Sunday, 8 February 2015

The 'Hot' Theme Bonus Round is Up!

Hi All!

As the title suggests the 'Hot' theme round is now up for your viewing pleasure. Not surprisingly we're again treated to a wonderful series of submissions by our intrepid Challengers. This week you'll be treated with entries as diverse as 'Hot Tea' to, um, 'Satan the Hottie' with all sort of hotness in between.

For myself, I returned to a little project that I began last year with Revolutionary France's expedition to Egypt in 1799. This time it is a vignette of French General  looking through a spyglass over the hump of his camel. In my mind's eye I envision that it's 1801 and General Friant is watching the English army coming ashore at Abukir. He pulls back from his glass and says to his aides, 'The English are Landing. Bring up the Guns.'

So enjoy the gallery and remember to vote for all your favourite entries!

Also, as an administrative note, I'll be tabulating the bonus points for the 'Myth' theme within the next day - thanks for your patience. :)