Monday, 1 February 2016

For Monday AdamC: Monsters for the Hunt (75 points)

 Here we have a pack of creature for Chris Rett's Monster hunt game at Huzzah! With an Artisan Viking 25mm  for comparison
Here is a close up of the biggest guys with the comparison. These are an unknown manufacturer but they are fine figures that should be good prizes.
 First is the Naga a nasty snake faced man sometimes with magical powers
 I went with a striped patter to keep it simple.
 A ghost I when with back and light blue gray this time.
 I think he came out pretty well.
 I'm not sure what these guys are they are small but I think they are still roughly 25mm scale.
 They could make a good scout or spy type unit
 Scorpion in shiny black. Indian Jones told us that that bigger is better with scorpions but I think he would say this one is too big/
 I used a little red in the "veins"
 Here is a close up to see the red.
 Giant Ape, there is actually a better contrast than my picture captures here. You will have have to take my word I guess.
 I am happy with how his silver back came out.
 Yon can see the side view here its a great pose.
 Two Skeleton archers
 and the back view of the same.
 A manticore both back and front
 I think the lion body came out well I am less pleased with
 And now we have a second Dragon.  I went green this time.
 I used two shades of green and a block wash
 The spines teeth and red mouth really pop
 Finally an Ogre a nasty brute
 A very nasty customer, his breeches need a lot of patching and a good wash, so does he.
For cheep plastic figures there is a lot of detail.  There are 13 figures in all here I'm counting them all as 25mm scale but Peter may adjust up or down as he wishes.  The spider of the same set was counted as a 25mm vehicle but I do not wish to presume.

I am running out of brain power, so I apologize that my commentary is getting brief.  Great job on these critters Adam.  I like the sliver back and the dragon, but my favourite is the Manticore - I've known cats with the same smug expression.  I'll could the dragon as a vehicle and the rest as infantry, for a total of 75.

From MilesR: Week 6 Statistical Update - Buckle Up baby, It's Stats Time

I know, I know you're all saying not more Stats from Miles, please make it it stop! I decided to humour him because he has the power to affect both my credit rating and my Challenge points Total. Plus he sets my heart a flutter when he uses the word statistics. So going with the pull the bandaid off quickly school of thought, here's Miles.....

We're at the midway point with 6 weeks in the books and 6 weeks to go with the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge VI or "Seis Grande" as it is known on the "streets".

I must warn you to spread out plastic sheets and don protective clothing as you are all about to have your minds blown - no really it makes a big mess and I don't want to hear any complaints of be responsible for dry cleaning bills.

So what's the big development on Challenge hump day?  Participation rates eked up a bit, with 6 intrepid souls joining the ranks of honour after submitting their first item and raising the participation level from 61 to 67 or 76%   I think we can get to 100% but it will require just a little bit more effort out there.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that we didn't see a drop off in production during weeks 5 and 6 - a total of 128 submissions for 11,924 points were submitted during the last two weeks bringing our total points level to 30,252 points.  Just for perspective, during weeks 3-4, we had 133 unique submissions for 11,936 points - I'd say that was a pretty level amount of painting.

In terms of projected points, we saw a few participants raise their points targets (brave and worthy souls they are) and we now have a total points target level of 70,624 from 69,290.  We again wheeled out the Acme Point-Projectometer to estimate what the ending results might be.  Kids - projecting points is a very difficult and dangerous amalgamation of science, magic and financial services industry ethics to derive it's outcome.  Do not try this at home.

The projectometer was fed in the results through week six, along with a few kittens (we ran out of bats due to Curt's interesting way of expressing frustration) and after some serious gear grinding out popped the result of 70,264 points projected for Seis Grande.  It's actually very close to the week 4 projection of 69,290.  Of course all projections have a error factor of up to +/- 100%.

In terms of what's being painted, 28mm still holds the dominate position, accounting for 63% of the total points through week six.  That's down from 67% at week 4 as we saw 15MM stage a mini rally by more than doubling it's point total to go from 3% to 7% of total points.

So with out further ado, I present to you, dear reader, the irrepressible, the irreplaceable, the unintelligible, the astounding Week 6 Statistical table

Weeks Completed246
Weeks Remaining1086
Participants w/ a Submission416167
Total Submissions98231359
Total Points6,39218,32830,252
Participation Rate47%69%76%
Average per Submitter156300452
Avg per Submission657984
Submitter % of Target Completed16%34%51%
Projected Points
Remaining Bouns Rounds12,30010,2507,750
Non Submitters @ 25%9,1594,0562,370
Projected Total Points59,81169,29070,624
Figures Painted
Cav / Art34140326
Cav / Art434115
Cav / Art106180234
Score Distribution
Bonus Round "Bonus Points"0%11%11%
Other Scales8%13%15%

To assist in your perusal of the statistical beauty of the chart above I have included the following musical interlude to set the right tone.  I think you will be "Thunderstruck"

My god Miles, I must be running a high fever indeed.  That almost made sense.  perhaps you'd like to move on to explain other mysteries of the universe to us?  Like why Donald Trump leads the polls?  Or why Iowa Democrats choose their presidential nominee by standing in opposite corners of a room and shouting at each other?    And AC/DC?  On a banjo?  Have you no sense of decency?  Do you not believe in the Geneva Convention?  As a side note, I used that infographic in one of my classes, and had one team of my students work out the survival function for la Grande Armee (the other did it for Anson's Circumnavigation).
Anyway I think I'll wander down to the local water hole for the amateur axe throwing competition.  That outta dull the pain in my brain one way or another.

From IanW 6mm Italian Napoleonic Guard Baccus 62 points

Ok fans, pay close attention to what's going on down below and remember that these are 6mm figures and Ian takes us to school again...

To keep me at Tamsin's heals in the 6mm side challenge and to get one stage closer to finishing off my Italian Naps for Project 1812 I give you four battalions.

First up two battalions of the Royal Velites, these have a base uniform of white and not a lot more colour wise. 

Light green cuffs and colours and red epaulets the rest of the colour comes from their bearskins, backpacks and greatcoat rolls. One battalion is made up of the new Baccus castings whilst the other three are old ones.

Another spot of colour is in the centre of their bearskins, every little helps. The flags on all four are from one of the Baccus flag sheets. I always put a bit of time into folding them for wind effects and paint the edges to finish them off. Little touches that make a big difference in my mind.

The last two battalions are simply Guard Battalions but again wear the bearskin. From some of the images and plates I have looked at these seemed to lack plates on the front of their bearskins so I left them off. Whilst the Velites are more restrained in colour these guys wear a dark green coat and sport red epaulets and cuffs. 

The camera does not show it off but I have used a different white on the crossbelts and if you pick the base up and look real close you can just about tell, yes I know I know. With a few comments about my basing last time I thought I should further spice it up by adding a bit more scenic's. In this case one of the most excellent wire trees from Leven Miniatures. 

Dice holders are now standard (i.e. I remember to put them on!) and again little details like pack straps really finish off a 6mm figure. I still have two battalions of Italian Guard Conscripts to paint up but I have yet to buy one of the battalions. These are Adler so not sure if I will get round to buying them before Triples in March.

Total figures for this submission 112 so 56 points, and so you don't need to do it, throwing a pot of black ink onto white figures having final touches done to them is not a very bright thing to do. Oh well.

Man o Man, this stuff is wonderful Ian.  You've got more detail on 6s than some get on 15s.  Yes those are bearskin patches, hanger swords, bayonets and straps on the freaking knapsacks on those figure!!  
One again I love love love your basing, the tree rules!

From MarkO Epic Chaos - 144 points

A horde of Epic 6mm to add to my Black Legion forces for Epic Armageddon. Black means a nice quick paint job, on quite a mix of miniatures here!

Some old Beasts of Nurgle.

Edenite Assault Troops from Steel Crown, currently out of production but apparently the company has been sold to a new owner who'll be starting up again soon this year. Keep wanting to do some more to these but they'll do for now.

Edenite walkers. Big beefy units I'll use as Obliterators or similar.

Some conversions of the old plastic rhinos here, to make some Chaos Vindicators and Stalkers/Hunters.

Old plastic Whirlwinds converted into Predator Tanks with addition of a main turret from Ork tanks, and sponsoons are the spare arms from the Edenite Walkers above.

The classic old WW1 style Landraider. And a line of faithful plastic Rhino APC's behind.

100 x infantry = 50 points, 47 vehicles = 94 points.
Total 144 points, including for 6mm side challenge.

One thing about this Minion gig is I get exposed to stuff I would otherwise never encounter (and I don't mean those Nurgle Beasts).  For me Games Workshop, SciFi gaming and micro armour are way off my Venn Diagram of interest.  

But hey mark, I really like these guys. There's some goofy looking tanks in the mix, some nice conversion work and those Beasts look like they walked off the Ghostbuster's set.  Well done and thanks for the exposure.

From AdamC-The Frosgrave post (55)

So there are bunch of eclectic pieces that will all find themselves on the Frosgrave table at some point 
So My oriental wizard is Chinese but some his mussel can be Japaneses these two Samurai are old Reaper pieces
I'll probably use the Templar's stats for both of them as they are armoured and have a two handed weapon
Armoured skeleton or possibly a wrath knight figure I added the shield form a Fire Forge Kit as the Reaper shield was in the shape of a skull and looked very tacky
I might need a little more armor wash for contrast.
These two are called Cultists by Reaper but I am planning to use them as a wizard and Apprentice leading a war band of Cultists 
They will probably be Necromancers or maybe Summoners.
Vampires are common in Frostgrave, they just froze with the city and thawed out when it did... and they thawed out hungry. Another Reaper pieces I like the idea of an armoured warrior vampire, seems closer to the Vlad who at least partly inspired the legends.
The cloak suggest wings, and maybe turns into them? in a magic world anything is possible.
The Core of another war band for a Frostgrave band for a game I am running at Huzzah.
A man at arms, an Artisan figure with an axe from the Frostgrave soldiers kit.
I hand painted the shield with two colours and runes to keep it simple but I think it looks good.
I used blue cloaks to tie these together.
This fellow will be the Captain of the Wizards war band a new class from the sell sword expansion.
 the Captain takes care of running the troops, his skills can be customised and he has "tricks of the trade" that can boost him or his comrades.
The Horn winding soldier will act as a Bard for the war band I figure a herald and a bard are similar enough that this will work as a substitution.
Finally we have the wizard
He looks a lot like a certain literary wizard who liked to hang around with hobbits (at least how he looked before Ian Mckellen forever put his stamp on him).  This is a Dark Tree figure I got myself as an Xmas gift.
This is the first of their figures I have done and I really liked painting it, they have lots of detail and character.
I like the sprouting leaves on the staff I decided to make them green, they might be green because of paint or Magic.
Finally we have the Shadow Demon from Reaper, its a translucent purple material .
I did a black wash and then some light purple dry brushing I wanted to give the impression that the demon had just been summoned and was materialising before us.
You can still see light through the figure in places especially the wings.   There are a total of 10 25mm figures here for another 50 points of Frosgrave figures.

It wouldn't be a Monday without a Frostgrave post from Adam!  This is another solid addition to your collection Adam.  My favourite would be the Wizard, you captured the folds on the robe beard well.
I don't quite agree with Adam's math here.  I make the totals here 2 samurai+1 skeleton+ 2 cultists+1 vampire+4 wizard's warband+1 Demon=11 figures*5=55 points.  Of course I'm not good with math to start with and running a fever....