Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Voting for People's Choice Has Now Begun! (Announcement of all Challenge Awards and Prizes this Sunday)

Hi All!

First off, thanks to all the participants who took the time to cast their votes for Challenger's Choice. It was very entertaining to read through all the submissions and witness the opinions of my fellow brush-jockeys. More on this soon.

Our final poll of the Challenge is for the People's Choice. The voting for this award is open to all those who visited the Challenge (yes, participants can join in as well) and were particularly impressed with what they saw. 

Using the poll on the right sidebar please feel free to vote for your top three entries. The vote is free form, meaning you can vote for an individual figure, a participant's body of work, a theme entry, etc.

The poll will close Sunday morning upon which I will be announcing the results for:
  • Challengers' Choice
  • People's Choice
  • Sarah's Choice 
  • Judge's Choice
  • Satisfaction of the Paint Duels 
I will also be making the prize draws for those Challengers who reached the six specific point's thresholds over the course of the three-month event. This is the part I've been keenly waiting for since the Challenge began as I love giving out prizes! 

So stay tuned on Sunday to see all the results and join me in celebrating the close of this season's Challenge.

Thanks for dropping by everyone!