Saturday, 18 September 2021

Noel Williams

Yesterday I received the very sad news that our friend Noel Williams had passed away this August.

Fellow participants of the Challenge know Noel well from his wonderfully creative, loquacious and hilarious submissions to our little event (he was a poet after all).  I always knew, that when a Noel entry was posted, that I'd be entertained by his great wit, impressed by his furious industry and invigorated by his ebullient enthusiasm. 

He will be greatly missed.

Wishing you smooth sailing and open skies, Noel.


Friday, 30 April 2021

From TeemuL: Challenge XI Collection

Time just flies... But anyway, earlier this week I caught up with the Challenge posts, I have now managed to read all of them (expect some of the group photo posts). I was a  bit behind the whole Challenge and thus didn't comment on many of them purely because I was so late (I'm not a wizard, you know). The first two and half weeks of the Challenge I was on vacation, which meant I had very limited time for hobbies. Before the Challenge we also bought an old house which we started to renovate late last year and finally week after the Challenge we moved in. It is far from ready, of course. Old houses, like so many other things in life, are never finished...

Here's all what I managed to paint during the Challenge (missing S.N. Owl-Ord for obvious reasons and Sylvaneth trees because they in a different cabinet behind all the other Sylvaneth). But other minis I have dug out from the moving boxes and here they are. Not that much in the end, but managing to complete the Chambers of Challenge I gathered quite a lot of points in the end.

Here is photo of the halberdiers which Snowlord asked from me, this time they have their shields decaled and they have two friends. The paint job doesn't exactly match, but the colors do (except the the shield motif). Now, if anyone knows where to get command figures for this unit, please let me know.

My Lotr (or MESBG) eagle got a lot of notice, here's two photos with the latest one with frieds. There's now three plastic ones and metal Gwaihir, all painted very quickly with Citadel Contrast paints.

No photo of me this time, unfortunately, but since I'm still participating in the Vaccine Challenge, I might post something there!

Thursday, 29 April 2021

From PeterD Challenge Wrap Up


I am of course late out of the gate on this one.  But here are my wrap up photos.


Naval Stuff

All the ships were from WW2.  I had planned to add some Anglo Dutch Wars ships which only got part painted and some from the War of the Pacific which only got primer.  I gave Adam a reasonable chase in the early going of there Naval Duel but got left in everyone's wake at the end.  For some reason I decided that I needed every destroyer that fought in the Med in 1941-2, but I had fun researching the various classes, modifications and camouflage patterns applied.

Land based stuff

A true variety pack -  a new 10mm NYW project, Dorky Orky tanks, Women of WW2 and Beowulf!

Dooffus in charge with my Meadhall background from our Beowulf DnD sessions

January through March is a busy time for me.  I basically end up working 60% of each of two jobs so the challenge is a sanity break for me.  It's great to see everyone work and looking forward to next year.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

The Awards for Challenge XI

Welcome back Challengeristas and loyal viewers! Finally, the awards of Challenge XI! 

As per tradition, every year we gather in late April to celebrate the efforts of the our intrepid participants, and to give special recognition to those who particularly impressed us with their skills with the brush. Today we have the picks for Challengers' Choice, Sarah's Choice and SnowLord's Choice.


Challengers' Choice

A few weeks ago I posted our nominations for Challengers' Choice and created a voting poll for us to make our selections. Here are the results.

If anyone wants to see the full poll data just drop me a note.

For our honourable mentions we have:

Ray's Ottoman Collection

Jasper's Body of Work

and Curt's Body of Work

In Third, we have Ken's bellissimo Italian Legion Project

In Second, Christopher's favaloso 3rd Century Romans

Well done Ken and Christopher. The two of you provided viewers with a Roman extravaganza. Bravo, bello!

And finally, the Challengers' Choice for a second consecutive year is Sidney Roundwood with his spectacular body of work! Congratulations Sidney!!

Sarah's Choice

What a treat this AHPC has been.

The variety of painted muses, demons, witches, hags and crones, elves, fairies and adventuresses presented has been thrilling to watch.

Some of the femme fatales show questionable wardrobe choices while others are perfectly accessorized.

All are worthy of the challenge and if I could trophy’s to everyone, I would!

Honourable mentions to PeterD, PeterF and PaulSS for their ladies of the army: the cantinieres, camp followers and the women’s’ army of pilots, land girls etc. (Diana Quicks character in The Duellists is a fave of mine).

PeterD's Lumber Jill

PeteF's Napoleonic Camp Follower

PaulSS' Vivandière

Also, honourable mention to Sander for his whimsical mousling sorceress. So very cute and charming!

Sarah’s Sorceress 2021: The Baba Yaga, painted by SimonG.

The fantastic elements of the Baba Yaga in the Russian Fairytales are some of my favourite stories.

Simons’ painting is vibrant and bold, the figure & hut are dynamic and one really gets a sense of the Baba Yaga swirling through the landscape.

Thank you Simon, well done to all Challengers!

Keep safe, get the vaccine and be kind!

- Sarah

Snowlord's Choice

As per every Challenge, I was absolutely spoiled for candidates as we have so many talented people in the group. I often like to pick entries that have a personal, or interesting human interest aspect to them. Trouble was that there were so many to choose from this year! The 'Hall of Ancestors' location, in particular, really treated us to many wonderfully touching and personal stories. I was stymied for many days, mulling over dozens of entries, and in the end I decided to feature two submissions that especially resonated with me.

Martin's 'Mary Anning' I found to be absolutely fabulous. 

I really enjoyed the history of this early female geologist, and Martin's basework, featuring ammonite mudstone, a part of Mary's history, is truly inspired.

The other choice is from Benito. His grandfather, Abuelo Paco, silently fought for the Spanish Republic and later endured the rule of Franco and his victorious fascists. I found Benito's writing poignant, and his representative figure very fitting. A wonderful entry Benito.


Challenge XI is a wrap folks! 

Thanks again to our Minions who were absolutely indispensable in helping me manage the Challenge. Finally a deep bow to you all for being such wonderful participants and great supporters of the event. 

I'm no great fan of Winter, but when the snow flies I will be very much looking forward to joining you for the next edition of the Painting Challenge.

Best wishes.

- Curt

Thursday, 22 April 2021

No, really, it's coming soon...


Sorry folks, life (i.e. Covid, work, WS&S deadline (fun!), f*cking plumbers) ambushed my hobby time. I hope to have the Challenge wrap-up published shortly.

Thanks for your patience.

- Curt

Monday, 5 April 2021

Please Vote for YOUR Challengers' Choice of AHPC XI

Hello Everyone!

Below are the 20 nominations for Challengers' Choice!

For those who were nominated for numerous submissions, I took the liberty to aggregate their nominations into to a single 'Body of Work' classification, with a sample collage image.

Please look through the gallery and feel free to follow the links to the original submissions.

Due to the increasing costs of SurveyMonkey, I've shifted to using a new app for conducting the voting.  It does not easily allow for single-use submissions for online polls, so in order to better control the responses I will be sending an email invitation to all participants to secure their votes. If you were an observer, and wish to participate in the selection, please send me an email: curtcampbell at mac dot com and I'll add your votes. 

On April 18th I will post up the top three selections for Challengers' Choice, along with my SnowLord's Choice and Sarah's Choice.