Sunday, 20 March 2016

From JonathanO - A few more Assyrians. (45 points)

A small and rather late submission as the Painting Challenge draws to a close.   I have failed badly to meet my modest 500 point target.  Sorry Curt!  Also sorry to Tamsin for not helping the Tuesday team more.  I have been working away from home and my hobby time has been limited the last 2 months.  I did manage to play a couple of games in our great Frostgrave campaign, but most of my hobby time was spent trying to get the Edmonton MayDay Convention organised.

Here are 9 more Lamming Miniatures Assyrian archers for 45 points.

I failed to complete all the infantry for this army and have not got very far with the chariots and cavalry.  I never started my War and Empire 15mm army either! I will work on them all this spring and summer.  My Curtgeld figure is also in progress and will follow soon.

I have enjoyed the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge very much and have been very impressed with the painting skills and output of my fellow participants.


No worries Jonathan! I'm just happy that you managed to get some more of your lovely miniatures into the Challenge before the curtain fell. These are very, very nice. The bright palette you've gone with fits their old school design and the chunky bases have a great esthetic all their own.
I hope that next year allows you better hobby time so we can more enjoy your work. Have a great time at your MayDay Convention! 

From SidneyR - The Last Day of the Challenge: More from Laarden 1688 and my Curtgeld (116 Points)

It’s been an amazing Challenge, and all too soon, it has come to an end this evening. I’ve loved every minute, watching everyone’s incredible submissions and preparing my own. I’ve really only managed the themed submission rounds, but alongside those I’ve slowly been painting up a few extra figures, which I’ve finished today.

So here are a couple of extra pike stands from the Laarden civic militia, some extra engineers (slightly left over from the Defensive Terrain themed round) and – finally – the arrival of the first of the Laarden cavalry. I suspect, like a few of you, I prepared a lot of troops at the start of the Challenge which have not seen paintbrush yet. And I’m no exception. These are the two command stands for three regiments of Flemish and Spanish cavalry (36 cavalrymen, in all), all of which are still waiting patiently in the painting queue. 

Like the other Laarden militia, I’ve tried to keep the theme of yellow and blue in the standard of the Laarden pike stand, proudly displaying the civic Pelican motto. The militia still have a mix of uniforms and armour like their comrades in the second of the themed rounds, “Epic Fail”. 

And you might spot the Pelican motif on the grenadier’s cap, and the trumpet banner of one of the cavalrymen.

So, with the Challenge at an end, there’s only one last thing to do – complete my Curtgeld. With the theme of Risk-takers and Gamblers, I had intended to paint a rather nice Foundry casting of the Duke of Marlborough. But, over the last few days, I’ve thought that one of the citizens of Laarden might be more appropriate. So, armed with some “brown stuff” putty and a Dixon Miniature casting with a Bicorne Miniatures partisan, I’ve built, prepared and painted my Curtgeld during the course of today. And so, for the Sixth Challenge, here’s my Curtgeld – and it’s none other than that famed, rakish Flemish cavalier, Antoine de Gautier

Equipped with a ludicrous wig, attired in elegant French fashions and carrying a stylish, if antiquated, partisan he’s once again preening and parading across the fields of Flanders accompanied by to Laarden chickens. No doubt he’s taking a gamble carrying a partisan on the field – but at least it’s more use then his wooden duelling sword he was seen carrying in the sixth themed round. 

And with that, I’m done. Huge thanks Curt on a wonderful Challenge and well done everyone!  Hope to see you all again later this year for the next Challenge!!!

Ahhh, more lovliness from the picturesque Flemish town of Laarden, absolutely fantastic. Sid, this whole Laarden project of yours is brilliant. I just love the quasi-fictional setting, the characters the colour palette, well everything really. Just like your WWI project, it's so wonderfully realized. Bravo sir!

And to this I am absolutely delighted to receive a figure of one of the principle worthies of the town of Laarden, Antoine de Gautier himself! With attendant chickens no less! How cool is that! Tremendous stuff - Thank you so much Sidney! 

Again, I'm delighted that the Challenge, in its own small way, helped to move your project along. I for one look very much forward to following the development of the Town of Laarden on your blog in the months to come, and I hope we are treated to some more of its characters during our next edition of the Challenge. Until then Mr. Roundwood, I say adieu. :)

From PhilH: Doing My Bit (45 Points)

Final day of the sixth AHPC, and here I am at 2300 tapping out my last post. It's almost enough to make one teary-eyed. And that's nothing to do with the paint fumes. As were short of our collective points target, it was full steam ahead is evening to do my bit to make up the shortfall. 

First up, a SCW Schneider m1908 70mm mountain gun, to provide some heavy firepower for my Nationalists. A squat little thing in a fine Empress kit. 

Each Spanish infantry battalion had one of these, and unlike many support weapons there were actually enough for the Peninsular army to receive their allocation.  They were typical detached and brigaded together into batteries. I couldn't find that much about them online, nor many pictures of either real ones nor painted miniatures. The camo is conjectural but a saw a B&W photo of one in a camo scheme and the green/khaki colours seemed most likely to me. It received a heavy dose of chipping and more weathering pigments than the photos give me credit for. 

This has been a real bugbear on my painting desk. I blitzed through the crew while on holiday at the start of this month. But the gun took me ages, working at it on and off. The hassle of basing it up after painting, not my favoured method. But I'm pleased with the result and hope I can give it a run out soon. 

I finished this earlier in the week and cast my eyes around for something to quickly work up for the finale. I received these Pulp Miniatures 'cowled cultists' for Christmas. As my Secret Stana got me 'evil hooded' cultists as well, I settled on doing these in a colour scheme of grey robes, and will save the classic purple for the hooded cult. I feel like these nee a decal of some kind to break up there robes, and will keep an eye out for something suitable. 

I imagine that and the other half of the group will form a 'not-necessarily-evil' cult, that may work to aims that aren't so blatantly nefarious as global domination, annihilation or the attempted summoning of elder beings. Perhaps they like knitting or something. 

It doesn't feel like my best challenge in terms of my entries, as with many fellow challengers, real life took its toll. But on that front, I can delightfully report that redecorating was finished this weekend, as well leaving mere odds and ends to do over the rest of the year. And the garden, that rather needs some attention. So I'm look it forward to a relaxing Easter not having to worry about full-size paintbrushes. It pleases me that the 1:1 project was kicked off, and also finished within the challenge. 

With that, I'll just say a massive, heartfelt 'thank you' first to Curt, who is generous enough with his time to organise and shepherd us through the challenge over the winter months. It's a great pleasure to be able to participate once again. Also to Curt's fine helpers, whose amusing commentary and enthusiasm was appreciated by all, no doubt. And to Resident Statistician Miles, because what isn't improved by a resident statistician (even with Curt's gremlins at work. Talking of statistical gremlins, my counting puts my points tally 10 short but what's 10 points between friends, eh? These entries and the last theme round points should be enough to put me well past my target). And finally to my fellow challengers, whose outstanding work keeps my enthusiasm and creativity up across the whole year. 

Beautiful work Phil! That mountain gun is brilliant. I like your take on the camo and also how you've based the crew tightly around it - those gunshields must have felt pretty darne small under fire. Your cultists are ace as well - I'm particularly taken with the grey-blue you've used for their robes - it's slimming, traditional and yet so chic. :)

I know you've been pretty pegged-out with 1:1 scale project so I appreciate the effort you put into the Challenge with the time that you had - and hey, you managed to recover the honour of Britannia with your duel with Juan. That's gotta be worth a heap of street cred there in Blighty, right?

Until next time Phil. Take care.

From IannickM: Il buono (Curtgeld)...and a disgusting Nurgle beast (27 Points)

Well, just in time here is my entry fee to Curt. The Man with no Name gambles his way and risks his life on numerous occasions in search of a fitsful of dollars and a tomb of gold through three awesome movies, culminating in the epic (and my favourite movie) The Good the Bad & the Ugly. Clint Eastwood just nails the character to perfection, and this is my little homage to one of the last true man's man. Yes, I have a man crush on Clint.

I painted the figure as closely as I could to the movie's poster, and I'm quite happy with how he came up. My only regret is that I was not able to reproduce the famous poncho's decorations. I was not happy with my first try, and time lacking I painted over it and went with a plain poncho. I hope Curt will manage to forgive me for this obvious lack of historical accuracy!

On a completely different style, I managed to finish painting a Nurgle beast for my Chaos army. The figure is from the Hell Dorado range and when I saw it I just knew it would work perfectly in my Nurgle force as a beast of Nurgle, the God of plague, despair, disease and death. The figure is basically a full 40mm of worms crawling over one another. Eurk. Disgusting, but oh so Nurgly! The figure was a pain to assemble though, with parts that didn't fit real well. I made it as if it just rose from a puddle of goo, and well, I think it looks how it is supposed to look!

So that's 7 pts + the points for the Curtgeld (it's late and I don't remember how much its worth, sorry!)

Finally, this hasn't been a very productive year for me, as I've been living in boxes and preparing to move in a few weeks. A busy week-end of house visits (we are selling our house) screwed with my last entry, a complete battalion of Baden Napoleonics, which are painted but not based. I thought of showing the unbased unit to get the points but I just can't do it! Roger and I at Murawski Miniatures are giving a complete Baden battalion as a prize this year, so hopefully when Curt announces the winner he will allow me to show the completed unit on this blog to show you exactly what you are winning!

A big thank you to Curt and the whole minions gang for making this challenge possible. I feel that this year I haven't participated as I usually do, in output and comments, and so I cannot wait for next year's challenge; I intend to make up for my lackluster 2015-2016 showing! 

Iannick both of these models are fabulous! First, thank you so much for the Man With No Name, he's just brilliant and true cinematic risk taker if I ever saw one. I quite like his pale blue shirt juxtaposed against his otherwise earth-tone clothing. A big thank you!

I must say that without a doubt that is one of the best Nurgle daemons I've ever seen. You usually see them done in green, pink and purple but this putrescent yellow is a terrific take on the theme. Well done Iannick!
Best of luck with your upcoming move - I know it's stressful but I'm sure you'll love your new digs. And yes, please send along some pics of your Napoleonic Baden battalion as it will be perfect for when I divvy out the prizes next week. Otherwise I look forward to having you with us next time out. Take care Iannick!

From TamsinP - At Salutesville City Penitentiary (20 Points)

I made it - just. Well, they still need to be varnished and the black rim of the base touched up, but they're good enough to post as is for my 25th entry in the main part of the Challenge.

Over the last couple of years, I've been posting various denizens of Salutesville, the fictional city for my Mob Wars project. Now any city with criminal gangs and a tenacious police department will inevitably have hoodlums being found guilty and sent to jail. And prisons need prison officers, so here are four officers from Salutesville City Penitentiary:

"There is no truth behind suggestions that our prison officers accept bribes from inmates" Mayor Reidy, 21 March 1926

The figures are 28mm from Copplestone. That will be a final 20 points added to my tally. I've got nowhere near the points levels of the last two years, but much higher than I expected going in - my initial target was 1000 points and these should leave me just shy of 1800 points. I might have actually got past 1800 points if I'd had time to paint these handsome chaps:

but I simply ran out of time (it's just after 1am here and I do have to go to work tomorrow morning!). Still, it does mean that I now have the opportunity to fix a small problem with the middle figure - hint - the shield is upside down.

And so, my Challenge ends. I've had great fun once again and managed to complete two whole armies - my 6mm Rebs and my Crusties, as well as making good headway on some other projects.

If all goes well this evening, I should manage to get another entry in before the deadline. However, in case I don't get that far I'd like to thank:

Curt "Snowlord" Campbell for putting on this grand event again; sorting out sponsors; herding the cats; and for giving us all the opportunity to come together.

Lady Sarah for allowing her husband to do all the above once again

My fellow Minions - for not leaving the adjudication chamber in too bad a mess (except for Peter - all those takeaway cartons I found on Tuesday mornings made the place look like a student dorm).

"Reverend" Miles Reidy for setting up the spreadsheet we've been using and for the statistical mumbojumbory he's done throughout the Challenge

Byron for keeping track of the various side duels.

The Tuesday Troublemakers Troop for being such good eggs and not making my life too difficult.

To all my fellow Challengers for your great contributions over the past three months. The quantity and quality of painting is always astounding.
Bravo and Brava!

Thanks again for putting up with hosting us Curt!

Ooh, these are great Tamsin. I like that you're returning to Salutesville City for your wrap-up as it's such a great project. Your break from the standard cop blue is inspired - the green is absolute ace - they have an almost Guardia Civil look about them. Very cool.

Well, it's been a great run Tamsin. You managed to fight your way up to 5th place - BRAVO!! Well done m'dear.
Once again your enthusiasm and good will has been an inspiration to us all and let me give you my deep thanks for all your help with the Tuesday mob. I know we all enjoyed the antics of Challenge Flight 06 and Head Stewardess Piper. Until next time Miss P. - it has been a pleasure. :)

From RossM: Final Entry for Challenge VI (87 Points)

Here are my second and final submissions for this year's challenge. The real challenge for me has been finding the time to spend on hobbies over the last 3 plus months. Not so easy with an 11 month old son. Still struggled on in the late hours of the night to deliver something towards my challenge total - falls short this time.

First up is a 1/72 or 20mm in scale SdKfz 223 from Frontline Wargaming. A simply assembled kit that has been painted with no camouflage unlike some of the previous armoured cars from this period.

Next are the Grav Sleds from Ground Zero Games shown without flight stands as these are proving to be a nightmare to glue in place. After much nashing of teeth and cursing I have opted to hold off on the stands.  Below is a remote Plasma Cannon to the front and two light gun sleds at the rear. All of these are 15mm in scale

Had a bit of bother getting clear focus on these figures probably a result of artificial light and tired eyes - its 2 AM in Scotland just now.

A pair of gun sleds - these seem small when compared to the Critical Mass figures however they have been refreshing to paint and there will be more on my blog throughout this year - hopefully.

Two scout sleds are below and these are the last of the sci-fi armour being shown. Again from Ground Zero Games.

Next up is a mortar section from Ground Zero Games New Israeli range. The figures are 15mm and are missing their command section - the stand was painted pre challenge and is in storage at present.

Lastly there are twenty-four 15mm Battlesuits from Critical Mass Games. Some figures just jump out at you and these are those. The colour scheme was a deliberate choice to distinguish these figures on the gaming table from other battle suits and also because the figures looked right in black from the very start.

Sadly, I ran out of the basing material I use for these with 3 stands left to texture. Still thought it worth while including them here so the unit looks complete.

That concludes my entry to this year's challenge and I have enjoyed the challenge again. I hope to be here next year and will be better prepared to achieve my pledge.

My Curtgeld figure is to follow shortly.

In terms of points I make this to be

1 x 20mm vehicle at 12 points = 12

1 x 15mm vehicles at 6 points each = 30

4 x 15mm crewed weapons at 4 each = 16

15 x 15mm infantry at 2 each = 20

9 x 15mm infantry at 1 (basing not completed) = 9

For a total of 87 points towards my final total.

Thanks for looking and looking forward to checking out everyone's final submissions later this week.


Great work Ross! The 222 is a nice little runabout (if I could only have a 20mm automatic cannon for mine). That being said I have to say that these GZG Israelis and battlesuits are awesome - I especially like the groundwork you've done for them. Excellent stuff! 
 Ross, it was good to see you out for the Challenge. I hope you join us for the next rendition. Cheers!