Thursday, 3 March 2016

From RossM - Augmented Infantry (54 points)

At long last here is my first entry for this year's Painting Challenge and it is not what was originally planned. The Macedonians stumbled at the start again!

All together now

The figures shown are from Critical Masses ARC Forces range and are 15mm in scale. There are a total of 27 figures: 3 Command and 24 troops - 4 stands of normal Augmented Troops and 4 stands with Plasma cannons. Normal deployment would be command with either of the troop types although there will be a command set in the post shortly to balance this out.

"Normal" Augmented Troops with Command

These figures are great to paint and even though they have never seen action yet other from the same range will continue to be on the painting table for some time.

Basing has been kept in line with previous figures from the same range and collectively produces a good finish to the figures.

Augmented troopers with Laser Cannons

Throughout painting figures for Critical Mass there has been a deliberate decision to have a limited and use warm colours sparingly. The red vambraces here are to indicate an elite unit and obviously to make them go faster.

This concludes this first entry for the Challenge and if my calculation is correct will add 54 points to my total of nil so far.

Hoping to have more from this range very soon.

Cheers for now,
Welcome to the fray Ross! It's great to have you finally get on the board. I don't think we've had much 15mm sci-fi stuff up til now so you've treated us to something new as well. What rules system are these based for BTW? 
Critical Mass make some seriously nice stuff don't they? Loads of definition that enables you to get a good amount of contrast even at distance as you've demonstrated with these fine fellows. I really like the scheme you've chosen for them with the red flashes on the elite troops giving them a bit of a flourish too. 
This is worth a solid 54 points to kick you off. Got any more in the locker? There's still over two weeks to go so you've loads of time to push your total north. Cheers, Millsy

From Barks - Dracula and foes

These are from the 2015 3rd edition of the boardgame Fury of Dracula. This is a hidden movement game where Dracula records his moves secretly and the hunters travel across Europe tracking him down. The sculpts date back to the 2005 2nd edition, and aren't fantastic. They're true 25mm.


Lord Godalming

Mina Harker

van Helsing

Dr Seward

I used a bit of blue to highlight the Count, and gave Mina Harker a red scarf to represent her ties to him. I had a poorly-thought-out attempt at OSL for Lord Godalming, but didn't like it so overpainted it- looks a bit better now, as if I had done it properly!

Something completely different and quite fascinating Mr Barks this week! I've never heard of the Fury of Dracula and I'm more than a little intrigued now I must say. There's a real movement to paint up game pieces these days and I can see why when you're presented with stuff like this.

I really like all five characters in one way or another but I think the stand out for me is the main man Count Dracula. The blue highlight works a charm and depth of shadows on his scarlet lined cape sets his outfit off very nicely indeed.

That's a total of 25 points added to your tally. What's next I wonder? Cheers, Millsy.

From EvanH - A Nice Toad (6 points)

I'm channeling icy thoughts in the hope that I can lower the ambient temperature here in Sydney, aka Satan's Y-Fronts. Trust me, you don't want to know.

So here's my latest attempt at sympathetic weather magic, a Nice Toad an Ice Toad from North Star's Frostgrave range.

I'm feeling cooler already!

This chap was part of my birthday present from Mr Mills, and I hope to get the other half of the blister pack, That's No Leopard that Snow Leopard, finished next.

The snowdrifts were prepared using my usual recipe of bicarbonate of soda and PVA glue, undercoated with a wash of OOP GW Ice Blue and highlighted in white. Gloss varnish was used for the snow and the eyes of the beastie. A princely five points, but every little bit helps, right?

Eww. You might want to get those looked at.
He's the first of my Frostgrave figs to be completed, and I've got several more lurking in the Twilight Zone of undercoat limbo - but can I get any more of them out there before the Challenge ends? Time management has never been my strong suit...

Stay tuned!
Nice to see the birthday goodies getting some attention Ev! Considering we've both bought into Frostgrave rather heavily and then done bugger all since, this hopefully can kick-start things and make sure we get some gaming in sooner rather than later. 
I must admit until now I was dubious about how this weird little chap would look painted up. As of now I'm a convert. The sallow skin and almost Henson-esqe facial expression are very likeable indeed and the effort you've put into the basing really finishes him off nicely. 
He's worth just five points as you mentioned but I'm throwing in another for the basing. Cheers, Millsy.

From MarkH - 15mm WW2 German big guns (118 points)

Hi everyone, small post for me today. I still have lots on the go but little finished - this week I finished off some more Flames of War figures.

First up a pair of German Luftwaffe 88's. A total of 16 figures and 2 large guns. 

Next we have 4 late war German 10.5cm artillery pieces. A total of 31 infantry and 4 large guns.

Well that's it for now.

Mark :)
I'm not sure I'd class this as a small post Mark, despite the fact it's 15mm. Having painting a fair few WWII artillery myself I can testify to the amount of fiddling required just to get them assembled, never mind the large number of crew and basing as well. 
Both sets are very well executed indeed but for my mind the pick of the two are the 88s. Not only have you gone with the Luftwaffe crew but you've actually got them doing anti-aircraft work. Almost every set you see are set up as anti-tank guns because of their effectiveness in game terms but this neglects their intended role, especially in the late war when Allied bombing was at it's peak. 
Lovely work mate and well worth the 118 points it earns you. Cheers, Millsy