Wednesday, 19 December 2018

The 'What a Tanker!' Challenge

This year we are delighted to have 'Too Fat Lardies' joining our storied list of Challenge sponsors. Hooray!

Rich and Nick will be providing a prize which they will award to the best 'What a Tanker!' submission decided at the end of the Painting Challenge. Eligible entries will feature an armoured vehicle from the WWI to WWII period in 28mm scale. We ask that all those who want to have their entry considered to label it with 'What a Tanker!', which will better allow the Lardies to search through the submissions for their consideration (and, no doubt, open-jawed admiration).

Thank you, Rich and Nick, for your support of the Challenge! I'm certain you're going to be treated to many stunning armour entries over the next few months.