Wednesday, 21 February 2018

From PeterD Completed Touraine Regiment 28mm SYW (40 points)

These stands include the Crusader command figures, the officer pointing and NCO with half pike.  

My flu is finally on the way out and I am getting back in the painting swing, but it is another small post from me this week.  I've got the last 8 infantrymen from the Touraine Regiment to make up the full 24 man battalion.  So far production has been incremental, I think Benito's on the same track, but it's worked.  I set my bar low and use the painting as a sanity break from a very busy semester.

These figures are all Crusader, although there are a few Front Rank figures in the full battalion.

FYI I chose the Regiments that I am painting based on the Rene North book that I used as my inspiration for my SYW project - see my Childhood round post.  This picture from the book features  members of both the Touraine and Diesbach regiments - which I targeted as my main goals to have completed by the Spring Equinox.
I've painted mine to match other sources, so Tourane's facings are a deeper blue and Diesbach has a collar added after Rossbach

Next week I hope to have a larger submission, year end is winding down at the 2/3rds of my job where I do actuarial work and it's break week at the 2/3rds of my job where I teach.  Plus the nurgles invading my sinuses and lungs are being crushed and the Olympics help with the painting mojo.

Full battalion in line.

The Front Rank and Crusader figs match up better than I expected.  The attack column is ahistorical for SYW, but I can get the full battalion in view!

Strictly speaking this should be a two battalion regiment, but I am am building only one battalion per regiment so as to max out on the unit variety.
So by my math that's another 8 28mm figures this week for another whopping 40 points!  However, there's more on the production line and I hop to have larger posts over the  next couple of weeks.

From Ray

Great to see the unit fully painted up Peter. They do look rather smart in formation. The final 8 figures for your Touraine regt will indeed earn you another 40 points to add to your total! 
Looking forward to more FIW figures from your brush.

From AdamC - Tea Party and a Big Old Bear (29 points)

These Eureka Miniatures were part from the same set as the Musicians  so I decided to use the same carpet pattern on the base.

Here we have courtly gentleman in livery or perhaps a uniform.  Clearly he's looking down his nose at something... the band, the crying baby something!

Perhaps his rotund companion just belched or farted... I like this figure because you rarely see fat miniatures that don't look like a joke. This fellow is clearly a wealthy man who takes himself seriously even if others might not.

The last of those enjoying tea is the lady with her baby.  The baby looks like she might be crying but the calm look on mom's face says she's probably just babbling happily.

I wanted to create an effect with the lady's dress that I have seen with real life dresses based on the period.  The dress is one color but has metallic color woven in that catches the light.  I went with pink and gold.  I'm very pleased with the results and glad I put in a second layer of gold dry brushing on the raised parts since it really made the effect stand out in the pictures.

Last we have the serving girl she has a bare plate so I guess she is clearing a table.

I wanted to make her colors bright but not flashy so she could be serving in a tavern or a noble house (thought probably not on formal occasion)

The second of two tables with a cup on it.  This piece should work well as an extra bit of terrain. Now for something compliantly different.

This is the Werebear form the Bones III.  I love this miniature... its size and its double bite axe say Grizzly bear but its face says Teddy beer.  I like his rope necklace with  feathers and beads (one blue one gold).

Clearly this fellow is more modest than the Boar or even than the ape.

I think this figure would make a great Beorn (though he might be a little to friendly looking) if one was doing a Battle of Five Armies game. The Wearbear is about 40mm so 7 points while the tea party and serving girl are 25mm for another 20 points.  I'll suggest another 3 points for the tables, chairs etc. to make a nice round 30 points but that is of course up to the minion

From Ray

Crackin' work Adam. I think this is my fav from you so far this Challenge. I really like the 3 characters sitting at the table. Love the colours used and the excellent eye watering carpet! The big chap looks a right miserable old sod. I wonder if he's Irish (Another Fran reference, wonder if he'll see it?)
As for the points 27 for the figures and 2 for the tables and chairs. Making a total of 29 points.

From TomM/ de Seguiran, a pirate lady, a silly kid... and more Dux (115 points)

Continuing with a project I started in the past bonus round, I`ll be trying to paint up one of the Crisis limited edition entrance figures for all of the remaining weeks of this challenge.

And of course, some regular forces as well to go along with the entries, though as we enter the final month, it's going to be more of a hotch-potch of era's and themes x-D

But first things first, the notable Marquis de Bouc, de Seguiran.  An officer of the french Regiment de Maine, as a colonel-lieutenant, he fought in the Battle of Ekeren in 1703.

Being the only non-Belgian entry model we released so far, what was so special about him?  Well, the battle was fought on the fields where our TSA clubhouse stands, and poor Joseph literally drew his final breath on our doorstep...

Sculpted by Paul Hicks, he was given to the attendees of the Crisis wargame show in 2013.

The second part of this weeks entry consists of more troops for my Dux Britanniarum force.  The first lot is the remainder of figures I had from the Gripping Beast Late Roman box set, and form a unit of 12 archers, good for 3 more groups if needed in the campaign.

Secondly, a fresh unit of 8 Dark Age warriors, again by Gripping Beast plastics, join the ranks of my Dux / SAGA force, as you can never have enough Irish for a party.

On a totally different note comes this Pirate lass by Black Scorpion.  When backing their Tombstone kickstarter, one of the stretches was a model of choice from their site, and I just loved her look with the long flowing hair.  She just had to be a redhead to my mind's eye!

The last part of this weeks entry is a dumpster with a monsterlike figure in it.  I got no clue where I  got this nor why, but I decided to paint it up as an objective marker for my Chaos Legion.  While technically "scenery", I just count it as a single 28mm figure, which is about right imho.
Because we all know that the used Tide Pods are even more delicious for the challenge, don`t we kids...

That`s it for this week, mix and match and hotch and potch, but in the end that should come to 23 models of 28mm infantry scale (12 + 8 + 3 singles) for another 115 points to my tally if i count correctly...

From Ray

Excellent work Tom. I love the Marquis de Bouc, de Seguiran figure, what a great sculpt and paint job!!! And how fantastic (not for him) that your club is on the battlefield where he died!!
Lovin' the Oirish once again and the Pirate Lass looks a handful too!

Your Math is correct 23 x 5 is indeed come to 115 points!

From JamesM: 15mm Farm Vehicles and Terrain - 44 points

Hi folks,

Big game planned for Sunday, where I get to put a large chunk of my terrain out for the chaps at the club, along with a good chunk of my models. We're on the 4th in a series of linked battles for Noyers Bocage (based on Operation Pomegranate, 16-17th July 1944). You can check out some of the reports of the earlier games here, here and here.

As part of that, I've been working on terrain bits and bobs. First up, a set of 15mm vehicles, which will be scatter terrain for around the village. The 15mm SS figures are for scale purposes. I've gone for a couple of different basing styles as some of these will be sitting on more 'built up' terrain.

All the vehicles came from Irregular miniatures, and I picked them up at Vapnartak in February. Not bad little kits, but I paid a lot more for them than I thought I would! Especially as I took no crew of animal figures.

Next, I've some more graveyard items, finishing off the previous batch. I also updated my original batch of these from last year to have flowers as well:

Then I have some small gardens - these are plaster and from Timecast, I believe. I already had a few, so grabbed some more at Vapnartak. Again, just scatter terrain for some back gardens - figures for scale. I've two more of these to do, but they needed a bit more work:

And lastly, just because they took up some time tonight, I've got some MDF irregular shapes, which I have put various static grasses on to try and turn into small forest stands (shown here with no trees on them):

so 6 x 15mm vehicles = 36 points + I'd think 2 or 3 for the terrain bits (which I'll leave for Ray to decide, as I know how much he loves terrain).

From Ray

Nice post James. I do like the 15mm Irregular wagons, I remember the good ol' days when Irregular were on the cheaper side of expensive, unfortunately not now ( I just checked out their site!!!)
Now I know I'm not that good with Math but I count 7 vehicles, not 6???
So I make that 42 points for the vehicles and I'll give you 2 points for the terrain.
Total 44 points!

From LeeH - Wagons Roll! (41 Points)

I've been plugging away at various projects this week and decided to complete some logistical items for my British forces. These were relatively easy to complete and gave me time to prepare other models for coming weeks and to research some of the units I want to paint. First off I have painted some wagons and Ox teams for the British.

Lord Chelmsford's original plan for the invasion of Zululand was predicated upon several completely erroneous assumptions. He was convinced that the Zulu's would avoid a direct confrontation with his forces and he believed there was a very real prospect of the Zulu army slipping past his forces and counter invading Natal. In order to bring the Zulu's to battle he concluded he would have to dominate as much of Zululand as he could and to that end he decided to invade with five columns converging on the Zulu capital at Ulundi. The problem was there just weren't enough wagons in the whole of Natal available to equip five columns.

In the end Chelmsford was forced to amend his plan for various reasons (not just lack of wagons) to three invading columns and, although he still worried he wouldn't be able to bring the Zulu's to battle, he was confident that his forces would eventually succeed in crushing the Zulus. Little did he realise that Cetshwayo had no intention of counter invading Natal* and instead was looking for a decisive win against the British to force them back to the negotiating table. (*Cetshwayo gave specific orders not to cross the border, although it didn't stop his younger brother Dabulamanzi from attacking the mission station at Rourke's Drift.)  

In addition to the wagons I also painted 24 Bell Tents. Photo's of the period often show rows of these distinctive white tents in the centre of camps. 

8 Wagons each with a six Oxen team to pull them (ie 48 Cattle and 8 Vehicles) should net me 32 points. As for the Bell Tents your guess is as good as mine. Their combined volume (generously calculated!) is about 5% of a 6 inch cube, so I guess they are worth 1 point!

From Ray

Great work Mr H! Your Zulu's Campaign is coming along famously. Great looking wagons and very nice looking tents!!
I make the total different to you? 48 Cattle at 0.5 points makes 24 add to that 8 wagons at 16 points give you a total of 40. Plus the dodgy 1 point for the tents!
So 41 points.

From Barks: Warriors of Middle Earth (192 points)

I acquired the most recent expansion for the excellent epic boardgame War of the Ring. These were a quick paint job that I'm happy with.

Dead Men of Dunharrow


Giant Spiders

Corsairs of Umbar

Giant Eagles

There are eight of each, and the humans are 20mm and they're all similarly sized, so 48x4 = 192.

From Ray

Surprisingly I've not heard of the game. The figures do look pretty cool though. I do like the Dead men of Dunharrow, that's a great shade of Dead green!
192 points coming your way!

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