios, GmbH', a loose cluster of stages, workshops, offices and film sets. It is here that we will offer participants to partake various Silver Screen themes. More on this below. 

The Basics

The Painting Challenge will extend from the first day of Winter, 12:01 am December 21st, through to the first day of Spring, 12:01am March 20th, Central Standard Time (CST). 
Miniatures (i.e. figures, vehicles, artillery, terrain, etc.) can be prepared, assembled and primed prior to the start date, but you cannot start painting until December 21st. In order to gain full points, the figures should be based (if appropriate) and any planned groundwork completed. The figures have to be painted by you. 
The Challenge follows the honour system in the completion and entry of figures. 
Miniatures can be in any scale and in any genre (pulp-adventure, science-fiction, fantasy, etc.).
In order to be scored, participants will self-publish photos of their submissions along to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge blog. Up-to-date scoring (or as up-to-date as we can manage) will be maintained on the blog's main page. 
I will send out an email to all participants a week or so prior to the event to provide additional details on submitting your entries to the Challenge blog.
An Important Note: All participants must have an entry submitted within the first four weeks of the event (i.e. January 21st). Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the Challenge roster. Yep, remember, this is not called a Challenge for nothing. :)
The Scoring

Below is an outline of the scoring that will be used for the Challenge. 
6mm foot figure = 0.5 point
6mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 1 point
6mm vehicle = 2 points
10mm foot figure = 1 point
10mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 2 points
10mm vehicle = 3 points 
15mm foot figure = 2 points
15mm mounted figure, artillery piece or large crew served weapon = 4 poin
15mm vehicle = 8 points

20mm foot figure = 4 points
20mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 8 points
20mm vehicle = 15 points

28mm foot figure = 5 points

28mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 10 points
28mm vehicle = 20 points
40mm foot figure = 7 points
40mm mounted figure, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 15 points
40mm vehicle = 25 points
54mm foot figure = 10 points
54mm mounted figures, artillery piece or crew served weapon = 20 points
54mm vehicle, limber, etc. = 30 points 
Other scales, miscellaneous models/figures will be scored on a submission-by-submission basis. 

Terrain Submissions

We'll retain our imperfect-but-it-works  6" cube format. Briefly, if your terrain piece (or collected terrain pieces) fills a 6" cube, you get 20 points. If your terrain would 'fill' multiple 6" cubes, then multiply 20 points for each cube of volume. 

Terrain filling the 6" cube on the left would be worth 20 points. The composite group on the right, made up of eight cubes, would be worth 160 points.

Example 1: I've painted three 28mm barrels and six trees. They would roughly fill a single 6" square cube. I would get 20 points for this. 

Example 2: I've constructed and painted a large 28mm manor that is approximately 12" wide, 14" long and 10" high. All in all, this would roughly take up 8 cubes worth of volume. This would give me 160 points.

Example 3: I've painted a few bits of scatter terrain. I estimate they only 'fill' around a 1/4 of a 6" square cube. This would get me 5 points.

Submissions of terrain should be sent in with a picture illustrating the scale of their work (a ruler laid alongside should do the trick). This will give your hard-working Minion a basis for scoring. Extra points for extra detail, scratch-built insanity, etc. will be left to the Minions to adjudicate as they see fit.  

Changes to the Challenge

Okay, Here are the list of changes to the Challenge program:

1) The participant cap is set at 70(ish). 
Last year we pushed the limits of the Blogger platform in having almost 100 participants, so this year we will set the cap at around 70 in the hope that nothing blows up. :)
2) The Theme this year is... 
'AHPC Studios, GmbH'! We've returned from the extra terrestrial space of last year's 'Challenge Sector XII', and give you a film studio from the golden age of cinema. 

Welcome to 'AHPC Studios'!

Those doughty Challengers who wish to to test their mettle can enter 'AHPC Studios, GmbH', exploring the expansive film lot, and engaging with the various themed challenges within. 

NOTE: For illustration purposes only. This is NOT the map.

The studio will feature a varied assortment of locations which participants can explore by completing a themed hobby task. Once you finish a task at a location you will get bonus points and will be clear to travel on to the next location. 

Remember, participants do not need to embark on this journey of madness to enjoy the Challenge, it is a voluntary diversion for those wishing to try some theme-based challenges.

In the next few weeks I'll followup with another post laying out the specifics of 'AHPC Studios', its final layout, and its rewards.

The Minions

Keeping to form, I will serve as the Dungeon-Master-of-Ceremonies / Tormentor-in-Chief / Dread-Dork-Lord, etc. etc., but I will also have a happy group of 'Minions' to keep this adventure moving along. Here are the wonderful folks who have taken the Snowlord's shilling to assist me in this year's Challenge:
  • Monday: PeterD
  • Tuesday: TamsinP
  • Wednesday: MilesR
  • Thursday: Teemu
  • Friday: PhilH
  • Saturday: StuartL
  • Sunday: Martin and Curt

Signup, Personal Targets and Duels

For those wishing to participate please send me an email, providing: 
1) your full name,
2) your country of residence
3) your blog address (if you have one), and
3) your points target for the three months of the event.
My email address is:
curtcampbell at mac dot com 
I will post a comment below when the roster has been filled and will follow-up with an email in a couple weeks detailing the specifics of the event.

Many participants have found the personal points targets to be a great incentive in maintaining their pace over the three months of the Challenge. I encourage participants to pick a target that is just beyond your comfort zone, but still achievable. As a rough benchmark, 300 points is considered a manageable amount for someone who is new to the the event and/or has a busy work/life schedule. Also remember that a significant amount of points can be secured by adventuring in 'AHPC Studios' (more on this in a later post).

Relating to the points targets, many folks have a lot of fun issuing 'duels' to other participants in order to race to meet a declared target, paint the most figures for a specific period, etc. I leave this to the participants to dream-up, organize and keep track of.

The Cost of Entry

Last year we had great success with our donations to the Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation and so I thought we'd keep our shoulder to the wheel for this edition. Accordingly, the cost of entry to the Challenge is a donation (in the amount of your choice) to this worthwhile charity based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. Living Sky provides a safe place for injured and orphaned wild animals to grow and mend until they can return to their natural habitat, while also encouraging public tolerance and understanding of wildlife. 

If you can, please send the folks at Living Sky a brief email, noting your donation and that you are a participant of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. Thank you!!


Challenge XIII begins at 12:01am December 21st!

Now, sign up, and get your miniatures assembled and primed - I'll see you on the start line in a month!

Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Iain W - 28mm Wrap Report

So the end of another challenge, thanks to Curt and Mr Wednesday (Greg) it's taken me a while to put together my wrap report which follows the pattern of the rest of the challenge for me,works been extra busy plus a dose of Covid meant I just seem to be trying to catch up all the time, I haven't been able to comment on all the  posts this year as there were so many, but I hit my target which is great and apart from seven figures to make up the last unit from Blax ( Simon) I've managed to stick to the plan of painting Napoleonic Austrians and now I have a tidy little force and should be able to have some sort of a game soon! I decided against visiting the planets as in previous years I've wandered off scratch building things that I never finished , I've still got a half finished boat yard from an over literal interpretation of a previous challenge location !

Both Toby and I are a bit greyer in the muzzle now ,still, looks like a decent amount of figures there anyway ,it's been great fun reading all the other posts and seeing the enormous range of figures that everyone has painted, I'd better start preparing for next year!
All the best 

Sunday, 17 April 2022

The Closing Awards for Challenge XII

Well, here we are at the close of our twelfth edition of the Painting Challenge, and what a wonderful three months it's been. 

All the votes have been tabulated for our 'Challengers' Choice', our fabulous Minions have selected their 'Minions' Choice', Sarah has made her decision for 'Sarah’s Choice', as I have for SnowLord's Choice. Whew! It has been a busy few days! So, please get yourself a cup of your favourite libation and settle-in for our 12th season wrap-up.


Challengers' Choice

We had 16 nominations for 'Challengers' Choice' this year, with 59 people casting their votes for their favourites. I for one find that it's a great treat to be able to take in the gallery of nominations as it provides such an excellent retrospective of the Challenge.  

The voting results were so narrowly contested that the top three positions were only within a couple votes of one another. Below is the honourable mention along with the podium finishers.

Honourable Mention

Nick for his terrific (and verdant!) WWII German 8.8cm Flak Gun and Crew.

Third Place for Challengers' Choice  

Barks, for his beautiful rendition of Dernhelm and Merry galloping to their fate at the Battle of Pelennor Fields

Second Place for Challengers' Choice   

Ken's 'Risorgimento Project' - Bellissimo!

Challengers' Choice for Challenge XII

First Place for Challengers' Choice goes to Sander for his evocative and wonderfully realized 'A Soldier's Farewell'. Congratulations Sander!

Sander, for your prize you get a one-year's subscription to Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy. Congratulations!

For those interested in seeing the voting results for Challengers' Choice, here they are:


Minion's Choice

The Minions have spoken! Here are their nominations and final selection for Minions' Choice (Feb 20 - March 20).

Grahame’s Anzacs in Vietnam

...and the Minions' Choice for the last month of the Challenge goes to...

Sarah’s Security Officer, Sophie!

Congratulations Sarah!! In recognition of your stylish Sophie please accept a gift certificate to Comic Readers here in Regina. Well done m'dear - Bravo!!


Sarah’s Choice 

From Sarah: 

I find that the close of every Challenge is bittersweet. ‘Sweet’ because challenge goals have been met and surpassed, lead piles decreased, new friends made and old friendships re-kindled. 'Bitter' because the novelty of the daily blog check-in has ended, the acknowledgment that there are projects and minis left unfinished and unpainted, and that the December start date seems so far away.

The Sarah’s Choice Award allows me to continue the Challenge for a few weeks longer as I go back and re-visit all the postings. I find that no matter how diligent I am during the Challenge, there are often figures that I missed or forgot about. It’s such a treat to come across these unexpected treasures!

Once again, the AHPC XII edition has seen a remarkable assortment of female figures presented. Veteran challenger, RayR has shown tremendous maturity and growth over the years … he’s made huge progress from presenting the She-Bear to this year's offerings of Femmes Fatales and his Donnybrook ladies. Well done Ray - You get to keep the orange crayons!

This years Challenge has been graced with super-heroines, witches and fairies, pirates and buccaneers, society dames and everything in between. So much goodness to choose from!

Honourable Mentions:

ChrisW has set an unprecedented record by posting female figures EACH week of the Challenge. 107 figures in total, ranging from 'Nanarchist Nannys' to a mysterious Lady in Blue. Bravo!

Millsy impresses with both the wonderful and terrifying Morrigan the War Witch and the headhunter Badh Mucha. His Celtic myth collection resonates with my own interests in the women of mythologies and fairytales. Plus, I like to think that I’m a descendant of welsh witches ­čžÖ‍♀️

Teemu’s Janey- the Paranormal Exterminator from Crooked Dice.
I love the pops of green & purple accents contrasting against her white coveralls. As Teemu wrote, “ pink hair gives her a futuristic appearance and her sunglasses and green gloves give professional authority”. This use of colour definitely enhances the characters’ backstory and pushes the narrative for game-play.

Sarah’s Choice for Challenge XII

SimonG’s Seductive Sazae-Oni Snail/Geisha
This weird and wonderful mythological figure from Black Rose has definitely caught my attention. Simons incredible free-handcherry blossom detail on her kimono is outstanding and the colour choices so vibrant. The Sazae-Oni’s white Geisha style make up is both fantastic and creepy. mmmmm …. I think I may have to explore this world of Yokai for the next Challenge ….

Simon, please accept a gift certificate from Westfalia Miniatures for your wonderful work.

Well done Everyone!
Have a terrific summer, replenish the lead piles, stock up on paint pots and we will meet up again for AHPC XIII

Be Kind ❤️


SnowLord's Choice

I spent the weekend going through my list for SnowLord's Choice. Making the final decision wasn't easy, but I'm happy with my choice.

Honourable Mentions go to:

Ken's fantastic 'Risorgimento Project'

...and Kyle's chaotically coloured Chaos Dwarfs!

The SnowLord's Choice for AHPC XII goes to:

Manus' wonderfully whimsical and beautifully painted Isle of Lewis and Conan of the Fianna figures.

Manus, in recognition of your fine work I'd like to award you a Moonstone starter set from Goblin King Games


Again, congratulations to all our award winners! Please contact me to work out the details for receiving your prizes. 


The 12th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has concluded. 

Before I sign off, I want to thank our wonderful Minions: Peter, Tamsin, Greg, Barks, Dave and Millsy for all their patience and hard work over the past three months. This event couldn't have happened without you amazing folks. Kudos to Miles for once again recreating the 'Spreadsheet of Doom' which is absolutely integral to our scoring and administration. I also want to thank Sidney Roundwood for his invaluable help in creating our Challenge map this year. I want to extend my gratitude all our Challenge sponsors for providing the prizes that we've issued and will be issuing in the award post. But most importantly, I want to thank all of our participants for their industry, good humour, and their unstinting support for one another over the event. The Challenge would be nothing without you.

I won't say goodbye, but 'see you soon'. Enjoy the spring and summer, be safe, be excellent, and I hope I see you again next November.

- Curt