Wednesday, 10 January 2018

From JohnM: Folklore-The Affliction (25 points)

Not much done in the last week or so, but the post holiday season quiet is finally settling in and I have a few days off. I presently have 2 projects on the painting table. Here is the first, 5 miniatures from Greenbriar Games Folklore-The Affliction. This was a kickstarter that I backed a couple of years ago. I received the two large gaming boxes last summer, there must of been around 100 figures in total for this cooperative fantasy tabletop boardgame. You can read more about it on my blog.

I feel the figures are quite nice and I am enjoying painting them, they are a sort of mixture of hard and semi-hard plastic as well as the occasional resin figure. It has been liberating to paint some figures without any, shall we say, guidelines. I hope to paint some more before the challenge ends.

Dark Oak's
Mad Druid
Night Stalkers
I am hoping to have something more traditional for next week.

From Ray

Nice work John! I do like the look of the Dark Oaks, I think they could be trouble??
I've not heard of this Kickstarter before, there seems to be a new one starting every other day?
Are we going to see all 100 figures during the Challenge?
So the grand total for your Affliction is 25 points!!

From AdamC - 3 x Reaper Bones Ogers

 These are a side project that gives me a bit of break form the Irish Points Bomb (which may or may not be a true point bomb but its fun to say) I am working on.  I did these to serve as unit of Heavy infantry for a game of "Dragon's Lament" (a mash up of the Dragon Rampant and Pikemen's Lament rues) I was supposed to run on Sunday.  Unfortunately my daughter was sick and grandma's house didn't have heat. due to a miss timed oil delivery.  This forced me to bow out of the event so these guy missed their debut.

 I tried to make them look life like but not to human in past I used green for ogres but these guys seemed to say a yellowish brown was more right.  The looks was everything I wanted.

 These are Bones Figures from Reaper and they have great musculature realistic but not too human and the muscles are cut and defined making highlighting fairly easy.

Since they were on the table at the same time as the Irish they have been influenced by that color palate but I think that works.  I did the ogres metals work in copper as that was one of the first metals humans learnt to manipulate so it seemed to fit for primitive monsters I figure the items are more decorative than protective.  As to points they are about 40mm foot to eye balls (I took a photo with a ruler but its not uploading for some reason.  Curt gave me 7 points for the Wereboar so I have guessed that 21 points is a fair total for these three fellow (subject to the minions agreement)

From Ray
Well I'll bow to Curt's will, if he gave you 7 points for your Wereboar, who am I to argue? 21 points it is!
Smashing work on these Ogres Adam, They do have so much muscle definition (a bit like myself!) they look as they they'd almost paint themselves. A good colour for the skin too, green would have looked a little to unrealistic IMHO.
Great work and keep it up!

From ScottM: Frostgrave Cultists (125 points)

For this week I've completed the boxed set of 25 Frostgrave Cultists. These are 28mm plastic figures from Northstar Figures. I went with a more unified paint scheme than the figures on the box as to me they look more cult-like if they're similar with regards to the colour scheme.

From Ray

Terrific painting Scott. Having them all painted the same way does indeed does make them all look part of a dastardly gang up to no good, the dark red works really well. And you had to put the figures together too, which if you're anything like me, was no mean feet at all!
Well done that's a very well deserved 125 points to add to your total!

From JamesM: Battlefront German 2cm AA (56 points)

Hi folks,

Continuing with my Gunuary theme, this week I've some more German AA guns. There may be a theme here throughout the challenge!

These chaps are the lighter brethren of the 3.7cm guns I completed last week, being the single barrelled 2cm Flak 38. Quite a common light AA weapon used by the Germans, who tended to try to use AA cover to make up for the lack of fighter aircraft. Somewhere around 2000 allied aircraft were lost during the Normany fighting, the vast majority of them to Flak.

I've 4 of these guns, forming a light AA battery. Unlike the 3.7cm's these crews are painted up in standard Heer (German Army) uniforms. I even made an attempt at the red waffenfarbe (the edging to the shoulder boards, which denotes arm of service), with red being for artillery and AA crews.

After I had made the decision to stick with the larger style bases for these as well, I decided to keep the guns plain rather than go for a camo effect. In exchange I tried to apply some foliage, in the form of tree branches applied to the front of the guns and over some of the limbers.

The Germans tended to use these lighter guns as 'point defence' AA protection around particular important locations. However, at a push they could be used in a ground role if the enemy got too close.

I'm also playing with my new lightbox, so apologies if the pics are a little bright. The lights do seem to have washed out what little detail I have done on some of the faces.

To go along with these, I also painted some command figures:

These three stands will act as command stands for various units, if I use the version 3 FoW rules (unlikely, as I like the v4 rules and tend to make up my own army's to suit whatever historical scenario's anyway). But I have the figures so may as well paint them. Mixing up the positioning and basing helps to hide the fact each stand has the same 3 figures. Unfortunately, I don't think any of the SMG barrels made it to the end of the process - they were a real weak point on these figures.

Total of 21 x 15mm crew figures = 44 points
4 x guns = 12 points

Total = 56 points

From Ray

Wonderful brushwork once again James, I do like the addition of all the clump foliage, it does indeed add to the camouflage effect of the bases. I would never have noticed until you'd said that the command bases all have the same figures in them, great positioning ol' chap.
\I think you may well need a little more practice with your new lightbox, its a shame because the brightness has knocked out some of your luvverly paintwork.
These badboys will as you suggested earn you a devilish 56 points!

From TomM: Age of Sigmar Reiksguard (60 pts)

This weeks entry has been about expanding my Empire force some more, in the form of a couple Reiksguard Knights (okay, you need to use the Compendium books to field them) for my Age of Sigmar force.

Now, the models are actually all GW, but the "regular" knights are from a true blast of the past: the MB Battlemasters boardgame from the mid 90s.  This game, which GW made the figures for, contained a heap of infantry and cavalry, and the Imperial looking ones have as such been drafted into my army after getting a heap of them for free from a fellow clubmember.

The Reiksguard are sporting their tradional (aka, rather boring) all metalled up colourscheme, with some reds and whites added for contrast.  Joining them on the field of battle are a Sigmarite Priest, the union champion and a standard bearer.

Pointswise, these are 6 cavalry models of 28mm scale, so that should be 60 points to my journey to reach the target.

Thanks for looking!

From Ray

Nice painting Tom. I'm afraid once again I can't really comment on Age of Sigmar or any of the GW figures as I haven't a clue what I'm looking at!!
The figures do look great though, the red wings on their helmets really stand out and I do like the standard, it very imposing!!!
What's the idea behind the strange basing style?

6 x 28 cav is indeed 60 points!!!

From LeeH : iMbube & Isanqu Zulu's (96 Points)

My Zulu Army grows larger with the addition of two of the smaller regiments available, the Mbube and Isangqu. The Mbube consisted of just 500 warriors with an average age of 35. The Isangqu were 1500 strong but as older married men would usually have been part of the reserve. Their average age would have been more like 54.

iMbube & Isanqu Regiments

The iMbube (meaning 'Lion') were an unmarried regiment which fought at Isandlwana and Khambula. This regiment was formed by King Mpande kaSenzangakhona around 1857 from youths born about 1837.

Isangqu / IsAngqu (meaning 'White Tails” or “Orange River”). The regiment was formed in 1852 and at the time of the Battle of Islandlwana in 1879 it’s members were married men in their mid-40 and early 50's. In 1879 it was part of the uNodwengu Corps, brigaded alongside the  uDududu and iMbube Regiments. However, at Isandlwana, IsAngqu formed part of the Chest of the Zulu formation and the other two regiments of the uNodwengu Corps were deployed in the Right Horn.  IsAngqu was also present at several other major engagements of the war, notably Kambala (29th March 1879), Ulundi (4th July 1879).

Side view

The base labelling giving the regiment names

Its worth pointing out at this stage that there are lots of sources that differ from each other when it comes to describing the origin, size, history and even the spelling of the names of Zulu units. Many contemporary historians were European and were maybe 'less thorough' when it came to recording the history of a people that were at that time viewed as primitive savages (not true of course!). Zulu history was rooted in a strong oral tradition but it is unlikely that many European historians gave this source much credence. Later historians often referred back to contemporary sources as the most reliable but again failed to utilise oral history to correct earlier inaccuracies. Modern historians such as Saul David, Ian Knight or David Rattray are more likely to include oral as well as traditional sources but the passage of time inevitable degrades the accuracy of all findings, so some degree of uncertainty must be expected in even the best researched accounts.

All my Zulu's completed so far.

Right with this lot completed its time for me to paint some more!

From Ray

Bloody hell Lee, you're steaming through these 6mm figures. Gotta admit they do look pretty cool, I don't suppose you can actually paint a lot of detail or colour on Zulu's but on mass they do look the biz. I do like all the added history bumf as well.
Top work ol' boy!
Quick question
How big are the bases?
How many more are there to paint up?
And when's your next opticians appointment?

From Barks: More Star Wars (60 points)

More of my Imperial Assault toys:

An All-Terrain Defense Pod. The AT-DP is the taller, even gawkier cousin of the AT-ST. I don't like painting vehicles, but this one was fairly easy to do.

Imperial Sentry Droids: these sculpts have a tendency to twist and lean at the waist. They were painted with a black wash over a medium grey, then the panels were re-done in light grey. Similar process to my stormtroopers, but I didn't take as much time over them. The eyes were just a splash of red, nothing special.

Finally, some Clawdite Shapeshifters. These are based on the forgettable bounty hunter Zam Wessell from the execrable Episode II. I didn't feel the love, so these were a basecoat and a wash. I did enjoy the alien face and big eyes with vertical pupils, which was easy to paint.

Zam Wessell- don't be fooled, she's a shapeshifter!

8x 28mm figures 40 points
1x 28mm walker 15 points

From Ray


I just love that AT-DP Walker, it looks superb! It almost looks real the way you've painted it. Stupid question, I know its a 28mm figure but just how tall is the walker?
Love the colours used on Zam Wessell, I don't remember her from the films though? Bet shw didn't last long?
Superb brushwork all round my good man. I shall award thee 40 points for your 8 28mm figures and like you said 15 for the walker. But in a fit of extravagance I'll honour you with another 5 for that Walker! 

It's that day again Wed-nes-day!!!

I'm not feeling  the love today, Man-flu has taking its toll at Cassa Rousell this week.
I even missed the first game of the year at Reject HQ on Sunday

Onwards and upwards so they say??